No Amount of Schmoozing Will Get Kanye West Into Illuminati, Says Rockefeller

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
Kayne claims racism, not his show-biz posturing, is to blame for his Illuminati rejection.

Kayne claims racism, not his loud personality, is to blame for the Illuminati rejection.

Are African-American celebrities really a part of the New World Order? Such big names as Rihanna, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and LeBron James have all hinted quite conspicuously that they’ve gained membership in the über-secret global elite. They flash Illuminati hand symbols in their public appearances and then laugh off direct queries in interviews. Verifying these claims, however, has proven nearly impossible for professional journalists. Until this week, that is.

Coming from the infamous Bilderberg Conference in Hertfordshire, England, David Rockefeller pointedly refused to answer questions but exploded when one reporter asked about Kanye West’s repeated attempts to gain entry. “Kanye, unquestionably, has no place at Bilderberg,” the fiery billionaire stated to Vice Magazine’s Matt Shea.

Rejection is Likely Final

Rockefeller, as one of the wealthiest and most powerful men on the planet, is often credited with being the principal architect of the New World Order. As such, he will likely have the final word on Kanye’s application. The hip hop star reportedly stepped on a few toes with his overzealous campaign to network himself into the Illuminati. Many viewed the singer’s wife, Kim Kardashian, as a, “social climber with a Mt. Everest-sized opinion of herself.” And then there were rumors that some in the global elite found Kanye vulgar and aggressive. “He’s like a taxi cab driver who knows he won’t be getting a tip,” noted one billionaire.


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