“Nearly 100% Pure” Marijuana Doses: The Latest Health Crisis Hitting Our Hometowns

Posted on by Doc Bacon
Ethnic gangs are pushing hardcore marijuana addiction on America's teens.

Ethnic gangs are pushing hardcore marijuana addiction on America’s teens. Is your family safe?

Ever walk past a group of giggling teens at the mall? Have you pushed yourself through the sour odors of an inner city street? What about that strange van idling at your local park with its loud music? Or the skateboarders and hipster rockers with their pierced faces and menacing stares? If you’ve had any exposure to youth culture today, you’ve likely seen the serious side effects of America’s new crop of hardcore marijuana.

No, this is not the drug of the 1960s. Today’s reefer madness is 10 to 50 times more potent than what the hippies used to “tune in, turn on and freak out” a generation ago. Laced with methamphetamines and hallucinogens, this harsh new narcotic is sold like candy at high school bus stops.

And kids today can’t get enough of it…

The devastation of pot addiction is abundantly clear, yet most Americans are in utter denial. We have over 6 million 18- to 24-year olds who are neither employed nor in college. What do they spend their time doing? They’re either eating junk food or watching junk television. Is it any surprise Doritos and cartoons have reached epic levels of popularity in our hometowns today? Not to mention our big city ghettoes, where crime has reach cataclysmic proportions…

And as the “greatest generation” ages, will these millennials ever contribute enough to keep our health care and pensions solvent? Clearly, they’re too zonked out on the giggle ganja to care.

Young pot users are far more likely to support socialism and nationalized health care.

Young pot users are far more likely to support socialism and nationalized health care.

Innocence Lost, Socialism Found

Instead of fighting back against this deadly epidemic with stricter drug laws, corrupt politicians are allowing so-called “medical marijuana” to be decriminalized in some leftwing states. Ever more offensive, Colorado has made recreational pot abuse legal. The short-term view is that new taxes from the sale of these illicit cigarettes will cover the costs of Obama’s countless social programs. Yet the irony is that pot pushes people into welfare and healthcare, thereby making them even more enslaved to the liberal agenda.

Recently, several media outlets reported that North Korea is shilling high quality meth in America. The popularity of this particular Mexican drug comes on the heels of cable television programs like Breaking Bad, which glorified addiction and the fantasy of drug dealing. For marijuana, it’s far worse. We have countless shows, from Weeds to The Workaholics, that make pot addiction appear to be a legitimate lifestyle choice for young Americans. Despite all the medical evidence, the liberal media seems wholly invested in corrupting our children with the evil weed.

100% Pure and 100% Wrong

The holy grail among drug “scientists” is to create a 100% pure marijuana dose. Rumors in law enforcement circles suggest that the Latinos have come very close, but that the most potent batches may actually originate in the Middle East and Asia. This super pot is a combination of synthetic and organic compounds. With common brand names such as “Blueberry Yum Yum” or “Blackberry Kush,” the evidence indicates this new pot may actually be blue in color (not the traditional green or brown). The “high” has been described like a rocket launch of crack cocaine at the cruising speed of “bath salts.” The atheist and addicted of this country are just too morally weak to resist such a temptation.

highly dangerous blue marijuana dosage

Scientists note that new marijuana strains have dosages more deadly than ever before.

As purity reaches nearly 100% and terrorist nations like North Korea and Pakistan look to join the marijuana game, one has to ask what the larger agenda is here. Clearly the result is that America’s teens and twentysomethings have become pathetic and lazy. Their test scores are criminally low and the Chinese can best us with basic geometry (just wait until they kung fu the Federal Reserve by dumping U.S. bonds on the open market). Add to this, high school sports teams are suffering as more and more young people opt for videogames rather than real life competition. Clearly, our youths are embracing a wide range of deadly choices, including radical atheism, homosexuality and vegetarianism. So, is this intentional?

For the liberal elite, an alliance with North Korean and Pakistani drug cartels is a natural fit. Both groups seek to undermine our nation’s military. Both seek to weaken our patriotism. By enslaving our young people to Obama’s current agenda, a future of national socialism is all but assured. The evidence visible right before our eyes — if and when we care to look — proves that marijuana is addicting Americans to a lifestyle of abject failure.

