Was Obama Just a Hologram This Entire Time?

Posted on by Henricus Institor
Depending on the frequency, the Obamagram

The president’s varying skin tones — from chestnut brown to orange spice — has highlighted questions about corporate media manipulation and New World Order government narratives.

After eight years in the international spotlight, what more have we learned about Barack Hussein Obama? His personal history hasn’t gotten any clearer, the birth certificate remains an absurd provocation and the Democrat Party’s “compassionate liberalism” has proven to be a cheap charade. Even leftwing activists are beginning to admit that this administration has been nothing more than a Trojan Horse for globalist interests, saving big banks from prosecution and offering economy-busting trade deals, giving the police state legal cover for domestic spying and destabilizing the world at large with drone warfare.

It seems that everything about Obama has been an incredible illusion. Almost too good of an illusion.

Now, just as this demagogue’s reign is finally drawing to a close, we get news from Alaska that the top secret HAARP facility will be opened to investigators. This extremely unusual public relations move comes after years of criticism from the alternative media.

Many accuse HAARP scientists of using Nikola Tesla’s Scalar wave technology to telecast highly sophisticated holographic transmissions. They point to irregularities with that confounding lunar body orbiting our supposedly spherical planet, aka “the moon.” Others, such as Dr. Sanjay Boscrom, Professor in the Faculty of Advanced Technology at Maithili University and Senior Fellow of the Carnicom Institute, theorized that this facility could be used to generate extremely detailed computer renderings thousands of miles from its source. Before the professor’s untimely “suicide,” he even went so far to connect the public’s willingness to believe in holograms with the resonance electrolytes in our fluoridated water supplies, which make ordinary people much more susceptible to full-color government transmissions. (After the good doctor’s death, his work was scrubbed by his department and Maithili University was itself tarnished by accusations of fraud, which makes one wonder if the secret knowledge presented here is also driving the elite to a murderous rage.)

All of this certainly begs the question, Is Obama a hologram?

Are you legally obligated to submit to the whims of an "Obamagram"?

Are you legally obligated to submit to the whims of a laser light “Obamagram”?

From the start, many suspected that “Barack Hussein Obama” was a fraud. Once elected, he was hidden from public view in vast government compounds protected by an army of Secret Service agents. The only time “the president” appeared in public was on our television screens. He gave press conferences for the corporate media and every so often was depicted more casually, surrounded by paid actors drawn from the global elite, such as Oprah or Jerry Seinfeld.

Additionally, there are just too many storyline inconsistencies in the Obama drama. On some televisions he looks tall, shiny and skinny. Elsewhere he is shorter, grimier. Some have identified interference patterns in his transmissions, unique wave dianetics that mimic the coherent light of Denisyuk reflection holograms. His skin tone varies from episode to episode, becoming almost grayish when, strangely enough, Gakona, Alaska has reported inclement weather, and more orange-hued when local sunlight contains high levels of mutagens.

Unsurprisingly, the telegenic projection we know as “Obama” has never been examined by independent radar, has never been viewed under black light nor has it been subjected to infrared cameras. In areas where fluorides are actively avoided by an informed citizenry, the Obama transmission has also been the least effective. Coincidence?

The magic act of modern politics is a great source of entertainment for many. But what if people just stopped watching the show? What if they questioned the illusion of choice that our two party system supposedly presents? What if they lost faith in the Federal Reserve’s fiat currency? What if they stood up and said once and for all, “Barack Hussein Obama” is an unelected hologram and I am under no legal obligation to submit to the tyranny of some glorified Illuminati laser light show with a penchant for pomposity and socialism!


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