It’s 4:20, Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

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Is it any wonder our public schools are failing?

Is it any wonder our public schools are failing?

Pot. Skunk. Mary Jane. These are just some of the secret words that teens use to covertly describe narcotic marijuana. Now an insidious new slang trend has been added to dictionary of addiction and it’s so shockingly heinous, it threatens to derail the entire American economy.

That term is “4:20” and it not only means hardcore reefer, it’s also an invitation for young people across the nation to light up when their clocks strike that specific time of day. By celebrating this so universally, many young people find fellow travelers in the underground scene including, but not limited to, sex partners, heroin dealers, gang bangers, fellow addicts, and members of international crime syndicates.

The “420” numeric comes from the 1970s police drama, Adam 12, where police used the code to identify a marijuana crime in progress over their squad car radios. Since then, the date “4/20” or April 20th, has also been celebrated as International Weed Day in inner city areas. From the various news reports, these events end up being so violent and riotous, law enforcement simply stays away.

Crisis Catalyzed By Social Media

What is most disturbing about the 4:20 fad is that teen are taking it up with wanton abandon. Just look to Twitter at that exact moment and you will see countless tweets of people celebrating their drug habit. Not only does this fly in the face of our traditional work and school week (which ends at either 5 or 6PM), it also has a dark sibling in the AM. In the decidedly ghoulish pre-dawn, many youngsters push themselves to stay awake so they can “spark a doobie” at the accounted hour. As a result, many potheads are quitting their employment and education prematurely and then staying up until daybreak to party with their narcotics. No wonder America is lagging behind the industrial world when it comes to hopefulness and imagination!

Parents, please be warned! Marijuana today is stronger than it’s ever been and poses profound new mental health risks! So please, pay close attention to your children and whenever 4:20 nears on your clocks, give your sons and daughters a call and talk to them right through to 4:21! It’s the only way we can wean them off this terrible trend.




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