Did Leonard Nimoy Fake His Own Death So He Could Seize Control of the Illuminati?

Posted on by Henricus Institor
Nimoy used predictive programming to seed the media with Illuminati messages of false utopia.

Nimoy used predictive programming to seed the media with Illuminati messages of false utopia.

In the heady days immediately following the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Leonard Nimoy made a profound decision. It was 1964 and America was being torn apart. Ethnic minorities were rioting, the hippie movement had grown into a domestic terrorism threat and a newly-installed President Johnson was on the verge of committing troops to an all-out war in Southeast Asia. In the midst of all that turmoil, Nimoy made the crucial decision to enlist.

No, the 33-year old actor had not joined our military forces fighting against communism in Vietnam. Instead, he had enlisted in a far older, far more momentous battle, one being waged for the very future of the human race. He had decided to join the cast of the new science fiction television series, Star Trek, and in doing so, finally accepted his destiny as a foot soldier for the Illuminati agenda.

It was the culmination of decades of training, and the beginning of a 50-year rise up the dark pyramid of global power.

Manchurian Candidate With Romanov Roots

Details of Leonard Nimoy’s early childhood are necessarily vague. The media has fed us a predictable timeline of predictable life events, though his genealogy is, at best, obscure. However, it is clear that Nimoy’s March 26th birthdate does anticipate his future role in New World Order propaganda for it was on that day in 1484 that William Caxton printed the first translation of Aesop’s Fables and also, in 1830, when the Book of Mormon was published in Palmyra, New York. (Star Trek has long been accused of being a palimpsest of these two works.)

Duchess Anatasia bears a remarkable resemblance to the young Nimoy.

Grand Duchess Anastasia bears a remarkable resemblance to the young Nimoy.

However, the most fascinating counterpoint to Nimoy’s manufactured backstory is the theory that he may have been the secret love child of playboy Maurice de Rothschild and Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Smuggled to America at an early age, he was entrusted to a nondescript family in suburban Boston, then a safe haven of New Deal liberalism despite the ravages of the Great Depression. His lineage was crucial, as we shall see, for it bound the child to the two great dynasties of hidden rule — the Romanovs and the Rothschilds. It was also a dangerous bloodline to possess, as the treachery of both families knows no bounds.

As a Rothschild, young Leonard was naturally raised as a Jew and even as a teenager, he betrayed all the trigonometric and sensual qualities of that exotic race.

At the height of the Cold War, Nimoy joined the United States Army’s Special Services Division. Ostensibly, he was stationed at Fort McPherson in Georgia, although there have been reports that he was assigned to the secret base at Dawsonville, where a nuclear plant powered some of the most cutting edge CIA/NSA experiments of the time. It shall come as no surprise to learn that Nimoy’s military records were completely lost in a “suspicious” fire in 1973, as even CENTCOM has been forced to admit.

An Illuminati Star is Born

Nimoy spent the ensuing years in Hollywood, exploring a carefully curated series of acting roles meant to educate him in the themes of futurism and power. When Gene Roddenberry, a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason with his own ties to military intelligence, became Nimoy’s handler in the 1960s, the actor fully embraced his fated position in the New World Order disinformation machine.

Star Trek is what analysts would describe as predictive programming, i.e. a subtle way of seeding the media with clues about future events. It makes the public far more apathetic towards dangerous change. In the case of Trek, the show introduced the concept of a United Nations-style government having complete control over a multicultural society that lacked private property, elections or even genetically proper family units. Instead, we are shown a soulless empire where interspecies sexual relations are the norm and faith is derided as archaic. This is, in essence, just how the Bible describes the beginning of the End Times.

Kirk's famous battle against Gorn may symbolize human's losing war against the Reptilian Illuminati elite.

Kirk’s famous fight against Gorn may symbolize humanity’s battle against the Reptilian Illuminati elite.

