Did the Illuminati Ban KISS From the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for Satanism?

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Rock band "Kiss" has spent 40 years pushing Satanism on America's children.

Rock band “Kiss” has shocked and outraged parental groups for over 40 years.

When Rock & Roll Hall of Fame insider Dave Marsh famously announced, “Kiss is not a great band, Kiss was never a great band, Kiss never will be a great band,” many observers saw this as the final curtain for one of the most controversial acts of the 20th century.

Without the official sanction of the music industry, it seemed as if Kiss would be relegated to the dustbin of history, forever viewed as middlebrow performers who mimicked the garish and puerile idiocy of their times. Some critics went even further, seeing Kiss’ rejection as an indication of how truly insignificant heavy metal had become to the legacy of rock and roll.

Yet new evidence suggests that there may have been ulterior motives to the Kiss boycott.

Before we proceed, readers should be forewarned that the investigation that follows will discuss matters that some may find objectionable. Parental discretion is strongly advised. This analysis will highlight the connection between Satanism and band members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. We will explore new information about the shocking exile of former Kiss guitarist Vincent Cusano, and his secret ties to the Illuminati underground. Most importantly, we will expose the battle between Kiss and the Hall of Fame as one of Satanism versus the New World Order. In conclusion, this report will pose serious questions about what Kiss ultimately means for the End Times endgame of global entertainment itself.

Over 40 Years as the CEOs of Satanism, Inc.

From the very beginning, Kiss embraced controversy. With their harsh sound and immoral costumes, they were destined to offend normal Americans. They openly promoted rebellion and vice, particularly hardcore sexual experimentation. Key members of the band have even bragged to the press about the drug-fueled writhing erotic orgies that take place backstage before every concert. Even worse, the band devotes an inordinate amount of time to touring the country, recruiting fresh meat into their brigades of wanton sodomistic lust. Collectively, these perverts and pot addicts, Neanderthals and nymphomaniacs are known as the “Kiss Army.”

One of the most alarming elements of Kiss is their open celebration of Satanism. Parents and politicians have been warning children about this since the 1970s. Indeed, “KISS” stands for “Knights in Satanic Service.” When the band was struggling early on in their career, a fellow Satanist, homosexual Paul Lynde, stepped in to save them. He gave Kiss the novel idea of aiming their message directly at America’s teens. In the years that followed, songs such as “The Oath” enticed many young people to give their lives over to Lucifer.

In 1976, Kiss released an LP entitled Destroyer that essentially plagiarized End Times prophecy from the Book of Revelation. The album cover represents Revelation 9:2, “And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.” The verses that follow perfectly describe the look of the band: “And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.” Most shocking of all is that the Bible identifies the pit these Satanists are standing over as “Apollyon.” Apollyon, of course, means “destroyer.” It’s no mere coincidence, therefore, that this was chosen as the name of the LP.

Vinnie Vincent used the Illuminati power symbol of the Ankh to challenge Kiss' Satanism.

Vinnie Vincent used the Illuminati power symbol of the Ankh to challenge Kiss’ Satanism.

Vinnie Vincent’s Secret Agenda

In 1982, a profoundly talented artist named Vincent Cusano was embedded into the band. How this happened and who exactly arranged it is not known. Cusano’s mission appears to have been twofold. His immediate challenge was to introduce rhythm — and maybe even a touch of sophistication — to the ragtag quartet. “They had an audience, now they just needed to learn how to play,” was how one insider described Kiss’ dilemma in the early 80s. Cusano set about innovating the band’s unwieldy, jarring sound. The result was Creatures of the Night, a rare bright spot in Kiss’ murky acoustic career.

The second part of Cusano’s agenda was to channel his bandmates’ energy away from Satanism and into a New World Order perspective. While some claim the guitarist was an active member of the Illuminati, most historians view him as a clueless pawn in this dangerous scheme. Renamed “Vinnie Vincent,” Cusano adorned himself with ancient occult imagery that was meant to praise his secret globalist masters. He turned his face into an Ankh symbol. Known as the “key of life,” the Ankh is a crucial icon in the invocation of Illuminati power. To further underscore this connection, Cusano chose the nickname, “The Egyptian Warrior.” Unsurprisingly, Egyptian mysticism is one of the most fearsome foundations of the Illuminati belief system.

