Obama’s Water Fluoridation Scheme is Blackmailing the Tea Party Into Communism

Posted on by Derby Mack

obamahatesamericaEvery day I look out upon America and see suffering. The elderly are facing an onslaught of new diseases unheard of just a decade ago. We are experiencing rising rates of cancer, liver disease, obesity, hypothyroidism and worse. Our children are struggling in school and now the Chinese are beating us in the frontier of technology.

You may throw up your hands and just say that it’s simply the times we live in. But that would be untrue. Americans are dying for a very specific reason and it has much to do with Barack Hussein Obama.

Water fluoridation is a global controversy. Small towns and entire nations have banned this highly toxic process of introducing damaging chemicals to our water supplies. It has been linked to so many issues we see in our headlines, including decreased IQ levels in our children. Yet in the United States, the president will not even discuss the matter. Water fluoridation is just too essential to his grand scheme.

Communism is a system where the individual self is subordinated for the greater whole. Each person is wholly dependent on the government. Obama and his ilk knew that turning our nation’s most patriotic citizens into slaves would not be easy. His solution was to make them all sick.

Is it any coincidence that as the “greatest generation” has reached senior citizen status, that health worries have become so incredibly great that we seem to need socialized medicine? No, this is all according to plan.

stopfluorideWe are old and we are sick precisely because Obama wants us this way. The powers that be specifically had the Tea Party in mind when they pursued widespread fluoridation. It makes us weak and susceptible to their reckless suggestions. It was a grand scheme and a truly evil one.

The link is clear and the global scheme is well under way. Now that so many old people are angry and alone and sick, they seek solace in a religious-like figure. Obama appears, worshipped by his followers, to grant us the silent kiss of death.

Obama, the killer of the elderly, the grand czar of communist ideology, wants to heal you with his blessed touch. That touch is called Obamacare.

Obamacare is not only the abomination of Christianity, it is the brutal murder of patriotism. It is the death knell of democracy. And it is the opening trumpet call of the End Times.


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