Once you start identifying all the subliminal messages, Trek begins to look heavy-handed in its Illuminati/Satanic agenda. The captain of the ship has the name “Kirk,” which coincidentally enough means “Church” in Scottish. (As if the Freemason “Church” of atheistic militarism is meant to replace the role of Jesus in our lives.) Kirk took over from Admiral Pike, while the real Albert Pike was actually the creator of modern New World Order theology. The rest of the crew represents a polyglot of multicultural interbreeding, from Sulu the homosexual Asian, to Dr. McCoy, a potent early symbol of Obamacare and RFID chips. On their uniforms, these soldiers wear a not-so-subtle pentagram. Additionally, the show introduced notions of ESP, atheism, the ascension of Apple’s iPhone products (disguised as “communicators”), the hidden Reptilian, and even the NSA’s concept of Information Dominance Control. And this is meant to be the future utopia we all dream of!

When Casual Satanism Is Not Enough

Leonard Nimoy’s Spock character was the most nefarious of all these Illuminati archetypes. Spock is a Vulcan, a species where logic and reason reign over passion and faith. He is devoid of love and cannot comprehend the majesty of Jesus Christ. Yet, his pointy ears reveal his true Mephistophelian nature and make viewers understand there is a deeper secret message here. In fact, the word Vulcan means an ancient god of fire in Roman mythology. Interestingly enough, this god Vulcan (much like Nimoy) was disowned by his real parents and cast out into the world. Some historians even believe that Vulcan is an early incarnation of Satan himself!

Spock's Illuminati hand gesture is known around the world.

What better way to teach naïve teens to invoke the devil?

Finally, many have noted that Leonard Nimoy’s famous V-shaped hand gesture is little more than an inverted Illuminati pyramid, a gesture perhaps that he was challenging the hierarchy of that most ancient institution. He claimed that he came upon the signal spontaneously, yet further investigation reveals it has deep ties to the Satanic underpinnings of the letter “shin” from Hebrew Kabbalah. and was also favored by Druid Illuminati Satanist, Winston Churchill.

Spock’s message of Kabbalistic Illuminati Satanism became Leonard Nimoy’s métier for the next five decades. He extended his creative influence beyond television to films, photography, education, music and even real estate. Curiously enough, Nimoy’s accumulation of power neatly coincides with the rise of Hollywood as a global force of mind control. Along the way, newer celebrities have fallen within Spock’s Illuminati orbit, such as Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who both employ the infamous V-shaped gesture in their public pronouncements.

The Death Hoax Unmasked

With the stunning power of Hollywood and the NSA critical informational infrastructure behind him, Leonard Nimoy was likely no longer content to play foot soldier in the Illuminati army. When one studies his astrological divinations, it seems predicted that he would rise to challenge the old guard, the European leadership of bankers and kings. One could point to the death of Lou Reed or the sudden success of chemtrails as indicators that the Illuminati was suffering internal conflict as America became a new center of geopolitical strength.

Yet how could such a high-profile figure like Leonard Nimoy seize control of the Illuminati without the paparazzi catching wind of it all? Faking his own death seems almost predictable when one considers the options. It elevates the man to a mythical status, while subverting the genuine threat he poses to the future of our freedom. It would also be illogical not to assume that elites like Nimoy have access to medical treatments far beyond the comprehension of everyday citizens. Wouldn’t an Illuminati insider take advantage of these resources, if he was even ill in the first place?

In fact, wouldn’t it be safer to assume that Nimoy’s ties to the dark underworld of Satanism are far more likely to provide him with a lifespan beyond a normal human? It should come as no surprise that this is the very notion predicted and programmed into the Star Trek movie franchise. And yet even that theory might be a false flag, a cover up of Leonard Nimoy’s true reptilian nature, which would afford him a far longer lifespan, as so blatantly foretold in his famous catchphrase, “Live long and prosper!”

Nimoy may have wrested control of the Illuminati from Old Europe, and the Pope and the Queen are not happy.

Nimoy may have wrested control of the Illuminati from Old Europe, and the Pope and the Queen are not happy.

