“Nearly 100% Pure” Marijuana Doses: The Latest Health Crisis Hitting Our Hometowns

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Ethnic gangs are pushing hardcore marijuana addiction on America's teens.

Ethnic gangs are pushing hardcore marijuana addiction on America’s teens. Is your family safe?

Ever walk past a group of giggling teens at the mall? Have you pushed yourself through the sour odors of an inner city street? What about that strange van idling at your local park with its loud music? Or the skateboarders and hipster rockers with their pierced faces and menacing stares? If you’ve had any exposure to youth culture today, you’ve likely seen the serious side effects of America’s new crop of hardcore marijuana.

No, this is not the drug of the 1960s. Today’s reefer madness is 10 to 50 times more potent than what the hippies used to “tune in, turn on and freak out” a generation ago. Laced with methamphetamines and hallucinogens, this harsh new narcotic is sold like candy at high school bus stops.

And kids today can’t get enough of it…

The devastation of pot addiction is abundantly clear, yet most Americans are in utter denial. We have over 6 million 18- to 24-year olds who are neither employed nor in college. What do they spend their time doing? They’re either eating junk food or watching junk television. Is it any surprise Doritos and cartoons have reached epic levels of popularity in our hometowns today? Not to mention our big city ghettoes, where crime has reach cataclysmic proportions…

And as the “greatest generation” ages, will these millennials ever contribute enough to keep our health care and pensions solvent? Clearly, they’re too zonked out on the giggle ganja to care.

Young pot users are far more likely to support socialism and nationalized health care.

Young pot users are far more likely to support socialism and nationalized health care.

Innocence Lost, Socialism Found

Instead of fighting back against this deadly epidemic with stricter drug laws, corrupt politicians are allowing so-called “medical marijuana” to be decriminalized in some leftwing states. Ever more offensive, Colorado has made recreational pot abuse legal. The short-term view is that new taxes from the sale of these illicit cigarettes will cover the costs of Obama’s countless social programs. Yet the irony is that pot pushes people into welfare and healthcare, thereby making them even more enslaved to the liberal agenda.

Recently, several media outlets reported that North Korea is shilling high quality meth in America. The popularity of this particular Mexican drug comes on the heels of cable television programs like Breaking Bad, which glorified addiction and the fantasy of drug dealing. For marijuana, it’s far worse. We have countless shows, from Weeds to The Workaholics, that make pot addiction appear to be a legitimate lifestyle choice for young Americans. Despite all the medical evidence, the liberal media seems wholly invested in corrupting our children with the evil weed.

100% Pure and 100% Wrong

The holy grail among drug “scientists” is to create a 100% pure marijuana dose. Rumors in law enforcement circles suggest that the Latinos have come very close, but that the most potent batches may actually originate in the Middle East and Asia. This super pot is a combination of synthetic and organic compounds. With common brand names such as “Blueberry Yum Yum” or “Blackberry Kush,” the evidence indicates this new pot may actually be blue in color (not the traditional green or brown). The “high” has been described like a rocket launch of crack cocaine at the cruising speed of “bath salts.” The atheist and addicted of this country are just too morally weak to resist such a temptation.

highly dangerous blue marijuana dosage

Scientists note that new marijuana strains have dosages more deadly than ever before.

As purity reaches nearly 100% and terrorist nations like North Korea and Pakistan look to join the marijuana game, one has to ask what the larger agenda is here. Clearly the result is that America’s teens and twentysomethings have become pathetic and lazy. Their test scores are criminally low and the Chinese can best us with basic geometry (just wait until they kung fu the Federal Reserve by dumping U.S. bonds on the open market). Add to this, high school sports teams are suffering as more and more young people opt for videogames rather than real life competition. Clearly, our youths are embracing a wide range of deadly choices, including radical atheism, homosexuality and vegetarianism. So, is this intentional?

For the liberal elite, an alliance with North Korean and Pakistani drug cartels is a natural fit. Both groups seek to undermine our nation’s military. Both seek to weaken our patriotism. By enslaving our young people to Obama’s current agenda, a future of national socialism is all but assured. The evidence visible right before our eyes — if and when we care to look — proves that marijuana is addicting Americans to a lifestyle of abject failure.

The next time you pass a group of rebellious young people, take a good, hard look. Notice the greasy facial hair and elaborate hats. Look at their baggy “sagger” clothing and “swag” swagger. Check out their attitude of arrogance and laziness — an outward display of Obama’s own personality if there ever was one. Are these kids really the best hope America has to offer? As long as hardcore marijuana is riddling their brains with holes and hopelessness, we are all truly doomed.




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