It’s 4:20, Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

Posted on by Doc Bacon
Is it any wonder our public schools are failing?

Is it any wonder our public schools are failing?

Pot. Skunk. Mary Jane. These are just some of the secret words that teens use to covertly describe narcotic marijuana. Now an insidious new slang trend has been added to dictionary of addiction and it’s so shockingly heinous, it threatens to derail the entire American economy.

That term is “4:20” and it not only means hardcore reefer, it’s also an invitation for young people across the nation to light up when their clocks strike that specific time of day. By celebrating this so universally, many young people find fellow travelers in the underground scene including, but not limited to, sex partners, heroin dealers, gang bangers, fellow addicts, and members of international crime syndicates.

The “420” numeric comes from the 1970s police drama, Adam 12, where police used the code to identify a marijuana crime in progress over their squad car radios. Since then, the date “4/20” or April 20th, has also been celebrated as International Weed Day in inner city areas. From the various news reports, these events end up being so violent and riotous, law enforcement simply stays away.

Crisis Catalyzed By Social Media

What is most disturbing about the 4:20 fad is that teen are taking it up with wanton abandon. Just look to Twitter at that exact moment and you will see countless tweets of people celebrating their drug habit. Not only does this fly in the face of our traditional work and school week (which ends at either 5 or 6PM), it also has a dark sibling in the AM. In the decidedly ghoulish pre-dawn, many youngsters push themselves to stay awake so they can “spark a doobie” at the accounted hour. As a result, many potheads are quitting their employment and education prematurely and then staying up until daybreak to party with their narcotics. No wonder America is lagging behind the industrial world when it comes to hopefulness and imagination!

Parents, please be warned! Marijuana today is stronger than it’s ever been and poses profound new mental health risks! So please, pay close attention to your children and whenever 4:20 nears on your clocks, give your sons and daughters a call and talk to them right through to 4:21! It’s the only way we can wean them off this terrible trend.




About This Journalist

Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.

  • Stephenson_Billings

    Always wonder why that number kept popping up on Facebook… Reminds me 2:22, the Angel number. Do you know anything about that? It’s thought that when your guardian angel wants to remind you of her presence, she’ll inspire you to look at a clock at that exact time. Also, 1:23. Curious but maybe 4:20 is inspired by demonic possession?

    • Walrus

      you can research 420 to find the origins. anyways that’s pretty paranoid kind of thinking to think you have an imaginary friend/ guardian angel that is why you saw the clock you routinely look at every day, at a certain time sometimes.

      i have seen clocks at 1:23 many times

      speculation that leads to a rabbit hole of insane thought

    • Greg Polkosnik

      It’s weird how certain numbers pop up in my life, too. For instance, I was born on the sixth day of ’66. I’m not kidding.

    • Number 4 is actually an inverted cross.and 20 looks evil in itself,God save us.

  • walrus

    just in case any of you are wondering, left with questions from these articles. They are not based on fact but baseless speculation and this is all old bullshit propaganda about cannabis. but don’t take my word for it. see for yourself. 420 is decades old and not new. this information is presented as new and concise. in fact it’s not remotely accurate.

  • The Pink Panther

    Dear Dr Plimpton, are you an actual doctor, or one of those self-appointed doctors? Y’see proper medical doctors base their views on facts, not myths and legends, or theories they’ve swallowed from the right wing. The 4:20 thing has been around for decades, but if this is only new to you, then God knows how many of your other views are 40 years out of date: probably all of them. You say that on 20th April events become so “riotous” that cops don’t even bother – interesting, because I’ve never seen any group of people less likely to riot than a bunch of stoners. Further to this, it’s been proven that marijuana is not a ‘gateway’ drug, and I am living proof of this: having smoked it as a youth and never once tried any other substance. Furthermore, there are substantial studies that back this point up – studies conducted by the medical profession that you claim to have been a part of. So, actually, your entire article is nonsense. So, you’re at best, stupid or at worst furthering propaganda that you know to be untrue. You sir, are the sort of person the internet should ban.

  • Blanche Beecham

    “Four and Twenty blackbirds baked in a pie” the old childrens’ rhyme goes – obviously OBAMA HUSSEIN wants to shove that down our throat too! I weep for our country.

