Maybe A Little War With Russia Will Toughen Up the “Hipster” Generation and Get This Nation Back on Track

Posted on by Derby Mack
Will the youths of today let this happen?

Will the youths of today let this happen?

Old farts like me don’t get much credit in today’s fast-paced, youth oriented culture. We’re seen as angry shadows from an age when technology did not rule. We are shuffled aside in the mad rush for new gadgets and gizmos. Every time we think we’ve figured out some bit of the contemporary world, a new trend stomps right on in. Sometimes I think the kids are addicted to the speed of change itself, and don’t bother caring where we, as a nation, are headed.

I say “we, as a nation,” because the older generation is still, to my knowledge, part of the United States of America. It would be nice if the young people would recognize this every once in awhile. But they’re too caught up with their hair and their clothes and their new gadgets and gizmos.

Frankly, the disgust goes both ways. Let me go on record here to say that I genuinely dislike America’s youngsters. They’re loud and pretentious. They have pimples and unattractive bodies that they flash half naked all day long and on every national television set. They’re deadbeats and drug addicts who don’t know the first thing about patriotism. Call me a cynic, but they’re all garbage. Worthless little puss-filled blobs of garbage.

Worst of all is that these young people, especially the trendy ones you see in the media, are effeminate. Sex is on their fragile minds all the time. They’re weird that way. They don’t give a hoot about marriage, but want to gratify themselves in public in the most vile ways possible. The ones that outrage me the most are these “hipsters” in the big cities. Well, they used to be just in the big cities. Now they’re everywhere and they sure are revolting.

These kids, and by kids I mean pretty much the whole generation under 30, look sickly. Maybe it’s all the marijuana. They’re delicate most of the time, expect when they start screaming about liberal politics. Obama gave them everything they wanted. Welfare, homosexuality, gun laws, Obamacare. The “president” even made us look weak on the world stage by giving in to the terrorists in Iraq, Guantanamo and Afghanistan.

Is it any wonder that Vladmir Putin is now fixing to rebuild his Soviet empire? Do you idiots really think Ukraine is the only trick the former KGB agent has up his sleeve? This guy is aching to take over Europe and now that he controls their oil pipelines, they’re going to be on their knees pretty soon (most Europeans like it like that).

I know a lot of people throw out conspiracy theories about oil but let’s face it, it’s what America runs on. We need it and we need to control it. We cannot let Russia or Putin monopolize a resource we have a God-given right to control on our own. So let’s do something smart for once. Let’s save our ungrateful, nasty little children and let’s stop Putin all at once.

Call me a cynic, but war is America’s way of bringing freedom to the world. We need war. When we stop looking strong, the fascists win. Is it really too much to ask these children today to pay our nation back for all the incredible gifts they’ve been given? The United States is safe and free and strong today because of what us old people have done. We built the economy all on our own. We fought the wars. We fought against drugs and perversion. We paid heed to Jesus Christ Our Savior. Now these youths owe us something. They owe us a promise to keep America great for generations to come!


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