Pope and Queen, Outmaneuvered

Just this year, two earth-shattering developments in the Illuminati pyramid of power reveal that change is happening. The Pope, whose authority was seemingly absolute, has announced he may be leaving his throne soon. Additionally, the MSM has been releasing its predictive programming of the upcoming demise of Queen Elizabeth II. Both events would have been unthinkable a decade ago and certainly could not have happened without the permission of the Pindar, the Pinnacle of the Draco.

If anything, the aggregation of these world events and prophesied signs prove that the houses of Rothschild and Romanov may have finally been outmaneuvered… by their very own prodigal son!

In conclusion it must be asked, does Leonard Nimoy’s rise up the Illuminati pyramid of power represent a change in global power dynamics? Are we as a civilization moving away from finance as the primary means of population control and towards the very futurism that the character Spock embodies? The sudden ubiquity of the internet and revelations about NSA spying seem to say that Nimoy’s early gamble on technological humanism has paid off. As the Federal Reserve and Rothschild banking empire fades, does a far more sinister New World Order future await us as Nimoy consolidates power and shifts civilization’s “evolution” into high gear? These are the crucial questions that anti-Illuminati activists must ask themselves as the futurism of Leonard Nimoy’s Star Trek Satanic simulacrum leaps from science fiction to fatal reality.

About This Journalist

Henricus Institor is the “nom de plume” of a former Internet hacktivist and high ranking member of the atheist radical elite. Yet even there, amongst the most dangerous liberals in the world, he could not hide from God’s Calling. He was reborn in the Blood of Christ in 2011 and today “Henricus Institor” serves as HardDawn.com’s foremost expert on secret left wing agendas and global power conspiracies.

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    I can’t tell you how much this pisses me off. He’s probably got Obama on his team too.

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      Not that I believe any of this conspiracy stuff, but one reason I was glad to see Nimoy go was because of his obama fundraisers in his California home.
      Hollywood, especially old Hollywood, needs to stay the hell out of politics. Follow Michael Jordan’s lead . Sure, he’s a democrat. But he doesn’t display it, as he knows we Republicans buy Air Jordans too. Why piss off half your customer base?

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        Very simple. Hollywood knows it wont piss off the Republicans. Repubs and conservatives won’t do anything, cept keep buying the stuff. The right doesn’t care.

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        Hollywood needs to stay the hell out of politics? The ONE group that needs to stay the hell out of politics is the church… and that’s by law.

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          Well, sorry, Patricia, but as long as any church advocates for the democrats, nothing will come of it. (Of course I assume you know what you’re talking about in regards to 501 (c) groups and not some liberal reading of the Constitution).

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        Politics is “Hollywood’ for the industrial military complex.

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        Except for Clint Eastwood and the creation of Ronald Reagan or Charlton Heston or Sony Bono. So you really mean liberals in Hollywood, conservatives in Hollywood are ok.

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          It would be nice if they’d all refrain. However, I don’t care how the enemy is defeated. Only that he is.

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    I guess this explains why Shatner didn’t go to the funeral. He know it was a put on!

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      Have you ever considered that you don’t know everything you think you know? Just try to have an open mind to ideas that seem too profound and complex every once in awhile and you will be amazed at how the world opens up with truth.

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      No less plausible than the average star trek fanatics delusions about the show. Watch Trekkies and Trekkies 2 and then tell us if the show is just a fantasy to these people.

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        oh for pities sake !!!! What it is is a wonderful mix of pure science and sci-fi….get a grip

    • fu2222ck: this whole website is a joke.

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      This web site is a parody of conspiracy theorists. Not serious.

