Did Louis CK’s Threatening, Anti-Trump Emails Push Nancy Reagan Over the Edge?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Was the former First Lady about to bestow her husband’s legacy on Donald J. Trump?

Was Nancy Reagan about the endorse Donald J. Trump for president? That’s the question many conservatives are asking as the billionaire developer moves closer to becoming the Republican nominee. In recent weeks, Trump’s campaign has gained the air of inevitability with the support of such high profile figures as Governor Chris Christie, Senator Jeff Sessions, Franklin Graham and Ted Nugent.

For pundits, the stunning success of Trump’s pro-American populism is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign. Indeed, many believe that the candidate is the intellectual heir of the former president’s masculine foreign policy and vibrant domestic vision. With the vocal support of the former First Lady, Mr. Trump’s path to the White House may have become much clearer in the minds of voters.

Yet one Hollywood celebrity has been secretly working behind the scenes to make sure this doesn’t happen. Emails leaked this week revealed that hardcore comedian Louis CK is an ardent anti-Trump activist. In his private communications, he has railed against the Republican star using lies and foul language. In one passage, he even goes so far as to call Mr. Trump, “a shocking cu– billionaire liar.”

Further complicating this issue, it was well known in certain circles that Louis CK had a profound hatred for the Reagans. The former president stood against the very type of sexual degeneracy that the cult comedian works so hard to promote on the underground comedy club circuit. CK’s Mexican heritage and anti-military tirades are also known to have put him on a collusion course with Mrs. Reagan’s “Morning in America” approach to politics.

Following the shocking death of Antonin Scalia, this could prove that there is a widespread conspiracy on the part of the liberal media and its Illuminati handlers to undermine the Trump candidacy and provide Barack Hussein Obama the cover he needs to declare Marshall Law and cancel the presidential election. Observers have worried for some time that Obama will not vacate the White House easily and Mrs. Reagan’s death makes it much harder to evict him.

Louis CK is just one of the many “comedians” who have joined a wide scale media effort to slander Donald J. Trump. John Oliver, Tina Fey and Patton Oswald can also be included in this subversive group. These insider elitists are not doing this out of altruism, however. Much of Hollywood fears that Mr. Trump would enforce libel laws that could essentially halt the careers of these so-called “comics.”

Louis CK joins a long line of Hollywood radicals who fund terror.

Louis CK joins a long line of Hollywood radicals threatening American politics by funding terror.

In the 1960s and 70s, radical leftists from Hollywood joined violent activists to throw American democracy into peril. From the Kent State riots to the Symbionese Liberation Army, liberals proved themselves to be a dangerous element as our nation faced serious global challenges. With millions at their disposal, it would not be surprising to see extremists like Mr. Oliver or Mr. CK funding these sorts of illegal activities.

Mrs. Reagan’s shocking and unfortunate passing raises new questions about freedom of speech and Hollywood sedition. While rumors are swirling that she was familiar with Louis CK’s work and had, sadly, been the recipient of his threatening emails, it’s unclear if the comedian did this with the intention of pushing the former First Lady to her death bed, or if he simply intended to intimidate her.

If Louis CK was attempting to silence Mrs. Reagan, then he likely miscalculated. As more and more people become aware of Mr. Trump’s bold attempt to make America great again, his support will continue to skyrocket. If voters see that Hollywood radical activists are bent on interfering with our electoral process, they will be far less likely to patronize their disturbing movies, television programs and comedy routines.

Ultimately, the anti-Trump leftwing media push will give the future president all the ammunition he needs to bring patriotism back to Hollywood. The vile actions of these wealthy elitists remind us that public figures need to swear a loyalty oath to this country and allow investigators to review their private communications. If they have nothing to hide, they should welcome such an opportunity to prove their patriotism. If, on the other hand, celebrities like Mr. CK and Mr. Oliver refuse to participate in our country’s rebirth, President Trump should not be afraid to put them on trial for treason. That’s precisely why millions of voters across the nation are lining up to elect him.