Is the Liberal Media Using Gay Party Drug “Truvada” to Openly Promote Sodomy?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Homosexuals have been demanding greater media visibility for sodomy.

Homosexuals have been demanding greater media visibility for degenerate sodomy.

Hardcore homosexual sex is once again primetime news from coast to coast. CBS, MSNBC, National Public Radio and the New York Times have all joined the chorus of media outlets discussing Truvada, a wild party drug that is quickly becoming item numero uno on the gay agenda. The fizzy little pill even has its own vocabulary, with terms such as “Truvada Whore” now entering the national discourse.

Excuse this reporter for a moment while he employs some graphic anatomical imagery. A “Truvada Whore,” if you’re terribly desperate to know, is a male homosexual who utterly lusts for anal intercourse with every smutty, sweaty fiber of his being. Such a person will clutter his mobile phone with man hunting applications such as Grinder and Craigslist. He will haunt late night gyms and Times Square peepshows, urban parks and gritty downtown discos looking for a quick fix of barbaric penetration. The phallus will become his Golden Calf, a thing he worships indiscriminately, no matter how large or ethnic. His buttocks are the receptacle of this damp injection of shame and he will take incredible care to insure that his cheeks are buoyant and supple in the photographs he posts incessantly on the internet’s most savage social networking sites.

Let’s not mince words when it comes to sodomy. It’s depraved, it’s disgusting and it’s all about the fecal matter. As Holy Fire Ministries founder Bert Farias recently wrote,

“Homosexuality is actually a demon spirit. It is such a putrid-smelling demon that other demons don’t even like to hang around it. A genuine prophet of God told me that the Lord allowed him to smell this demon spirit, and he got sick to his stomach.”

Could the excess of excrement in homosexual sodomy be the source of that demonic odor Pastor Farias so poignantly describes? The smell of defecation may well be one of the key ways gays are able identify others members of their tribe in public.

Graphic homoerotic encounters have become normal fare for primetime TV.

Graphic homoerotic encounters have become normal fare for primetime TV.

An Outbreak of Promiscuity

As numerous testimonials reveal, the Truvada trend has given license to shocking levels of promiscuity in the gay subculture. It has also gone a long way in exposing hardworking citizens to a vast trove of salacious knowledge that degenerates once kept to themselves. Normal Americans are being indoctrinated and desensitized to all this by a media perilously beholden to the gay agenda. Under such an onslaught of shocking sexual frankness, homosexual “marriage” seems tame by comparison. Could that have been the intention all along? Considering the financial resources that the gay elite now wields, it would not be at all surprising.

So how do I know all this? Because the liberal media has declared Truvada– and the explosion of homosexual activity it has set off– a vital issue for Americans today. It is being discussed in every news outlet large and small. The so-called journalists behind this push erupt with a lecherous passion each time the subject comes up. They just cherish any excuse to detail their own fleshy conquests. With little prodding, they offer tips on their favorite “cruising spots,” the best carnal maneuvers and the sordid tales of their latest “hook ups.” Above all else, however, each and every reporter uses the Truvada agenda to celebrate the supposed “thrills” of hardcore sodomy.

The Hard Truth About Anal Sex

Sodomy. In all its raunchy, hard-pounding glory, Sodomy is now an acceptable conversation topic in our nation. Yet few are truly asking about the extreme costs of this dangerous sexual position. First of all, the act of anal penetration by a large foreign object is incredibly painful. To have that large foreign object thrust the buttocks again and again while your body is pressed up against a sticky restroom wall is indescribably harrowing. Sometimes the recipient is spanked and spit upon. There is rough talk and the unspoken threat of robbery while your slacks are crumpled on the floor. Naturally, crime and the possibility of disease matter little to someone who has fallen so low.

Pastor Bert Farias has linked homosexuality with the demonic, fecal odor of sodomy.

Pastor Bert Farias has linked homosexuality with the demonic, fecal odor of sodomy.

Furthermore, the gays are making sodomy “trendy” for the heterosexual population. Thoughtless young men are tempted to experiment with the idea and naïve women often comply. For some boys, this interest in anal violation can lead to a full-blown case of homosexual desire. Rejected by his female friends, this type of boy will become so obsessed with being “cool” and trying every big city fad that comes down the pipe, that he’ll try sodomy upon himself (with the aid of a phallic sexual device). From there, the next step will be cruising the internet for a real life encounter. Ultimately, it could be argued, that this has been the true purpose of the Truvada Agenda all along.

The liberal media has always used misdirection and disinformation to secretly promote its reckless ideologies. With each news cycle it seems as if they wish to leave no depth of depravity unplunged. For parents, educators and faith leaders, it’s critical that we stay aware of these deceptions and expose them for the evil that they truly are. With Truvada, the American public is getting far more than a little blue pill.