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      Oh, you sad’ deluded dupe. You fall into the trap of thinking exactly as they wish you to think. Take a step back, clear your mind and start thinking for yourself. Please! Before it is too late! I suggest you start small–maybe the TV Guide crossword puzzle. Then, as your faculties begin to awaken, perhaps try some Word Search puzzles. Maybe even some Suduko if you are up to it. The point is, you need to de-program yourself and your thinking by exercising your free-thinking processes. Once you do, you will begin to see the truths around you. You will be surprised at all that will become clear-that God exists, for example. That Jesus died for your sins. That Donald Trump is this country’s last, greatest hope. That Leonard Nimoy is indeed alive, as are John F. Kennedy and Elvis. There are reasons for all of this that I am not at liberty to go into here, but as far as Nimoy is concerned, I can tell you that I KNOW that this is a fact. You see…Leonard Nimoy is my father. I’ve never met him, because he actually had a one-night stand (though my mother assures me it was true, abiding love, not some cheap godless “fling”) with my mother when they were both on seperate secret missions in Uganda in 1961 and I was the result. Nevertheless, I can speak with authority on this matter, because I can “feel” his presence in my heart. He is as alive as you or I, and because I know these good, Godfearing folk at Hard Dawn speak nothing but the truth I can tell you that this is no “conspiracy theory” (only fruitcakes brainwashed by the un-American likes of Charlie “HIV” Sheen and Sean Penn believe such rubbish) but a total expose of fact.

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        That’s funny! I’m Leonard Nimoy’s lovechild too but I thought I was the only one. Brother Harry! We must get together sometime and discuss our real dad, Donald Trump and the Illumanati!

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      I totally agree. What bullshit. You can make a case for anyone being in a conspiracy with the right spin.

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    this is effing crazy because Leonard Nimoy was Spock and Spock was Leonard Nimoy get over all this b*******he is not going to take over the Illuminati because unfortunately he has transferred his katra to the Hall of memory, and for the non nerds out there that means he’s passed away

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    Everything is possible. However, the level of information that is being presented here is as elusive as dark matter.

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    So I was at a Jazz Club in New Orleans last weekend and I could have sworn I
    saw Leonard Nimoy there. He was at the bar drinking a sidecar and wasn’t really
    talking to anybody just standing there nodding to the music. I think he
    was wearing a fedora. My wife wanted to go up and say something to him
    but he had this very standoffish air about him. I have to say Nimoy is
    very foreboding in person.

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    This is the problem with the media. They just will do anything to keep liberals in power. And I never liked this show. Too many nerds.

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      The media has been coopted by NWO agents since the dawn of television and the whole Star Trek agenda really proves it. Kaylee, you are smart to avoid shows like this. They really try to jam their message down your throat. One way to stay truly awake mentally is to prevent liberal propaganda from leaking into your psychological orbit in the first place.

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    Clever of him to wait until he was 82 to fake his own death. Anyway, Leonard Nimoy secretly controlling the world is probably the most pleasant and optimistic conspiracy theory I can imagine short of Mr. Rogers having the job. He’d be better at it than any actual head of state I can think of, past or present.

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    Spock was really a Vulcan posing as an actor named Leonard Nimoy.

  • Personally I think the whole world could use a lot more illumination. Too many people are being kept in the dark about a lot of things. Let’s shine some light on what’s going on in this world!

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    The body of Princess Anastasia was dug up, recently, after Communism fell. She died as a child. DNA tests, that were shown to the World, prove this.

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    Wait, doesn’t inversion of the symbol denote antagonistic tendencies toward what it represents? And if so, does that mean Nimoy is not in fact an Illuminatus? Or is he a double double agent? My eyes have been opened to the vast liberal atheist homosexual agenda to cut off our willies with x-ray lasers from HAARP, but I’m new to navigating its complexities.

    • RE: Packers have edge in signing undrafteds

      Since Packers.com deletes my reply to your
      bigoted comments, I will reply on this GOOD website. 1. No woman is president because women didn’t vote for
      Geraldine Ferraro, H. Clinton, or S.Palin. Blame their lack of unity on that
      2. A woman earns 100% the same salary a man earns for the
      same job with the same qualifications. If not, please show me one so I can sue
      and retire early. The only time this is true is based on seniority. It’s not
      expected that a woman working 2 weeks would make the same as a man who worked
      for 5 years. Also, interviews negotiate salaries. If women are dumb enough to
      accept the pay that is offered, it’s their own fault.
      3. Curves.com discriminates against men. Wikipedia has a
      huge list of all-female colleges in the world and U.S. –that doesn’t look so good from a gender always whining about gender discrimination.
      4. Women are not children, they are adults. If they
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      instead of a stewardess, it’s their own fault. Stop treating them like babies,
      this isn’t 1815 anymore grandpa.

