Is the Grateful Dead’s Anarchist Legacy Threatening the Future of America’s Internet?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Bandleader Jerry Garcia fought to undermine American values.

Bandleader Jerry Garcia has inspired a new generation of marijuana-loving “hacktivists.”

Five decades ago, when the Grateful Dead first planted the seeds of psychedelic “free love” anarchy in our culture, did anyone envision the dangerous vines that would grow from that dank soil?

Today, these growths are strangling the true freedom upon which this nation was founded. Marijuana legalization, “cyberpunk” and radical activist groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation are just a few of the weeds creeping out. Their intent is not to strengthen our country, or even to promote its traditional values. Instead, they lust with carnal urgency to undermine the very ideal of liberty itself.

Curiously enough, it could be argued that this is the same endgame devised by entities that are seldom mentioned in the public sphere. Whether the Dead’s impact is the unfortunate consequence of a misguided CIA operation, a strategic move by the Illuminati or the fulfillment of End Times prophecy is certainly open to debate.

Marx, Osama and Garcia

More than any other musical act of the last century, the Grateful Dead’s modus operandi mirrors Osama Bin Laden’s philosophy of Al Qaeda. For both, their terrorism was not simply about spectacular acts (and indeed, the Dead provided many of these). It was about spreading an epidemic of psychological chaos. And that chaos has long outlived its early patient zeroes.

As has been discussed previously, this mental disorder was rooted in demonism and then infected a wider audience in the 1970s and 80s.

Anarchy! Forged on the concert hall “mosh pit” where grimy libertines lost themselves in the Dead’s erotic improvisations (known as “Drums” and “Space” and nearly impossible for outsiders to decode), this anti-world worldview combined the communalism of Marxism with the trauma of an LSD trip. It was a primordial expression of bestial energy, a barbaric scream of unrequited desires. Known colloquially as “hippie dancing,” the result for American society was egregious depravity, wrapped in violent outrage, inside of mass rebellion.

In our current age, these “freaks” know not what they truly want, but they want the freedom to get it. And that freedom comes by joining forces and overthrowing our moral leaders, our governments and our web spaces.

phil lesh the phish

In the 90s, bass player Phil Lesh quietly launched “The Phish,” a rival rock band, to encourage the downfall of pop music.

Pioneering the Insanity of the Internet

The latest incarnation of the Grateful Dead anarchy aesthetic can be found in several mysterious corners of cyberspace. Two infamous websites, “The Well” and “,” have both been identified as Deadhead hangouts, as well as proving grounds for some of the most notorious hackers around. These hyperlinked activists are behind the creation of the “dark internet,” where human slaves, Afghani opium and assassination contracts are traded with reckless abandon.

Elsewhere, the trend of comic book “literature” known as cyberpunk is also adding fuel to this treasonous fire. Linked in the press to the Dead’s destructive ambitions, this style of writing is angry and subversive. It combines slasher horror with anti-Biblical fantasies torn straight out of Harry Potter. Add to this confection the absurdity of a Lost in Space rerun, and you have the oeuvre of Bruce Sterling, the chief advocate of this noxious movement. For Sterling, it’s not enough to write hardcore interspecies robot sodomy scenes, he also must preach that his young fans have an obligation to live out these sickening urges on a “borderless” internet.

Yet the Grateful Dead’s intoxicating mix of cyberpunk chaos is most visible in the secret machinations of self-proclaimed “Web 4.0 Thinkfluencer” John Perry Barlow. In 1996, Barlow famously penned a manifesto calling for an end to online decency. The document virtually launched the hardcore cyberporn industry. He also founded the radical think tank, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). With its breathless promotion of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, many suspect the EFF is secretly funded by the Chinese security services or New World Order kingpin, George Soros.

What few people realize is that Barlow was also a shadow member of the Grateful Dead. Not only did he become guitar player Bob Weir’s lyricist and longtime companion, he also toured with the band for years. Barlow later used his avant-garde cachet to defend the Dead’s legacy, while financially profiting from its music sales. In any other industry, this would be considered a conflict of interest and a violation of modern ethics. But this raunchy cyberspace “guru” does not disclose his connection to the LSD-dealing Grateful Dead cult in his testimonials before Congress or his international travels to rogue socialist states.