  • The Bus From Speed™

    Nice baseless propaganda, ‘Doctor’.

    • Preacher Harry Powell

      Repent! Repent now! You question the good people who selflessly try to help you down the path of your pathetic, insignificant life when you should be falling on your knees before them in a bathroom stall in the nearest church and thanking them for caring enough to warn you of the dangers ahead! These folk are ordained and inspired by the Majestic Christ Himself and you are not worthy to rim them on Judgement Day! Wake up and wise up man! Jesus is cuming! Will you be ready??

      • The Bus From Speed™

        Is this satire? This has to be satire.

        • Preacher Harry Powell

          Satire? Satire you ask? How dare you sir? How dare you? Is The Holy Bible satire? Is the talking snake of Eden satire? The worldwide flood, how’s that for “satire”? Was it “satire” when Jonah remained alive in the belly of an aquatic mammal or when Moses conversed with a burning shrub? Heed the Word of The Lord Most High Jehovah before you end up in hell! Does that possibility strike you as “satire”????

          • The Bus From Speed™

            How do you know any of this happened? Because you read a single book?

            How can you POSSBLY use anything within the Bible as evidence of its claims? Faith is irrelevant as that is purely subjective, as is the little voice in your head claiming to be god. The blind man has faith that water is nearby to quell his thirst, yet the water is salted and leads to his demise. The deaf man learns to trust the voice he hears, and when it tells him to cut off his own genitals and murder his son he obeys (did you catch the biblical reference there?)

            I no longer wish to laugh at you, but I do pity you. That you have devoted your entire life to nothing more than a tale to scare children into being good is sad. It’s akin to be basing my entire life on James and the Giant Peach.

          • The Bus From Speed™

            Furthermore, your article is rife with false claims, contradictions and happens to lack proper sourcing.

            Does your god tolerate LIARS? Because you, sir, are a liar. The very worst, actually. You’re a liar who thinks he’s right.

          • Preacher Harry Powell

            Right?? I think I am “right”? Again, sir, how dare you? I have NEVER, and I repeat NEVER been right about anything in my life! Oh…hold on a sec…that’s not what I meant to say. Forget I said that. What is important, young man, is that I am glad you have seen the error of your ways. There may be hope for you yet. As you are making biblical references in your post, and actually using them to make your point shows that you are coming to accept God and His mysterious ways. It does my heart good to see that you are learning to humble yourself to The Lord Most High by using the wisdom of der bible to make your arguments. As you start upon the path of your newfound faith, you may stumble. But take heart! Remind yourself that you are a poor, uneducated, mentally challenged dolt, but you answer to the whims of One Who is far greater than yourself, and He will never let you fall. I mean…okay, He more-or-less dropped the ball during the holocaust, but then again, they were just a bunch of non-christians, so does it really matter? Then of course there was the Inquisition, the crusades and the Salem witch trials, but hey…you’re not exactly perfect either, are you??!! So anyway, good luck and congratulations on your newfound relationship with Jesus! You will never regret it. Unless you want to have fun, but hey, who needs that, right?

          • The Bus From Speed™

            Do I detect a hint of condescension, or do you simply possess reading comprehension equivalent to that of a child?

            You have failed to refute any of the points I’ve just made, and in doing so, I accept your surrender. As far as theological debates go, this one was… Rather one sided.

            Twist my words however you may, it does not change intended meaning and, through your condescension and patronization I believe you know this.

          • Preacher Harry Powell

            You “believe” I “know this”? How dare you insult me with such a suggestion? Sir, I assure you, I know absolutely nothing! And I’ll thank you not to insinuate that you “believe” I know anything in future, thank you very much. I would never condescend to any of God’s creatures. For each and every one is my equal. Well, except for colored people, but that really isn’t relevant to this conversation. You see, my friend, all I was attempting to do was to congratulate you on your new relationship with Big J (now that you are a Christian you are permitted to call Him that), that is all. Satan obviously put that into your head in order to get between you and your faith. Put such thoughts right out of your mind. He is with you, and He will never fail you like he did all those Jews in concentration camps and all that, but that was different.

            Bless You my brother from a mother called God!