  • Remember that one hot summer rainstorm when we swam to school at midnight and hung naked by our knees from the monkey bars?

    Told ya.

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    I don’t usually use language like this but this is a special situation. You sir are fucking retarded, and anyone else who actually believes this shit. I mean come on, how stupid does that sound that Leonard Nimoy is a reptile? Obama is his partner? Let me ask this, how does a person go about getting to be this crazy and paranoid. And Liber Ego below saying that we are all Illuminati controlled bots trying to spread misinformation and discredit the story, you people are insane. As far as Liberal controlled media, I’ll just say this… When you turn on your T.V. and see show hosts with Liberal views it isn’t because they are being controlled, it’s because they have evolved from antiquated conservative views such as “God hates Fags” and Republicans stand for the middle class. They have those views because they are the right views to have. The bible verses you use to promote discrimination based on sexual orientation are the same exact verses used 60 years ago to justify segregation and 150 years ago to try and and keep slavery going. I personally don’t care what nonsense you believe, but when you try to use it to discriminate against another human being you should take a lesson from history and realize you have always lost and will always lose. Secret left-wing Agendas? What a joke! And the only global power conspiracy’s there are, are the ones being perpetrated by Corporations, Banks, and Oil companies, all made possible by Fox News watchers like you who will believe some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard of in my life, and then you go and vote for the only party that’s interested in furthering said conspiracy’s.

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    Didn’t anyone see the video of Nemoy talking about the handsignal and where he got it from? It was about a 10 min vid, he said when he lived in Israel, there was a ritual the rabbis performed, and at the end they held up their hands with that sign. He adopted it for his role in Star Trek. It represents the divine feminine or shekinah aspect of god.

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  • Clearly several Reptilians have joined this conversation and are trying to blind us to The Truth by suggesting that this story is fictional. Both the people calling this crazy (like Fu2222ck below) as well as the people saying it’s only “comedy” are spies for our Reptilian Overlords, whose dreams are our reality and whose urine is our wine. More on this can be found at https://www.facebook.com/InstituteSSHNHP?ref=hl

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Theo, first of all I have to say you have a absolutely gorgeous name but furthermore I also believe that evidence of gov’t shills using the internet has been widely distributed in the alt press and it only naturally follows that they would come here to disrupt our mission of opening minds and hearts to the larger truth. God bless my friend!

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  • Beyond conspiracy theory lurks conspiracy fantasy.

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    Ah….but this article forgets one the key moment of his ascension to the Illuminati – his studies and degree from Boston College – America’s leading JESUIT institution, and as we all know it was precisely the Jesuits who were the intellectual fathers of the actual, real Illuminati which arose in Regensburg, Bavaria (beloved city of Pope-emeritus Benedict) in 1776.

    Lest we forget, the Jesuits were soon thereafter suppressed by Pope Clement XIV, only to survive in Northern exile in St. Petersburg because Catherine the Great, she of equine fame, forbade the Roman Catholic Bishop of Russia from promulgating the Papal Bull on suppression.

    The Romanov-Jesuit connection – the missing part of the Romanov-Rothschild-Jesuit triangle……thick plot!

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    The author of this article is off of his meds.

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    I’m confused. Do the people commenting below actually see the above article as anything other than a spoof; as in a massive pisstake of the whole conspiracy theory phenomenon, or are they merely going along with the silliness? Some of them seem to be doing a bloody good job of it, if they are: They genuinely seem convinced this is a serious article!

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      Oh you’ll find out it’s serious after you wake up one morning to find you’ve been mind controlled and start wearing skinny jeans and watching my 600lb life.

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    So what you’re saying here is that Mr Spock cock blocked Sulu in Indiana? Nestle and Hollywood are making a great reality show about human travesty as well starting in California. But there’s no water in the well? I think not! They’re trying to dig a hole through the mantle by freezing the mantle with all of that so called drought water. It’s for an Illuminati Reality show called “Hell Trek”

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    You lost me at “Fighting communism in Vietnam”. If you believe that, none of what you write has merit, fool.

