Ke$ha’s Music is Making America’s Underclass Uppity and Violent. And It’s All On Purpose

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
Ke$ha's has disrespected the South and its women with her angry sexual rap music.

Ke$ha’s has disrespected the South and its women with her harsh sexual rap music.

As a native of Nashville, I have a real bone to pick with rap “superstar” Ke$ha. She grew up here and the people of the South showed her genuine hospitality, but she disses us at every turn. She thinks we’re backward hicks and she’s some brilliant artist who is above common decency and good manners.

She even has the gall to claim Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash as her inspirations, but it’s clear her music absolutely lacks the joy and faith and hardship of those two amazing human beings.

The thing that angers many women in the South is Ke$ha’s obnoxious California sound. It’s full of angry beats. She brags about herself in every sentence. It’s all a terrible mashup of Kanye West and Cyndi Lauper and Elton John.

On the other hand, her vocals are so heavily mixed it’s impossible to tell if this girl even knows the first thing about singing. Her music comes across as juvenile and unpolished, like she was in such a rush to get her songs on the radio she didn’t bother to harmonize or even rhyme.

In her videos, Ke$ha tries so hard to be glam, but she has no style. She learned nothing during her time in Tennessee. Instead, she looks like an urban street walker with those gross glitter fingernails and tight leather uniforms. It’s like she wants to get in some raunchy ménage a trois with a bunch of inner city gangbangers. Sorry girl, but you just look like a nasty coke addict. And cut back on the lip gloss. You just look gross.

But the strangest thing about the Ke$ha music industry is that there is a much larger agenda at play here. In 1955, the International Standardization Organization made a far-reaching alteration to pop music. They instituted 440 Hz as the tuning standard for musical pitch, and retired 432 Hz. The difference is a major one. While 432 Hz synchronizes with the heartbeat and promotes calm and faith, 440 Hz pushes people into passion and rage. It is specifically calibrated to induce harsh emotions. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that Ke$ha actually pursues 440 with great fervor, and has been known to even use 444 Hz for her tuning standards.

The rap "superstar" seems to want a race war in America.

The rap “superstar” with Illuminati connections seems to want a race war in America.

The result? Music that is so fast-paced it makes our hearts race, race to dangerous degrees. All that blood, endorphins and adrenaline pumping is directly linked to more intense mental states. This is the reason young people have become so susceptible to Ke$ha’s conscious and subconscious suggestions.

When you listen to Ke$ha’s songs and watch her videos the message is clear. She touches on the worst trends in our culture today: Tik Tok (unprotected sex), Blow (cocaine), Die Young (suicide), Blah Blah Blah (promiscuity), We R Who We R (anti-Christian), Sleazy (teen sex).

All this is intentional. It links back into the larger Ke$ha agenda of urban violence and assaulting true Southern values. She even titled her album “Warrior” and toured with a rapper named “Pitbull” to show off her allegiance to ethnic crime.

Worse still, the woman claims to be both a minister and a “bisexual.” And none other than super slut of the decade, Paris Hilton, launched her career. Would you be surprised to learn that Paris Hilton also has ties to the Illuminati, which is in a war against Constitutional Values and the Tea Party?

As someone who is proud of my Southern Heritage, I will NEVER AGAIN listen to Ke$ha’s anti-American gangbanging slut anthems ever again!