Monsanto, Now Breeding Cows With Holes

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson
Monsanto facilities may next attempt to the experiment on humans.

Monsanto facilities appear to be amping up on their experiments with cannulated livestock. Are humans next?

The world has certainly changed since Monsanto introduced genetically modified organisms and pushed nations in Asia and Africa to the brink of starvation. Add to this, the company’s involvement with defense contracting, Agent Orange, PCBs, chemtrails, eugenics, bovine growth hormones, zombie wheat, honeybee depopulation, suicide gene expression, the Aspartame fraud, government corruption and the silencing of dissent and you begin to see that this enterprise poses a genuine threat to the continued existence of our planet. Monsanto might just be leading the worst human conspiracy of the last 100 years.

While educated citizens are only now paying attention to the damage Monsanto is doing, there is much more that’s necessary. One issue that puzzles many experts is the appearance of “cows with holes” or “cannulated cows” at various top-secret facilities. These are creatures with a literal aperture on the flesh that leads to a large cavity within the body of the animal.  The suffering these poor creatures must endure is indescribable.

But why? There are many thoughts floating around but it seems that Monsanto is looking for the next level of global dominance. The big issue with GMOs is that they can be triggered on and off, driving populations into poverty and death over just one season. These experiments deep within the cow organs may be of a more singular nature.

It is widely believed among anti-GMO analysts that Monsanto is looking for a way into human experimentation. The sickening types of tests that pharmaceuticals attempt on living “volunteers” just isn’t enough for this company. Monsanto needs to see inside humans, to easily access organs and possibly rearrange and replace them if necessary. It’s a gruesome thought. As numerous reports have revealed, the organization’s board of directors is very committed to a broad vision of eugenics.

Human beings punctured like this will live horrible lives, but surely they won’t be visible to the public. On the vast and secret Monsanto laboratory campuses this sort of thing could happen on a massive scale. Evidence suggests the base for these operations will be the secluded island of Molokai in Hawaii. Children may be bred and experimented on until their teenage years or maybe even adulthood, but whatever the case, “cannulated humans” will certainly be disposable.

The movie, "The World According to Monsanto," was just the beginning.

The movie, “The World According to Monsanto,” censored the larger conspiracy at work here.

One widely-circulated idea is that these humans are going to be bred for organ harvesting in Hawaii. Several politicians have already embraced the idea in the press. The super elite have unlimited funds and power, but their livers and lungs can sometimes be vulnerable like normal humans (of course, their gold-plated healthcare services can’t make them immortal… at least not yet).

Another possibility is that cannulated children are the next step beyond RFID implementation. RFID chips are small and do not contain the large-size hardware many technologists hope to implant. Instead of seeing next gen human/machine hybrids as mobile warriors, these scientists hope to create an army of desktop drones that are, in other words, half a human attached to a much larger hardware processor. A massive computer with a few living attachments, such the torso half of a person and above (with its brain functions intact), for instance, would be an incredible tool for analyzing and predicting the illogical sides of man’s nature.

The most offensive part? Some believe that the super elites are envisioning these half machine/half human cyborgs as mere personal secretaries. The idea of a slave child torso desktop computer assistant utterly sickens me, but this the new normal when it comes to the depravity of globalist elites.

For the time being, we need to be most concerned with Monsanto’s plan for Molokai. A corporation with no moral limits releasing herds of cannulated children into the wild is not a Fantasy Island sort of dream. It has the potential to become a real life Jurassic Park-type of horror story (if it hasn’t already).


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