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    Red Alert! Fear Porn ahead. shields up Sulu. Arm forward phasors.. No make that torpedo’s. We have a brigade of mental midgets headed right out front. Please!!! After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard I fell down.. This has to be a major overdose of Sarcasm I mean really.. A day before April fools day.. Could not wait to post it on April First? What sort of brain eating Amoeba did Henricus Institor get infected with? Fake his own death. How do you fake COPD and gasping for air just to make a five word sentence? Better stick to fiction and story telling and don’t try to pass it off as reality.. You are no good at it.

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    The malign influence of mass media entertainment is obvious for all to see, but its evil springs from its utter lack of substance, not any esoteric meaning, and certainly not as a means of leading the great mass of humanity. The stubborn stupidity of these diversions has not created an obedient and compliant public, but an unruly and undisciplined sea of malcontents, each one seeking to outdo the other in the claims of “uniqueness,” as if to be unique admitted of different degrees. The television show Star Trek is puerile fantasy, nothing more, but when puerile fantasy is taken as the equal of or even superior to Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden, and Pope, then there “hath pass’d away a glory from the Earth.” The celebrated character played by this man Nimoy, Spock, is not so much logical as bloodless: he has the soul of a clerk, the intellect of a bookkeeper, and the vitality of a prig.

  • Mitchell Wilson

    LMAO!!! What tripe! Democrats and Illuminati do not mix, Illuminati are religious based and Liberals are not! He’s dead, six feet under and stone cold!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Both seek total control of the population, whether they do it through Obama’s socialism or global elite finance, it doesn’t matter. And don’t you think Obamacare RFID chips, FEMA camps, seizing our guns, crushing states rights, legalizing hard drugs like pot (which make the population susceptible to control) and the visability of homosexuality (destroying church/family structures) all work towards Agenda 21? At the top of the pyramid, all these schemes meet. It’s all part of a unifying agenda. QED: Illuminati.

      • Mitchell Wilson

        I think you are confused and it is understandable with all the misinformation out there! 1. I am a gun owner, I love to hunt! 2. Pot is not a hardcore drug, but I do not support having it legal. 3. I am a Republican! 4. I do not believe in gay marriage, but feel that they have a right to live with their partners and share benefits. 5. Show me one person with RFID chip. 6. The Illuminati is a christian based group, connected with the knights templars and freemasons and as a christian based group, they believe in church teachings.

  • Zane Bradey

    Ummmm Is this cut and pasted from The Onion?



  • judge only thyself.

    I’m not a trek fan but when I look at us today I see a world divided. Of the episodes I have watched I never saw anything saying religion did not have a place. In fact I recall live long and prosper. Which is what God wants for us all. Not to mention that such a world could never happen without unity and a drive for the betterment of the human race, another positive trait. Also know that he dedicated a good portion of his life to the pursuit of knowledge in the form of countless documentaries. So let’s not forget that none of us are without sin and in no position to judge our fellow man. Jesus said in regards to Mary magnela ” Let any among you who are without sin be the one to cast the first stone!” Think that if we all spent our time keeping our own slate clean and less worrying about others we would already be doing on earth as is in heaven. Is all our responsibility to be the change we wish to see in this world (Ghandi). So stop complaining and start being about the change you want to see and if we all do that it will happen. May God bless us all in that goal.

  • Ayn’Laughen Et’Yu


    Your Conspiracy Theories cover the Illuminati, Alternative Lifestyle,
    Health, Chem-Trails, Socialism-Communism, Religious, Economy, Government
    Control, Alien/Government Takeover, etc.

    You probably wear tin foil hats based on these ‘pen-names’ you use, such as:
    Henricus Institor, Stephenson Billings, Doc Bacon, Rabbi Tippy
    Plumridge, Kaylee-Aurora, and Derby Mack. Really?!

    Great Nut-Job Factory of F’tards you have here.