The Grateful Dead-infused Barlow/EFF vision is for a self-ruling internet. Activists claim this is important for vague notions of “global freedom.” We’ve heard this argument before and it is patently false. It is one thing to criticize Barack Obama’s fascist power grab and his NSA stormtrooper surveillance state, but what Barlow proposes is even more disturbing.

The truth behind the Grateful Dead's long range scheme

The tentacles of 60s radicalism reach far into contemporary culture, but few risk exposing the truth.

Barlow: Denying Identity, Denying the Soul

The Barlow paradigm is not about liberalism or decentralized power. His agenda is about obliterating all control structures, all filters, all moral codes. He believes one’s online “identity” should be divorced from a person’s corporeal being, and thereby any spiritual consequence. Biblical wisdom, sadly, means nothing to this grizzled poet of perversion.

With all obligations and responsibilities negated, Barlow and his cohorts dream of a world where kiddie porn and preteen Facebook profiles march across our computer screens hand in hand. At the risk of corporate bankruptcy, they want cable companies to subsidize populist vice with unlimited download speeds, so the users may stream pirated videos alongside wanton Japanese “bukkake” (you don’t want to know what that means). They want free license to harass and slander, whether it’s a Yelp review condemning a homeland business or a website claiming Glenn Beck is a murderer. They demand utter transparency, which means disclosing sensitive private business matters or posting CIA secrets for every student of Mao to see.

bob weir illuminati

Guitarist Bob Weir, a proponent of the occult, has been linked to the Illuminati.

This reckless agenda is a treacherous denial of America’s manifest destiny in cyberspace. The internet is our land! The United States pioneered and populated it. As a nation with an exceptional duty to enlighten the lesser peoples of this planet, we have a responsibility to rule the web and rule it with a very clear moral foundation. We are in the early days. Imagine where cyberspace may be in a decade! Or a hundred years! Missionaries once brought Christianity to the Wild West, and now our heartland is a thriving community of decency and faith. Will the internet grow with the same guidance? Or are we going to let it run amok with drugs and violence, socialism and demonic sex?

The Grateful Dead’s Continuing Conspiracy 

In the final analysis, we must take heed not to underestimate our enemies. It has been reported that Bob Weir, one of the architect’s of the Grateful Dead schizophrenic insurgency, is also a regular attendee at the Bohemian Grove, a gathering of homosexual Illuminati members. John Perry Barlow once infiltrated the CIA and attempted to seduce Vice President Dick Cheney. Clearly, he learned the methods of agit-prop well. Evidence even suggests that the Dead were devised by the CIA in the 1960s, “to channel youth dissent and rebellion into more benign and non-threatening directions. They performed a vital service in distracting many young persons into drugs and mysticism, rather than politics.”

Does this mean that today’s electronic upheaval was planned by Jerry Garcia decades ago? Was his death a false flag event to distract from the looming culmination of his frantic, deranged dreamscape? If we knew then what we know now, could this revolution have been nipped in the bud? Are the contemporary proponents of the Grateful Dead musical style– rock bands with names such as Insane Clown Posse, Widespread Panic, the Phish— an equally grave threat? How far is Barlow willing to go to wallow in that quixotic fix of power and debauchery he so desperately craves?

The only way we can find answers to these questions is if patriotic Americans wake up and take back the internet! It’s our sacred duty to filter out all forms of terror on the web. Whether it’s the Grateful Dead’s sonic catastrophes or radical activists demanding the “freedom” to download robot porn, these people need to be segregated from America’s web spaces. We need walls, not “culturally inclusive” bridges, if there is to be any hope of protecting our children from the future.

This is Part III in a three-part series. For Part I, click “How the Grateful Dead Inspired Me to Devote My Life to Patriotism and American Values.” For Part II, click “Those Who Forget the Lessons of the Grateful Dead May Be Doomed to a New Reign of Terror.”