The next time you pass a group of rebellious young people, take a good, hard look. Notice the greasy facial hair and elaborate hats. Look at their baggy “sagger” clothing and “swag” swagger. Check out their attitude of arrogance and laziness — an outward display of Obama’s own personality if there ever was one. Are these kids really the best hope America has to offer? As long as hardcore marijuana is riddling their brains with holes and hopelessness, we are all truly doomed.




About This Journalist

Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    I dont even want to read this its all too scary. But why do parents stop caring about their kids and let this happen? Some day we will all be paying for the dope heads cancer treatments thanks to Obama.

    • Derby Mack

      Illness works in Obama’s favor, for it makes Americans more dependent on the socialist nanny state. That is why we have water fluoridation and cancer. FEMA is also part of this long term left wing agenda, ready to confisicate guns during the next manufactured catasrophe.

      • ah s

        Left now, going back further many right wing planners of present day-it has been known for decades nobody can take control with a iron fist. The shmoosing and nice approach a long time in the making. No left/right remains, only uber-wealthy and poor is the goal.

      • NoBonerForYou

        I saw what you wrote about Scotland, your opinion is not valid, so bend over and take it up the poo hole

      • BOMBA777

        Tumours are grown because the brain sends signals for them to do so. So the simple answer is to get a grip on your brain, tell it what to do rather than let it run rampant.

      • David Barker

        Holy shit, Obama invented cancer???

        • Why me*****

          How can one man have so much power. It must be the force…ha ha bunch of quacks in here.

    • BoscoBob

      @Kaylee-Aurora Read up on Poe’s Law, smoke a nice, fat joint and chill out lady!


    • Rebecca Glesener Davis

      I simply cannot understand you people and your very strange ways of making POTUS responsible for EVERY thing you find/label a social ill. Wow.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        I simply cannot understand you liberals and your very strange ways of turning a blind eye to EVERY single way socialism is destroying America right now. Wow.

        • Rebecca Glesener Davis

          Seriously, so many of you who call yourselves Christians don’t seem to want to help the “least of your brethren” much.

          • NoBonerForYou

            Its true, they aren’t helpful at all, and to be a christian means being a human, those guys don’t count

          • Q

            All of your arguments against pot are riddled with logical fallacies, and not to mention you keep using a very ill-informed notion of what socialism even is. To get things straight, socialism is NOT linked to weed in any sense. Nor is Obama a socialist, he’s a social democrat. If you did your research instead of getting angry or embracing stereotypes, you’d find THC is less harmful than alcohol and–when used by individuals 25 and over–poses no threat to the developed brain.

          • Stephenson_Billings

            You are hilarious. When was the last time you read a book, crazy?

        • BOMBA777

          America was destroyed from it’s inception. A ignorant, violent, racist hellhole inhabited by god deluded, poorly educated ignoramus with feeling of grandeur that is simply not warranted. They take such great pride in their ‘victory’ in the war of independence, blissfully ignorant of two key details. Firstly the war was started by the rich, powerful industrialists & landowners who no longer wanted to pay tax to England. The outcome was they stopped paying tax to anyone & started taking it from the American people for themselves (much like today). Secondly, if the British had wanted they could have sent enough warships & men over to utterly wipe out the uprising but decided it was not worth the expense. The fact that today the average income in the US is lower than the UK’s shows it was a wise move . . . and no, I’m not British.

    • ah s

      “Some day we will all be paying for the dope heads cancer treatment” pssst, the dope heads found the most viable cure for cancer, the dope. Actually 1972 US gov studies found the same, like prohibition too much money in illegal goods ppl want. Increases the ‘want’ as well.

    • NoBonerForYou

      As I informed your friend ‘billings’ you can get cancer from smoking a joint, its the tobacco that causes it, and the rizla doesn’t help much

    • BOMBA777

      Marijuana does not cause cancer it prevents it. That is scientifically proven fact, rather than the ignorant ramblings of the ignorant masses. Besides the tax subsidy on smoking generates five times the income than the cost of treating (supposed) smoking related illness. As for your “parents” quote, clearly you aren’t one or you’d be aware that there is nothing more you can do but educate them & hope for the best because they will do whatever the fuck they like. Hence most people from all backgrounds have tried puff. Finally I must point out that the higher the intelligence the higher the chance an individual will experiment with drugs.