Despite the success that came with Cusano’s guidance and the band’s new cadre of New World Order handlers, Paul Stanley ordered “Vinnie Vincent” banished after little more than a year. Rumors have long circulated that Gene Simmons was jealous of the guitarist’s talent, but the truth is that Stanley discovered Cusano’s links to the Illuminati. As the most ardent Satanist in Kiss, Stanley fretted that his true religion was being undermined. According to one former insider, Stanley “was so angry he wanted to sacrifice a shoebox full of kittens.” Instead, Kiss recommitted itself to mocking the New World Order at every turn. This has long been a part of the Kiss agenda, as evidenced below, but Stanley subsequently made this his sole purpose in life.

Decoding Kiss’ Symbology of Anti-Illuminati Rhetoric

• In the Kiss logo, the “SS” was created to defame the German Waffen-SS, whose own “SS” lightning bolts bear an eerie similarity. The Waffen-SS is an important antecedent of today’s Illuminati and the group was reportedly outraged that their history was being appropriated for comedic effect.

• The 1978 movie, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, is meant to be an insulting allegory of the New World Order. The human race lives in a chaotic theme park of horrors and delights, ruled by a figure who bears more than a passing resemblance to contemporaneous Illuminati leader Henry Kissinger.

• “A World Without Heroes” is just one of the many Kiss songs that disparages the global agenda of political unification.

• Kiss’ stage act of spitting blood and fire was stolen from a sacred Freemason fertility rite, yet the band’s showmanship is viewed as mawkish, absurd and disrespectful of that ancient order.

• Gene Simmons conspired to break up the band Van Halen in 1985, which angered Illuminati kingpin Jann Wenner (who had long been a fierce advocate of “sexually ambiguos” David Lee Roth).

These efforts did not go unnoticed by the ruling power elite.

The cover of Destroyer, which invokes the Book of Revelations (left), hardcore Satanist Stanley (middle) and David Lee Roth, whose career Gene Simmons tried to destroy (right).

The cover of Destroyer (left) which invokes the Book of Revelations, hardcore Satanist Stanley (middle) and David Lee Roth, whose promising career Gene Simmons tried to ruin (right).

Cleveland’s Illuminati Torsion Field Pyramid, AKA the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

With Vinnie Vincent officially kicked out of Kiss, the Illuminati quickly began looking for other ways to network itself into the music business. The result was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, launched a few months later in 1983. Two central figures in the New World Order — Atlantic Records head Ahmet Ertegun and Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner — secretly orchestrated the Hall as a way to recruit lucrative performers into their globalist endgame. They selected Cleveland, Ohio, as the site for their temple of worship, relying on geographic interpretations of torsion field science to tap into the earth’s quantum spin and maximize their psychic energy generation. (Some have even interpreted the choice of Cleveland over Detroit as revenge against Kiss, since the band has long been associated with the darker chapters of that latter city’s history.) Infamous Illuminati architect I. M. Pei was hired to design this structure (he also built the Illuminati pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris). For the Cleveland Hall, Pei built a double pyramid, meant to symbolize the dark marriage of the New World Order and the music industry.

Today, the board of directors of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a veritable who’s who of New World Order luminaries. One member, Sandra Pianalto, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and a former Van Halen fan, has stated categorically that Satanism has no place at her temple. As the local representative of the Bilderburg group, Pianalto’s word carries weight. Other board members include the CEOs of The “Illuminating Group” (Heart fan), the TriState Capital Bank (Genesis) and Olympic Steel (Rush), who have all refused to comment on Kiss’ status at the Hall of Fame.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Illuminati pyramid in Cleveland.

Kiss’ Satanism has revealed weaknesses in the Illuminati power infrastructure.

A Ray of Hope?

As Kiss enters the twilight of its influence on youth culture, several questions remain unanswered. We may wonder how many innocent children have been harmed by this group’s radical sexual agenda. We might ask if the difficult state of Christianity in America today was caused by the band’s heinous devotion to Mephistopheles. One could worry that the “Kiss Army” still poses a threat, and might launch a militia-style attack on our nation’s most sacred values at any moment. Some — in a misguided attempt to choose the lesser of two evils — may even praise Vinnie Vincent’s bravery in facing down one of the most demonic covens in our history.

Yet the true lesson to be learned is that the New World Order is not as monolithic as it seems. There are cracks in the fortress of this seemingly invincible group. Kiss has shown us that the Illuminati are profoundly afraid of outside challenges. Kiss has shown us that the anarchy that Satanism represents is a direct threat to the intimately-controlled humanity that the New World Order envisions. With the notion of globalist corporations and roving bands of Satanic face-painted warriors fighting amongst themselves, Kiss has shown us that the End Times may indeed be more tumultuous than we have ever imagined.


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