One dose of Truvada on the national airwaves has set off a chain reaction of graphic sex talk and raw homosexual lust. They’re trying to sell us on the idea that feces and pain are a natural part of intercourse. Worse still, they’re attempting to legitimize a radical lifestyle choice that by its very nature is prophesized as the most foreboding symbol of the End Times.

As a white heterosexual male who loves this nation and our sacred values, I can tell you that the Radical Truvada Agenda is not a pill I intend to swallow.


  • As a resident of neo Sodom and Gomorrah (Portland, Or) I can attest to the dangers of a life filled with unprotected gay intercourse. Many citizens are so liberal that they do not bat an eye when witnessing public sex acts between two men (something that’s an issue in our rainy little berg). It’s difficult to determine which puddles are from the frequent rain, and which are from semen emitted by degenerate ‘flamers’. This poses a serious health threat to innocent non-gays, as so many homosexuals here have the AIDs. If just one child reads your article, and decides not to be gay because of it, all of the horrors you’ve seen during your research will have been worth it. Thank you, Dr. Billings.

    • Pearl Districk

      Semen puddles? You’re sick in the head lady.

      Why do you even live in Portland? You sound like a fembot from Valley of the Dolls. Maybe the suburbs would be better for a nasty little wench like you.

      • You must be one of the unfazed liberals I mentioned in my original comment. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that you stop and eagerly lap up said puddles while biking to your favorite vegan BBQ/glory hole.

        • You sure know alot about glory holes there Jane. I will pray for you bitch.

          • Stephenson_Billings

            As do you, perv.

          • I would rather be a perv than satans spawn like you. Have fun in hell you SOB.

          • I imagine your family being so proud to see their son soliciting anonymous gay sex via twitter. Exceptional lifestyle choices you’re making there, Aaron.

          • First off I don’t solicit sex via twitter Jane. Second at least I get some, you’re probably such a prudish old biddy that you have not had sex in years. You certainly can’t tell what is soliciting sex that is for sure.

          • Well you could have fooled me. I guess “looking for a f* buddy” means something entirely different to gay people. Is that the homosexual equivalent of shaking hands?

          • Why you want your hand shook? Go to hell that is where haters like you belong.

          • Tom Shea

            Fuck you.

          • Don’t bother. God doesn’t listen to the prayers of gay cruisers.

          • Kelly

            He doesn’t? Instead of warning people about the dangers of gay sex, you might be better off looking into your own relationship with God.

          • No I warn them of the dangers of religion and how it makes people hate, discriminate, lie, the list goes on.

          • I wouldn’t waste a second praying for someone as pathetic as you.

          • Trevor Gowe

            Seaguy… very close to Semen. Coincidence? I think not.

          • More like Seattle dipshit. Semen helped create you, you know. Must have been some bad stuff though.

          • Robert Hunt

            How impressive it is that you KNOW what prayers are listened to by GOD! Does he listen to those that take and give bank loans for interest? Eat shellfish? Go to church with their heads uncovered. Nothing anyone does is more disgusting than the hate that promoted in the name of the Prince of Peace who preached love, pure and simple, than what’s done in His name by those that cherry pick “convenient” passages to justify their bigotry.

          • Chris Morris

            Aww. We’ve got us another one, bless her heart, that operates under the delusion that God asked her to make decisions for him.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thank you for the words of encouragement, Jane. I always appreciate hearing from such an esteemed colleague from the world of professional investigative journalism. God bless!

      • lmao

        Awesome satire! Also great irony selecting an antiretroviral drug to call a “party drug”. I literally can’t tell who’s trolling and who’s actually stupid in the comments! Another hysterical fake news site, good job!

    • Move then bitch.

    • Phil Joffe

      Imagine if children start touching those semen puddles – there could be a large outbreak of homosexuality in your State. Maybe Truvada is a Communist plot against the US?????

  • Is this bullshit for real. Dr. Billings must have gotten his degree from the school of homophobic ass holes.

    • Michael Smtih

      This site is resplendent with type of crap. These are the “world is 6000 years old and everything revolves around it” crowd. Guess the nut jobs gotta have SOME place to vent their undereducated diatribes……

    • Chad

      No, it’s not. This is a satirical website. Careful what you read on the Internet.

      • Seaguy

        Oh I am careful I already know not to read the lies on this pathetic site.

  • Blanche Beecham

    Well no one that works at Hobby Lobby is going to be taking this sex pill.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Love you, Blanche!!!

    • Jake Galardi Marko

      It is not a sex pill. It is a pill that prevents the contraction of HIV and is recommended for every sexually active person to use not just gay men. It is not a party drug nor is it encouraged to have unprotected or risky sex ever in any associated literature!

  • Cassidy Pen

    All this was predicted years ago with the Hollywood acceptance of homosexual sex as normal in such films as Deliverance and that Al Pacino movie where he played a gay cop.

