Marvel’s “Luke Cage” is a Brilliant Metaphor for the Struggles Young White Women Have Faced in Obama’s America

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
"A potent symbol of a class of people abused and forgotten by contemporary society."

“A potent symbol of a class of people abused and forgotten by contemporary society.”

Not since Sex & the City has a television show so eloquently explored the bitter realities that young white women face in today’s cruel society.

With stunning insight and great sensitivity, Marvel’s Luke Cage speaks directly to us and speaks with passion and strength.

In this groundbreaking Netflix series, Luke is a proud man, a former police officer, who was wrongfully sent to prison. Through a series of terrifying events, he becomes the victim of a jailhouse medical experiment gone haywire. In much the same way, young women has been imprisoned to Barack Hussein Obama’s socialist dictator-state and have been subjected to his grand experiment in Cultural Marxism.

When Luke escapes and makes his way to New York City, we are reminded of our personal journey through the hellscape that America has become. He wants to be left alone, but events thrust him into the center of the action.

Many young, blonde white women like myself want to be left alone. We’ve given up trying to correct the terrible mistakes of the modern world. But then events, such as the candidacy of Donald J. Trump, have forced us back in the limelight.

The creators of Luke Cage have brilliantly captured the inner turmoil of this class of women in millennial America. In this, Netflix’s most important work, they have depicted us with depth and pathos.

We need to focus on our core strength, just as Cage does.

We need to focus on our core strength, just as Cage does in this groundbreaking Netflix series.

We do live in a cultural climate that demonizes us, just as Luke is demonized by a corrupt political class and an overzealous police force. White women suffer incredible disrespect. We no longer play a central role in movies, television and the press. We are no longer idolized as we once were. Instead, it’s become a trend to shun us, to constantly criticize our learned wisdom and legendary compassion.

Yet there is redemption.

Luke Cage finds his core of inner strength. His skin is bulletproof, after all. And that reflects the mission ahead for the young white blonde women of this country.

We women need to work on our cores, believing in the bold philosophy that Luke Cage has envisioned for us. We must strengthen ourselves through a gym membership and committed exercise routines. We can’t just ride the bikes for 20 minutes and leave. We need to focus on our crunches, work our abdomens. We need to do more knee bends and really stick to our planking. I’m not talking about a 15-second attempt, where you just roll over on the mat afterward and curl up in a ball of your own sweat. I’m talking about a two-minute forearm plank to really tone that waistline. I’m talking about perfecting your posture and making your body the very best it can be!

No matter what adversities we face, whether it’s Hillary’s rigged election or a homelife collapsing under the weight of dirty socks and mood swings, we need to harden our cores. We cannot back down just because someone cries out that we’re nagging them again when they haven’t gotten off the couch all weekend and they’re getting fat on potato chips and beer. And we can’t let words defeat us, not even Cindy’s jealous gossip or the false rumors Cate is spreading, not when we know all the nasty stuff they get into after a few glasses of Chablis at some downtown bar!

If Luke Cage has taught us anything, it’s that we young white women can overcome the worst!