Obama Recruits Occupy Wall Street Rioters For FEMA Flash Troops

Posted on by Derby Mack
Obama's FEMA Youth Corps could be used for gun seizures and as a countermeasure for grassroots activism.

Obama’s FEMA Youth Corps could be used for gun seizures and as a countermeasure for grassroots activism.

Have you heard about “flash mobs”? It’s a big trend right now among urban youths. The idea is that you gather up a bunch of young people by cellphone and have them arrive individually at one place as if by dumb luck. It could be in a shopping mall or outside a bank’s headquarters. Once there, the people pretend to be everyday folks doing their errands and whatnot. Suddenly, at the signal of their leader, they explode in a well-organized mob scene. Sometimes they dance and sing, other times they take over in brutal protest. It has become a common rite of rebellion for American children today and it’s not without its risks.

As we’ve seen with the Occupy Wall Street riots and the violent G8 protests in Seattle, Toronto and all across Europe, modern-day youths are increasingly using Twitter and Facebook to organize their mass actions. Often these violent gangs congregate so rapidly that the police have little time to act. As for the young people, most times they don’t know the political implications of the group they’re getting involved with. They think it will just be a fun dance party. Occupy certainly proved that notion wrong.

Is Occupy Ready to Swear its Loyalty to the Obama Agenda?

Now comes word that Barack Hussein Obama is looking to take advantage of our young people by involving them in so-called disaster relief (known by the suspicious-sounding name of, FEMA Corps Youth). Such efforts are not without their precedents. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many New York-area officials hired Occupy protesters to run food pantries and clothing collection drives. Of course, putting the fox in charge of the henhouse is never a good idea, particularly when you consider most members of Occupy are themselves indigent and underfed.

To accomplish this master plan, Obama has once again tapped his vast tech team. These are the same people who ran roughshod over social media in the past, unscrupulously promoting their leader’s reelection by gaming the system, buying Facebook “likes” and flagging honest debate. Inside details have leaked that senior administration officials have approached George Soros to request high-level talks with Occupy.

Will Obama use Occupy's violent tendencies to his own personal advantage?

Will Obama use Occupy’s violent tendencies for his own personal agenda?

Obama’s goal with Occupy is to recruit its members for an army of youths, regimented by technology, loyal to his radical agenda and available at a moment’s notice. It is a brilliant strategy to overwhelm and harass grassroots activists (like the Tea Party). It could also be used for larger instances of civil unrest, such as support for the citywide gun seizures that FEMA has been preparing for. The “flash” element would certainly catch normal Americans off guard. The dirty, nasty look of this violent youth army also adds to the intimidation factor.

Will this plan succeed? It remains to be seen if Obama or even Soros can tame the ragged Occupy Army. Clearly they share the same goals, but once unleashed upon the public, Occupy could descend into pillaging, rape and murder. If that happens and Obama loses control, who is left to bring America back to peace and safety? I guess he could call on us 2nd Amendment supporters, but will we really want to answer that phone call?


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