  • Real Journalism?

    Dr. Billings… just another closeted gay guy who will eventually be outted fucking some gay sex worker, etc…. P.S. TRUVADA IS FOR HIV PREVENTION… I think he forgot to mention that… oh yeah, and it’s being given to people across the globe to reduce the spread of HIV.

  • Michael Smtih

    You are an insane nut job.

  • Eric Angelo

    Hilarious article! This is way more clever than anything The Onion writers can come up with! The bits about the fecal matter had me rolling! Such a far cry from the truth! Gays don’t even like lint on their socks let alone having contact with anyone’s feces!!! And the whole anal sex and sodomy are the same thing rant is great comedy! You guys should do a mock news program like the Onion only the newscasters should be like characters you would find in the movie Waiting For Guffman!!! You know, complete idiots that take themselves more serious than cancer!!! Lol keep up the great comedy!!! P.S. The pastor’s picture made me pee my pants with laughter!!! Lol

  • Eric Angelo

    I love how people are reading this article and nodding their heads like there is substance in this slapstick! I live in a country full of retards and that’s ok with me! Retards get a free ticket into heaven so God Bless America!!!

  • John Collins

    I’m curious if 1. Dr. Stephenson received his degree from a mail order catalog? and 2. If not, how could someone obtain such a high degree and be ignorant. I am far from a liberal and was raised in an environment of white privilege and low tolerance for anything and everything I was taught was outside the norm. That all changed, when I grew the fuck up and became educated and had to interact with these so called demons that your describing. It’s not liberal to note that all the hate and persecution that has been a common practice since man and woman were booted out of the garden of Eden has not worked well for us. Maybe it’s time for a new approach, of tolerance acceptance and equality. Once we obtain that, people should be able to collectively come together and change things across the board. Until then, it doesn’t seem as though mankind will be (evolved) enough to handle these issues. There is a fundamental flaw in practicing hate as a means to enact change. Time and again history has shown that, people oppressed because of religion creed, race, sex. Generally get fed up and begin a campaign of change that forces people to pick sides. Which actually make no sense since why does it matter what the hell anyone does in in their personal life, let alone their bedrooms. Excluding children of course, who should be monitored and protected, why do you care? Finally, my last thought on your post/blog in general, is your not better than those asshole Muslims in the middle east using god and their kuran to spread a lot of bullshit in the world. God the creator of all! Good and Bad, but we given freewill, probably cares less about what is going on since God is Omnipotent and therefor Nothing that May, Will, or Has occurred, is a shocker to God. That is why God is God. It sounds to me that the voices that pastor is hearing are demons of his own predilections.

  • j

    I like the way truvada gets treated as a sexual, party drug in this article. Truvada isn’t just for homosexual individuals, it’s a protection measure to help lower risks of spreading the hiv virus. Straight or gay this pill is for either. It doesn’t get you high or even have homosexual ties. Your article is misleading and full of hatred. It saddens me, I hope you research more next time.

  • Jake Galardi Marko

    It is not a party drug. Dumbass! rotflmao

  • Really really gay

    Is this a spoof website? There is no way the author of this article isn’t a gay man poking fun.

  • Robert Hunt

    This is an absurd right wing piece of propaganda, promotes bigotry, and as the drug is only available by prescription, is misleading in its implications. Get real, sounds like the old argument against “the pill,” which encourages raunchy, disgusting displays of affection between heterosexual couples. Nonsense. Encourages hate, and does harm, not good.

  • Jon Markle

    It sounds as if Billings has more than a passing knowledge of hands-on gay sex. But, what bothers me most is that such protests are simply unfounded in reality. There are no more perversions in the gay world than in the world of straights. If I read my Bible correctly, were it not for the acts of our heterosexual forefathers, gays would not know anything at all about anal, or any other, sexual activity. Clean up your own backyard, preacher, before your attempt to judge others.

  • Guest

    So is the “author” of this “story” A) Gay, B) Self-loathing and gay, C) REALLY gay, or D) All of the above? Please cast your vote by being a sweaty, fibrous Truvada Whore.

  • Chris Morris

    Stupid people make me laugh, and those who agree with shit like this should consider all the things the state of Florida has to offer…

  • Leon Acord-Whiting

    “Motivational Children’s Party Entertainer” ? Why do I suspect that “Dr.” Billings will eventually be uncovered as a pedophile? He seems awfully obsessed with this stuff (not to mention, completely clueless.) I recommend he take one up the ass and get it over with.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      The art of the clown is an important tradition in entertainment and a very wholesome pasttime for people of all ages who want to bright joy to the hearts of little ones. I make no apologies for this line of work, and I feel privileged that so many parents entrust me to care for their kids. It’s genuinely a far more moral calling than most of the hardcore music and TV out there these days.