      The real drain on medical resources comes from treating all those lazy, greedy tossers that are obese & those addicted to alcohol. I’m 50, have smoked lightly for 37 years, marijuana for 34. I’m 6’1″ tall, weigh a ripped 200lb, train 3 hrs a day 4 days a week & can hold my breath for almost 2 minutes, having the fitness levels (heartbeat, blood pressure) of an Olympic athlete half my age.

      Now what was it you were saying?

  • juju

    I saw about this on Breaking Bad.

  • Stephenson_Billings

    Of all the lies liberals tell, the one about pot being safe is the most absurd. And easily proven false. But that sort of simplemindedness is exactly what happens when you get caught up with marijuana.

    • BoscoBob

      Could you please tell me what the LD50 is for Cannabis? You sound well-informed on the dangers and and possible lethal consequences. I could use your expertise in the subject, as I couldn’t find anything to prove the “pot is safe” lies to be false. I need this information for when I am arguing with all of those potheads.

    • Rebecca Glesener Davis

      If I could dislike your ignorant comment a trillion times, I would. Heaven help those who “get caught up with marijuana.” You are dwelling in a perpetual state of “Reefer Madness.”

      • Stephenson_Billings


        • David Barker


    • NoBonerForYou

      Your are right, I totally agree, the tobacco in a joint is a harmful carsonogen and the paper it is smoked in is none too good either!!

      • David Barker

        Who puts tobacco in a joint?

  • DrDClarke

    this is clearly just ill informed, racially/politically based scaremongering; which is inherently non-journalistic (ie biased as fuck). as a non user who has extensively studied the matter i can confirm that it’s not as or what the article claims it to be, and that it’s not nearly as dangerous as the close-minded believe it to be.
    The language used in the article implies a fear of anything non-white, non-middle class and non-right-wing. Your’e using people’s children against them in hope of pushing your point out there to people who would may not otherwise agree/listen to you. I fear it to be these ignorances which keeps your country dividing our world as it does: your perception of ‘the American Dream’ is just that: a dream, which I can only hope you shall wake up from soon enough- covered in sweat and screaming in the dark
    also @Stephenson_Billings:disqus do cease the vitriolic hate-spew. Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean they are lying to you (as you have implied across several discussions). A man (of your age) should have learned to tolerate things unknown to him (by now): not doing so is just testament to your own “simple-mindedness” (what you claim cannabis does to your brain!!! Imagine what you must have taken over the years 🙂 )
    Good luck living life,
    Dr Clarke

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      Your an idiot.

      • John Murton

        @kayleeaurora:disqus The fact that you haven’t established the correct usage of the word ‘your’ by middle age, along with not realising this article is ironic and written specifically to poke fun at close-minded moron’s like yourself expressing views with no factual accuracy suggests that you’re the idiot.

        • Kaylee-Aurora

          You are really insulting, you know that?

        • Albert Toppers

          Her point was clear, my friend. Don’t try to skirt the issue.

          • William Ammons

            Clearly wrong and uninformed in every way.

        • Lucy

          I have a horrible feeling the article was written in a perfectly serious manner. But as a dope smoking MD of a hugely successful business, aged 32, what would I know?

          • NoBonerForYou

            Sort me a joint out and i’ll satisfy you!!

      • Brian Jarreau

        @kayleeaurora:disqus– I’m going to have to agree @c340821b1404ef0d1561f2acb3898242:disqus. I could care less about your grammar– but you have yet to offer a single intelligent response to any of a number of discussions I’ve seen you comment on — I only accidentally found this profoundly insane website today , which I can assume is written purely for entertainment purposes — b/c NO ONE could be this bat shit crazy right… You Kaylee (which isn’t even a real fucking name) are a sad SAD moron.

      • Rebecca Glesener Davis

        It’s you’re.

      • James Hayes

        you’re an idiot…i win

  • Pedro

    Haha! What a load of utter shite!

