Did Kumail Nanjiani Strangle a Silicon Valley Psychic in 2009?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Could one of Hollywood’s A-List stars be the Silicon Psychic Strangler?

It was several days before anyone noticed Gigi Chamberly’s lifeless body behind a dumpster in a KFC parking lot.

The young California seamstress had lived a modest life but among a select group of immigrants from Juarez she was known as “Gigahertz” for her particular ability to channel certain otherworldly messages.

All this might have amounted to a sad footnote in the East Palo Alto police blotter were it not for one shocking detail. It’s a detail that hints at a far greater conspiracy, one that ties Hollywood to the CIA’s suppression of extraterrestrial contact.

It’s also a central piece of evidence in the case against the Deep State and their attempt to overthrow the incredible presidency of Donald J. Trump.

On the night Gigi disappeared from her apartment off East Bayshore, a kind-faced young man with wavy black hair checked into a motel on Embarcadero Road under the name, “Chris Carter.”

A witness’s description of the perpetrator resulted in a police sketch that bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the most famous celebrities fomenting the #Resistance against our government today.

That man is none other than Kumail Nanjiani, but you won’t hear these frequencies of truth from the Bilderberg-controlled media establishment. They’ve declared the zillionaire star “untouchable” for a litany of reasons, reasons that, if exposed, could extinguish the red hot flame of American liberalism in one breath.

Today, little remains of Chamberly’s peripatetic existence. Her apartment building was razed to make way for a succession of failed VR start-ups. The KFC was long ago replaced by a hot yoga studio/raw cheese shop.

But since then, at least seven other psychics, mediums and fortunetellers have disappeared from the Silicon Valley area. Few have been reported missing and no other bodies have been found.

A police sketch of the suspect who went by the name of “Chris Carter” bears a stunning resemblance Nanjiani, an anti-Trump Resistance fighter.

These seers do have one thing in common, however: they all had customers who were employees at one time or another of Palantir, the most secretive tech company in Silicon Valley.

And one with profound ties to the CIA.

Any review of Kumail’s career certainly raises ethical questions.

How has this man risen so fast through the clubby ranks of Hollywood? Why has he been at the center of the most grueling pieces of predictive programming that the Tavistock Institute has produced in the 21st-century? Is he a foot soldier or a general in the Illuminati zeppelin wars now being fought in our skies? Has Leonard Nimoy lost control of his high-octane protégé?

We could talk about how Portlandia was a terrorist cell of rebel alliance fighters in the making. Or how Northrop Grumman pulled the financing from this Hollywood celeb’s extravagant podcast empire when he stopped playing along with the Club of Rome’s master plan of critically self-organized criticality. We could mention that Silicon Valley is legitimizing the computer programmer bloodline at the precise moment when questions are being raised about human-alien hybrids. We could grapple with Nanjiani’s membership in the cult of Atheism now monopolizing the CIA, despite President Trump’s best efforts. We could debate why this panic junkie, this apex predator of broadcast balderdash, is so addicted to Discordianism. Fnord! Or we could shake with anger realizing that taxpayer dollars paid for Kumail’s training as a remote viewer in the final days of the MK Ultra program at Montauk.

We could talk about all of that, but it would be meaningless without understanding an illicit love affair that took place in the Hunza Province of Pakistan in 1946.

In that year, Mubarak bin London had a passionate romance with Piari, the last Empress of the Hidden Mughal Empire. According to letters held at the Iraqi National Archives before its suspicous destruction in 2003, the pulchritudinous personage was the only true love of bin London’s life, but she had to abandon him due to a pre-arranged marriage. As a sign of their union, bin London (who was also known as the English essayist and explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger) gave Piari the stolen Irish Crown Jewels, which she in turn bequeathed to the child born of their secret liason.

The empress named her jewel-encrusted progeny “Kumail.”

Curiously enough, this same tale is told allegorically in Kumail Nanjiani’s new movie, The Big Sick. This fact, in addition to decoded Tweets emitted by Emily V. Gordon, is proof enough for the crowdsourced journalism pioneers at 4Chan.org that Nanjiani is the son of Kumail, and now the only living descendant of Empress Piari.

That would make Nanjiani the rightful heir to an illustrious throne.

All this begs the question: Was Gigahertz Chamberly killed because she knew too much about Nanjiani’s plot to rebuild the Mughal Empire using CIA-funded Silicon Valley tech?

From left: Mubarak bin London, Leonard Nimoy, Emily V. Gordon and Nikola “Team Trump” Tesla all figure prominently in Kumail Nanjiani’s epic empire building efforts.

When Leonard Nimoy faked his own death to be crowned the Pindar, the Pinnacle of the Draco in 2015, he set about modernizing the Illuminati. He turned the organization away from its Rothschildian Old Europe roots and needed loyalists like Kumail to carry out some of his most controversial orders, such as the assassination of Antonin Scalia. Who else better represented that necessary intersection of Hollywood, hardcore atheism and high tech with such precocious aplomb?

This, of course, is why many believe Nikola Testla sent Donald J. Trump back in time to save the United States. He knew the wrath of Kumail Nanjiani would be formidable.

What’s the frequency, Kumail?

But clearly this war between Trump and Nimoy has caused a cascade of temporal paradoxes in the multiverse. Now more than ever the Mandela Effect is confusing our knowledge of knowing.

Much of this was foretold in the series, The X-Files, though curiously enough Emperor Kumail has mounted a fake news campaign to discredit the wildly popular television program as a piece of “fiction.” He even went so far to discuss this in a 57-hour long podcast broadcast before the military industrial complex could shut him down. Fnord!

Most damning of all: In that marathon podcast, His High Excellency Kumail II obsessed over one particular episode of The X-Files called “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.” The future absolute monarch even went so far as to hire out an entire movie theater so he could relive every miniscule detail of this particular story with frenzied delirium.

It’s probably just a coincidence that the plot of “Clyde Bruckman” revolves around a CIA-trained remote viewer who goes on a killing spree of area psychics to prevent the truth about his future from getting out!!!