Is Merrick Garland the Chemtrails Industry’s Stealth Supreme Court Pick?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Judge Garland is poised to become to new face of Chemtrails Apologism.

Judge Garland is poised to become to new face of Chemtrails Denialism.

Merrick Garland may be one of the most demented, insatiable shills ever to enter the business of New World Order judicial activism. Now, with Barack Hussien Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court, this man threatens to become the chief advocate for the chemtrails lobby in the American legal system.

Throughout his long and controversial career, Judge Garland has pushed an Illuminati agenda of disinformation and quashing dissent. He spearheaded the false flag prosecutions of Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber and Mayor Marion Barry. In each case, he was assisted by the corporate media in seeding the homeland terror narrative. This farcical leftist psychological warfare evolved into Garland’s newest battle: stealing our 2nd Amendment Constitutional gun rights.

Maybe all of this was foretold. Indeed, the name “Merrick” literally means “dark-skinned, a moor” in Welsh. Wales, of course, is where some of the most virulent strains of Freemasonry originated. In addition, the judge’s surname “Garland” means a crown of flowers. One need only think back to the ancient Roman rulers who wore such headgear to ponder of the implications of an Illuminati jurist crowned by darkest arts of dark-skinned Freemasonry…

With Donald Trump rising in the national polls, the nomination of Garland is fortuitous. He has long been associated with the brash billionaire’s chief rival: The Clinton dynasty. First appointed by President Bill Clinton to the Appellate Court in 1995, his vote will be pivotal if the Supreme Court is put in the position of deciding this election. With this announcement, is Obama signaling that Hillary will take the Oval Office?

Proof of the Global Elite’s Panic
Tuning in to these frequencies, it’s no surprise that Garland is a leftist anti-gun zealot. He’s also against Originalism, the belief that the Constitution was and is a document with fixed principles. In fact, the Harvard-educated Garland was indoctrinated into the anti-Originalist agenda when he clerked for former Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, who himself dedicated his life to pushing an extremist socialist revision of our Federal court system.

As many now know, chemtrails are one of the most significant political issues in America today. By using advanced geo-engineering and some extraterrestrial technology, Illuminati elders are spreading poisons in our skies. It’s no coincidence that three of Merrick’s closet secret allies — Leonard Nimoy, Richard Dawkins and John Travolta — have all been implicated in the chemtrails conspiracy. As a result of all this spraying, many citizens are showing advanced incidents of mental decay, sexual flaccidity and spiritual devastation.

Facts about this crisis are widely available to anyone with an internet connection, yet the illness and its corollary of cat ownership continues to spread.

The fight over the legality of chemtrails will lead to some explosive court cases in the coming decade. Judge Merrick will occupy a critical position in this fight. We could witness the release of evidence proving the Illuminati’s reptilian nature and the liberal homosexual plot to legitimize sodomy and force heterosexuals in the heartland into compromising positions. Yet it’s clear that the deep state does not want this to happen. The appointment of Merrick testifies to this fact.

The propagation of Chemtrails overlaps with skyrocketing rates of cat ownership.

Chemtrails have been cited in the decrease of sexual libido and the rise of socialist Bernie Sanders.

Just Say No, President Trump
With this looming legal battle in mind, it makes a lot of sense that Judge Merrick wants to seize the guns of ordinary, patriotic Americans. At the behest of the reptilian elite, he obviously does not want God-fearing citizens to take to the streets demanding our country back.

The most pressing question this nomination raises is whether Donald Trump still has a clear path to the White House. If Merrick is the vote that throws the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor or that allows Obama to cancel the whole thing entirely, conservatives will be ruined. If, however, the voters persevere and Mr. Trump does take the Oval Office, the new president may need to remove this justice from the Supreme Court in the name of stopping the chemtrails conspiracy.

Adding to worries about Merrick Garland’s fitness for the highest court are a number of shocking legal decisions. In one case, he attempted to prevent photos from Osama Bin Laden’s supposed “assassination” from being made public. The month-long courthouse wrangling gave the CIA all the time it needed to effectively Photoshop a series of images for media consumption. (He also performed the same maneuver for the fake Abu Ghraib prison abuse photos, which have been blamed for the creation of ISIS, though most journalists now accept that this is another CIA false flag.) Additionally, Judge Garland has sided with the Environmental Protection Agency in its assault on homeland entrepreneurialism. Clearly, he believes that sprawling federal agencies should dominate our private lives.

Is Garland’s wife a former CIA agent? That’s one issue that the corporate media will refuse to discuss in the coming weeks and months. She did serve in a highly compensated position for E-Systems Inc., which was later acquired by defense contractor Raytheon and then CIA front group, L-3 Communications (the company has been singled out in Edward Snowden’s leaks as essentially the intelligence community’s most lucrative police state profiteer). Could she be pulling the strings, forcing Merrick to make this outrageous legal decisions for her handlers higher up the intelligence community food chain? Or is Mrs. Merrick herself a shape shifting extraterrestrial Illuminati reptile hell-bent on spraying the heartland with chemtrails? Unless conservatives in Congress force Obama to testify about the quixotic Merrick campaign, we may never know the real truth here.