  • Rebecca Glesener Davis

    You know cannabis is mentioned in the Bible. And God said, “It is good.”

    • Stephenson_Billings

      “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” -1 Peter 5:8.

      • NoBonerForYou

        Yes Mr billings but is satan really YOUR adversary?

      • David Barker

        “There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.”
        – Ezekiel 23:20

    • NoBonerForYou

      Haha on the 7th day God said “let there be biffters” and God saw that it was good and God chilled out, so the seventh day we rest!!!

  • Rebecca Glesener Davis

    This whole Reefer Madness post is ridiculous. Scary? Jesus, what’s scary is ignorance and intolerance. I am sickened by the hatred of people less fortunate than you card-carrying “Christians.”

  • dont_be_fucking_stupid

    they talk about the weed being laced with meth and shit, yes that happens but that is what you are becoming addicted to, not the pot..you CANNOT become addicted to marijuana..

    “The atheist and addicted of this country are just too morally weak to resist such a temptation.”

    this line makes it all clear to me, and how this author is so arrogant.. im both atheist and a pothead.. and i do nothing but good for my community! i help everyone out, im in school, and still capable of learning (not braindead)

    Also, calling teens rebellious because of the fashions styles they are into and the amount of piercings they have is also quite arrogant, times have changed and so have lifestyles.. growing up now is different than growing up 30-40 years ago, heck its different than growing up last year.

    the fact that this article focuses on the marijuana part instead of the actual drugs (meth/crack etc.) makes me sad.

  • Brandon Popson

    Doc, you should be ashamed of yourself, and RETIRED physician is definitely right. You are breaking the very tenants of your oaths as a doctor by pushing a political viewpoint above scientific fact. I laugh at anyone who’s mind is so dependent upon the internet that they actually BELIEVE any of this drivel. You know as well as the rest of us that there has been NO deaths or overdoses from marijuana, meaning “health risk” is VASTLY overstated term. As a DOCTOR, how can you sleep at night knowing you let your own racism and bigotry get in the way of giving legitimate medical advice? How much money was WASTED turning you into a man of learning when you’re as ignorant as they come? How many professors aided you in your quest for a degree, only to have you turn out like this at the end of your life? You sir, are a pathetic racist, hopelessly clinging to any and all attention that he can get, soured by the years and made into a sick mockery of what he went to school for. You can lie about things like this until you are blue in the face, it changes NOTHING. You will die. Your lies will be forgotten. The world will move on, and no one will remember all the time someone agreed with you on a racist website. You have reduced your “legacy” to a bunch of sniveling articles on your own discomforts in life. You will leave nothing of value or memory behind.

    Great job with your life.

  • Frack You 2 !

    You are a dimwitted troll.
    I thank God, I do not see the world or the future through your eyes.

  • Frack You 2 !

    You fail to see the ways that socialism has made America and how Jesus is a socialist.
    BTW what do you care if kids are turning to vegetarianism are you for real.
    I do love the circle graphic this will be shared thank you for the laugh.

  • Matthew Pieri

    you are a moron…even the DEA admits that it takes 7200 TONS of marijuana consumption,all at once, to be remotely toxic

  • lucy

    This is some kind of joke, right?

    Herion use among under 30 year olds has increased by like 45% and you guys are SERIOUSLY having a conversation about reefer? What about Alcohol?

    No wonder

  • William Ammons

    Its rare that I run across supreme ignorance on the web. This is certainly one of the most uninformed ridiculous websites I have ever seen! Spreading ignorance and lies as if they are truth. What is going on in America is disturbing and deadly! The biggest killers are the current food system. But the marijuana is scrutinized. Go eat a fucking burger at McDonalds and die already. Maybe that will be one less dumb ass in the world lying to our faces:)

  • William Ammons

    Please give me 100% thc so I can deal with your stupidity:)

  • BO reilly

    hahah… I love the title- “Nearly 100% pure…” What does that even mean?!!! 100% nearly pure???-You might as well just say 80% nearly pure -makes just as much sense! If the dim witted author is trying to suggest the plant is nearly 100% pure THC -the active compound (which is what gets you high) it would no longer be a plant but the extracted compound THC, then it could be nearly pure, yet even a THC pill is not 100% pure because it has to have a binder to hold the pill in form! However it is physically impossible for the the cannabis plant to even be 50% pure unless you are saying it is 100% a cannabis plant by genus. Then it is by it’s nature %100 percent pure cannabis…like a apple tree is 100% an apple tree. —-Just so you nutty right wingers understand this 100%!!!…. To be “100% pure” would be like a apple tree having 100% apples -hahahah!! That would make the apple tree not a tree but one big apple! Understand? And I could go on and on there are so many stupid assertions in this article! It is written for gullible stupid people -right wingers!

