Obama’s IRS Using Nazi UFO Technology to Bully the Tea Party

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
A rare photo of an IRS drone (located at Edwards Air Force Base) prepped for domestic spying.

A rare photo of an IRS drone (located at Edwards Air Force Base) prepped for domestic spying.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann once described it as, “the most feared agency in government.” Its systemic corruption all but insured Barack Obama’s controversial reëlection. Its jackbooted thugs have worked tirelessly to suppress the opposition. Despite all this, its scandals are pushing the president to the edge of impeachment. And now new information has come to light which may be the final nail in this dreaded agency’s coffin: The IRS is employing top secret Nazi UFO drones to intimidate political groups for expressing their Free Speech.

What in the world has happened to our liberty?

The Internal Revenue Service once played a crucial role in spreading the unique brand of freedom that America is blessed with. By granting religious bodies and philanthropic organizations a special “non-profit” status, those groups are able to fundraise with vigor. For donors, the knowledge that they can give back via nonprofits is an essential way of growing our communities. As a culture, we have become dependent on a non-partisan IRS that encourages all forms of humanitarianism, such as that inspired by the grassroots activism of the Tea Party.

Unfortunately, Obama’s activist bureaucrats don’t see it that way. They singled out each and every tax-exempt applicant with a conservative viewpoint for harassment. Some wondered if this was old-fashioned political gerrymandering, or maybe part of a larger anti-Christian influence (or maybe the influence of the AntiChrist?). The sad truth is that this is the way politics works in the new age of liberalism. It’s big brother government looking over your shoulder and secretly stockpiling as much personal information as it can. We have since discovered that the IRS used its power to illegally gather details about each organization’s political opinions. They have violated basic human rights by asking nonprofits for donor lists and private background information on officers. And the damage goes on and on.

What is Obama’s IRS doing with all this information? We know very little as every single member of the administration has refused to answer questions, even before Congressional investigators, citing their Fifth Amendment rights. That leaves it up to America’s journalists to pursue the story. One significant aspect of this saga is the growing use of military drones for domestic surveillance. We know that Obama has expanded the program dramatically and that his administration draws little distinction between foreign threats and domestic ones. What’s even more fascinating is that the modern drone technology is based on Nazi UFO experiments performed during World War II and subsequently brought to the United States by scientists recruited by government intelligence services (see “Operation Paperclip” for more details).

Early machine

Obama selected Germany’s 1939 Sack AS-6 circular winged aircraft as the basis for a new fleet of next-gen spy drones.

Hitler’s Dream, Obama’s Reality

Codenamed Der Feuerball, the first Nazi UFOs were circular fighter aircrafts that were capable of traveling at very high altitudes. They were said to be a pet project of Adolpf Hitler himself, who admired their ability to spy on the enemy and take detailed photographs from a relatively still position in the sky. At the end of the war, American intelligence officers granted de facto pardons to the most dangerous German scientists in exchange for their services. Many ended up at the infamous Area 51 military base in southern Nevada, where they continued to explore the possibilities of hovering spy discs.

Over many decades, the Nazi UFOs evolved into military drones. They were no longer manned hover discs, but remotely controlled experimental aircraft, not much more sophisticated than a hobbyist’s model airplane. Under President Bush, the program was a bit of a novelty, but greatly expanded once Barack Obama took office. Obama is said to have a long fascination with Nazi Germany. His knowledge of Adolpf Hitler’s biography was one of the main motivations for turning the simple drones into a comprehensive canopy of aerial spies. As with many other facets of Obama’s secret agenda, Nazi Germany appears to be a basic template of the president’s new brand of domestic suppression.

To implement this new drone technology on the homefront, Barack Obama turned to various agencies under his complete control. Evidence has been made public that that IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman attended top-secret private conferences at the White House over 157 times (that we know of), and clearly the president was able to impress the importance of his drone agenda at those meetings. Again, no member of the Internal Revenue Service has ever officially denied the Nazi UFO connection, they have simply invoked their Fifth Amendment rights. As of now, we don’t know exactly how the IRS colluded with the drone program and what sort of information the NSA has now accumulated on peace-loving citizens. However, there is hope that details may eventually come out if Congress continues to press for a full investigation of the IRS fiasco.

obama nazi ufo invasion

Inspired by Obama’s detailed knowledge of Nazi history, an elite cadre of government scientists has miniaturized Hitler’s Haunebu-type craft (left) to make it more effective for spying on citizens who oppose national socialism.

Additional evidence of Obama’s domestic drone spying has come from private citizens. There are pilots who have spotted the Nazi discs flying over our communities and filed reports. Some on the ground have seen these unique flying machines, though it must be stated that they normally fly at such altitudes that it’s nearly impossible to see them with the naked eye. In addition, since the drones are based at remote locales like Area 51 and the EROS facility, the average citizen would never see one landing. What watchers have noticed is a momentary flash of pinpointed light in the sky.

Pugs are highly sensitive to aerial surveillance and will often demand to go inside when IRS drones approach.

Pugs are highly sensitive to the sound waves generated by aerial surveillance and will often demand to go inside when IRS drones approach.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Curiously enough, drones employed by government agencies like the IRS operate on certain radio frequencies that can be picked up in two ways that we’re aware of at this point in time. For the first method, you will need an old-fashioned television with rabbit ears and UHF stations. In the upper stations, around channels 78 or 79, you will see a static effect (if there is no other interference, such as from a cable provider). If that static effect turns quite dark, with more black than white, you are possibly in the area of an IRS drone. Amateur photographs of this “dark static” have begun appearing at various lectures on UFOlogy as a curious footnote to unknown airborne phenomena. Animals such as dogs are also recipients of IRS drone radio waves. Pugs and Rottweilers, with their compact round heads, are particularly expert at picking up the noises, which are imperceptible to the human ear. If your dog suddenly desires to go inside on a perfectly sunny day, you may be under direct drone surveillance.

In such circumstances, it’s important that you follow your Pug’s instincts and take shelter indoors. While advanced thermographic cameras can access the first level of your home, they are less likely to penetrate metal barriers and underground cellars. It is advisable in such circumstances that you and your pets then move below ground and, if possible, cover up with any form of metallic sheeting at hand. At this point, you may want to pull out that old rabbit eared television and wait until the static on your UHF stations lightens considerably. Good luck and stay tuned!