Trump’s Bold Plan for Dealing With Marijuana Pushers: “Take Out Their Families”

Posted on by Derby Mack

trumpflagWhen asked how the United States could defeat the global terrorists, Donald Trump did not hesitate to respond. “We need to take out their families!” the Republican candidate candidly announced and in doing so, took this year’s extraordinary presidential campaign to a whole new level.

It is becoming widely accepted among security analysts that drug addiction is funding the worst acts of international terror. In Afghanistan, the opium trade helped the Taliban quickly regain its footing after the Gulf War. ISIS has also pursued this financial option and now threatens half of the Middle East. In the last decade, the Mexican cartels have dramatically expanded the link between hardcore marijuana and political instability. During Felipe Calderón’s presidency alone, up to 60,000 people were murdered in Northern Mexico, while the illicit industry generated close to $50 billion in annual profits.

Donald Trump has not been afraid to address this crisis head on. At a Louisville, Kentucky campaign stop this week, the presumptive Republican nominee signaled that he was willing to do whatever it takes to stop the vice of Mexican cartels, including labeling them as a domestic terrorism threat.

This move couldn’t come at a more critical time.

On the home front, marijuana has gone from being an inner city crisis to a national tragedy. When liberal states rolled back their narcotics laws, the drug dealers quickly moved in to fill the void. If that wasn’t bad enough, pot pushers have begun targeting our school children with a host of secret methods.

Marijuana is for idiots.

The domestic terror of hardcore addiction may finally end under President Trump.

Under Obama, the marijuana drug being sold in parking lots became far more devious and more addictive and the high more extreme than any other point in human history. Pot is well known as a gateway to a host of sexual ills, including promiscuity and sodomy and even homosexuality. It contributes to the decay of Christian faith and has a profound influence on our declining economy. Is it any wonder that crime is skyrocketing and safety is the number one concern of the American voter in many locales?

If Trump is serious about addressing marijuana — and with a history as a fierce advocate of sobriety, he surely is — he will need to empower the Justice Department to treat this dilemma with every option in the playbook. As president, he will have Obama’s former FEMA camps at his disposal, and that is one resource that he should not overlook.

The Trump approach to the terror of addiction may be controversial at first. Its great strength, however, lies in its immediate efficacy and its universal applicability. By targeting the pot pusher’s inner circle with such finality, the number of addicts will immediately drop. By removing their families from our communities, the threat can be successfully contained. In fact, it’s widely accepted that marijuana use is most often not limited to a single family member. Much like jihad, it can spread like wildfire among certain vulnerable subcultures.

America needs a vigorous defense against addiction. We need to let every citizen know that he has a responsibility as his brother’s keeper as we rebuild our national community. Donald Trump’s war against pot will be but one building block in that great wall of Fortress America.


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