  • Squid Burns

    Just one hit from the new “super pot” and you’re dead in seconds. It’s true, my friend saw someone die.

  • Blatant-Truth

    Someone help me out here.. I can’t figure out whether this site is supposed to be a joke (because if it is… bravo… excellent satire). It seems obviously satirical, but then I look at comments and it seems like a lot of people are reacting as if they believe the articles are serious. Those are just stupid people who are misinterpreting the entire intent… right?

    And if by some bizarre aberration, this site is actually bent enough to be trying to be serious… oh my god… the abject stupidity… but no, it can’t be. This is all a joke poking fun at reactionary conservatives… right?

  • NoBonerForYou

    So you write drivel and get paid for it, ‘Hey I’m a paid Troll, I get paid to piss people off’ you lucky s o a b

  • Taylor Lee

    My creator had vision in the things he saw.

    I completely despise Obama (and every other president), I am not for socialism, I don’t like Obamacare, I don’t approve of oversea warfare, I believe in god; pot helped me with that, pot helped me swear off video games because I realized it was unhealthy while I was incredibly high once, pot helped me go from 270 pounds to 180 pounds (healthy weight). Also, pot helped me find it in myself to get out of the house and work.

    The idea that pot helped me with all those things, is just as ridiculous as saying pot causes all the things listed above in the article.
    I am the reason I found god, I am the reason I stopped playing video games, I am the reason I lost weight and got a job.
    I just happened to be high THE ENTIRE TIME while all of that happened.

    People are responsible for their own actions; stop using pot (or any other drug) as a scapegoat.

    This isn’t a left or a right issue; this is a freedom issue.

    • Taylor Lee

      On second though this looks like a Troll.

      I have actually seen people talk like this though… so I don’t know.

  • aqwassss

    Marijuana is a highly effective treatment for many across- the- board medical problems. Everything from pain management to schizophrenia. Safely used by millions for centuries. Anyone can be responsible for misuse of anything. For a medical professional to attempt to blame T.H.C. is playing on out-date hype and should not be allowed any position of responsibility in any medical facility, A doctors office is not the place to play drug politics. It is our responsibility to censure these quacks. At minimal they should be reviewed by the proper boards for disciplinary action, or a board set up to discipline them..

  • Nate M.

    Your article just proves how much of an uneducated,biased,dimwit that you are. How does it make you feel to knowingly lie in print? Feeding on the fears of the elderly and uninformed by printing sensationalized disinformation to the american public. Maybe our youth would have a better grip on things if they weren’t lied too right to their faces like they’re not smart enough to figure it out. The days of using the media to instill lies and fear are ending. All the lies you told our parents and grandparents have been laid bare before us. You should die so the world can move on to enlightenment!

  • BOMBA777

    This is nothing more than the preachings of an ignorant, misinformed prat. Marijuana has been used & consumed by humans from pre history. Our DNA ‘knows’ it & our bodies need it to function to their full potential. It works as both a highly effective painkiller, having none of the negative effects caused by pharmaceutical crap & can be a great help to those suffering psychological disorders. It is scientifically proven to drastically decrease the chances of contracting various cancers.

    When it was made illegal in the US it was purely down to a racist pig who preached that it drove white women into the hands of black men . . . there was & still is absolutely no scientific evidence to the claims that is harmful, in fact quite the opposite has been shown.

  • BOMBA777

    This article, complete with pictures is nothing short of racist. 5 Black men (& 2 white female “victims”) to 1 white man, whilst the facts are that drugs legal (dangerous) & illegal (less dangerous) are controlled by white people.

  • Barak

    I love the crazy on this message board