    Ok, I’m done punching myself in the face by such stupidity …


  • Samyo Dalgarno

    ROFL .. you guys crack me up … however if you are serious then you probably should seek help.

  • R.J. Nelson

    I’m not surprised that Nimoy made it to the top of the food chain. Anyone with that much sizzling sex appeal had to last long and conquer!

  • John

    LMAO.this is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read.people have way too much free time on their hands.WEIRD

  • S Rebecca

    This has got to be the most brilliant parody site I have ever seen. At least, I devoutly hope its parody. Take the name assumed by the author…”Henricus Institor” a German church man and Inquisitor in the late 1400’s. In the year 1500, Institor was given permission by the church to proceed against the Waldensians….and the PICARDS. The Star Trek hate is thus explained!

  • Josh Quintal

    This is very likely wrong. Even if Leonard does come around to “Seize” control of the Illuminati, it would be nothing short of expected in their multi-layered deception, via controlled opposition.

    In fact the idea the Illuminati is revealing themselves, and going to be overthrown (Old world Order converting to New World Order) is expected, and intended. After all, Albert Pike already revealed this in his so-called vision where he “Prophesied” the forth coming events of all world war, complete with terms such as Nazi and communism before they were invented.

    I believe there is this idea that there are two illuminati’s, one bears the nature of the light, and the current is up-played to be Dark Occultists that worship Satan. However the truth is that they’re both working together, it’s their age old principle of Hegelian Dielectic; Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis– or summarized by the motto of the 33rd degree masons “Ordo Ab Chao”.

    Order from Chaos, is what it is, so the the new world order, is going to be the introduction of the Luciferian doctrine as salvation to the war distraught and traumatized human beings before their hoax is up.

    Star Trek was fundamental propaganda along with many other science fiction works to ensure people are awed by the logistic interest and wonder and amazement from the imagination and grandness of the “cosmos” which is actually just a place called space that exists no where else other than as a place in their brain.

    The Earth is certainly flat and the heliocentric hoax and obvious NASA fakery, as well as everything in western culture is reflections of Talmudic Baal worshiping Ashkenazim Jewish Occultists.

    • Josh Quintal

      The current Jews, are not Jews, but Babylonian infiltrators that brought the Babylonian Kabbalah with them and disguised their beliefs with a book called the Talmud, which they use to *interpret* the old testament.

      It is written here in the bible “9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Revelations 3:9

      The Kabbalah system is actually “Witchcraft” and communion with spirits represented as simply Chi, Prana, Chakra energy, etc- utilized through the body as the coiling serpents of the Cauduceus which they will reintroduce as spiritual enlightenment after long pacifying everyone against the notion of a living god, but rather a spiritual unity of mankind that creates God.

      This is the reason for the Jesuit control of the Catholic Church/Vatican, the organization of crypto-Jews which have long been keeping the nature of human beings “religious” and ignorant, to traumatize all of humanity to effectively make them reject any notion of the Christian salvation, and instead have instead, paralleled it to Sun worship, which is their religion of light.

  • Stephen L

    Don’t you all realize that this is one big joke? And a funny one at that. It boggles my mind that anyone would take this seriously!

  • Nation

    I haven’t laughed this hard in sooooooooo long. omg, ty, parody news, for existing and being so bad at what you do 😀

  • beeel

    is this a joke? Like the onion of national lampoon? Are you guys really fucking with me (us)? Is the guy in the picture on the mast head a photo shopped pic of Putin, while the guy running this comedy page is in fact some food blister sitting in a Barca lounger with a frozen pizza in one hand and his pud in the other? come on! This can’t be real. Tell me this isn’t real. Please? please?

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  • Maximillian Wolf

    Whoa! The people who wrote this article seriously need to loosen the strap that they use to hold their tinfoil hat in place! Stupid whack jobs! This post is every bit as informative as the National Enquirer!

  • Marissa kamilesims


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  • Therese Bohn

    Leonard Nimoy passed away from COPD, a hellish form of lung cancer, and at the end he could barely talk. He spent his last few years urging people to quit or never start smoking. His children can tell you that he is surely dead, as would the rest of the world.