Will Gays Demand a National Holiday Honoring Sodomy?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
With the traumatic changes homosexuals have forced on American society, could something far worse be next?

Are you prepared for human bondage?

The gays are whispering. They can smell the change in the air. It’s that intoxicating musk of socialism and degeneracy…

When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013, it unleashed a legal storm from coast to coast. States were suddenly burdened with the enormous expense of defending Christian tradition against the fickle whims of the cultural elite. Sadly, many fell to the Gay Agenda.

Despite the best efforts of attorneys and legislators, the highest court in the land is inching closer to mandating federal protection for gay special rights. The justices have been hinting very strongly that this change is coming and that the public must be prepared.

Now that they’ve tasted the fruits of power, homosexuals are demanding evermore. They will only be satisfied until all are forced to submit to their darkest desires…

When the Supreme Court makes the fateful decision to nationalize the legal recognition of homosexual marriage, the day will live in infamy as the moment when Jesus truly wept for his favorite child, the United States of America.

Leftists across the globe will erupt in a tizzy of celebration. It will be raunchy and it will be riotous. But once the buzz wears off, an ache will form in the pits of their stomachs. Like a street junkie burning for a fix, these radicals will seek out that high again and again. They will demand reparations for “homophobia.” They will claim protected tribal lands just like Native Americans. And they will want their own national holiday.

What lies ahead may very well devolve into the most shocking spectacle in human history. A bacchanal of epic proportions…

Homosexual activists have styled themselves as the intellectual heirs of the civil rights movement. And as civil rights is marked by a national holiday, Martin Luther King Day, the gays will agitate for the same privilege. The holiday will likely fall on the date of the Supreme Court decision. The liberal media will sell it as a moment to celebrate the newly redefined institution of marriage.

Don’t be fooled. This holiday will be all about the sodomy.

Banks and schools will be closed. Streets may even be shut down. There will be parades and little children putting on plays. Alcohol will be served on the sidewalks. Fireworks! Open-air music concerts! Bonfires and barbecues!

Everywhere there will be depravity. Nudity. Marijuana. Drag shows. The right to reckless sodomy will be praised in speeches and televised specials. As the night descends into the Satanic, coitus will be openly practiced. Alleyways will ignite with orgies unlike anything human civilization has ever known! Public squares will fill up with degenerates. Any symbol of masculinity will be shamed. Brawny construction workers and broad-shouldered firemen, football running backs and bearish truckers, all will be lined up for the firing squad of homosexual penetration! Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions planet-wide, will be fornicating at the same exact moment… And heterosexuals will be forced to bear witness to every single act. And those images will be played over and over in our minds, 365 days a year. Sodomy. Sodomy. SODOMY!