  • jacobp

    I’ve seen this “hippie dancing” first hand. It starts off crazy and then gets downright mental! You don’t want to be anywhere near it or they pull you in, dose you a tab and 12 hours later you’re still spinning in circles. I think there are guys still spinning from Dead shows circa 1986 in the parking lot at RFK.

    • Jg4evr

      Hey I wAs at that show in 86′! With Dylan and petty. Yea I’m still dancing! Woohoo

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Weren’t they going to tear that old wreck down but they opened it up for one last Dead show and you guys absolutely wrecked the place? I remember hearing that from my Mother back in the day.

        • don’t believe a weird

          Writing, You Need To Stop WrIting, Get Your Facts Straight And Fuck OfF Straight To Hell

        • LostSailor

          How does this comment make any sense at all? The place was opened one last time and wrecked by deadheads before it was to be torn down. Think about how silly that sounds. It’s obvious you’re not trying to provide facts.

          “Motivational child’s party entertainer” sounds a lot like child toucher to me. Knowing members of the dead I’d rather my son babysat by any member than having him near you.

          • ActualDeadhead

            Plus he’s wrong on the facts. RFK Stadium still stands to this day. I surmise he’s thinking of JFK Stadium in Philly. The final event to take place there was the Dead on 7/7/89.

        • BreakingDeadMen

          That’s right, Just like New York CIty, Just Like Jerrhico

        • sad

          that is EXACTLY what happened. it was completely destroyed by the end of the concert. it was a free demolition job

    • BreakingDeadMen

      I still have heatstroke thinking about Bob Dylan in his leather pants.

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      fuck yeah we are! never stop, never stop nah! enjoy your boring slave life asshole!

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    So wait…. Did Jerry fake his own death or was he knocked off by the Illuminati? You left me hanging with that part. Is he cooped up under the Denver Airport like John Candy? I need to know!!!!

    • Testor

      The truth is, wait for it…. he ate too many gas station ham sandwiches.

      • St Stephanie

        You know I think JP Barlow was asked about Jerry’s eating habits for his last Reddit AMA and I think he basically said the same thing, that his diet was really awful.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I’m saving that information for a future article. Thanks for the inquiry!

  • brother esaw

    Wow paranoid as hell. Wrong on just about every point. This guy hates freedom but claims to be patriotic. The scariest part is that there are folks who will believe this swill….im gonna find my own way home, pal, thanks for the laugh.

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      agreed!! comical, at best.


    Put down that acid man. Not to scare you but you’re totally FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!

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    Those Grateful Deads are out to eat your babies and have sex with animals!!! Be afraid! Be very afraid!!! They are coming to get you! The Eyes of The World are upon you.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thank you for your vote of confidence, my friend. I have not read about them eating children, but the truth is it would not surprise me. Atheists have been known to do this in the Far East.

      • frederickus

        Your stories are almost as good as some in your xtian bible. Pure fantasy and fabrication. I am not the only one who is on to your dominionist ways. Come on, admit it, you LOVE the idea of dominionism. THAT is a threat to our American way of life. We’ll NEVER let you take over!

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    Me thinks the author is receiving messages from his toaster……..cracko whacko. Funniest read in a long, long time.

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  • Cassidy Pen

    If ever there was an argument for net dominion, this is it. American values must be established front and foremost as the champion of the internets to minimize this threat to our culture and norms.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      It’s great to hear from a journalist I have so much respect for. Love you, Cassidy!

      • Cassidy Pen

        As I you, Doctor Billings.

  • don’t believe a weird

    AbsolutelyRidiculousThe author Is A Compete Hack!.

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      Perhaps a brilliant satirist?

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    This is the ‘modest proposal’ Deadheads have been waiting for. Bravo!

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    I feel sorry for you. You must have been severely wounded as a child to have the need to waste your time trying to make others angry and drag them down to your level. That being said, the thought of you working with children is creepy. Good luck to you with working out your issues.

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      America’s future is no joke, except to drug doers.

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    I’d trust my kids w Bob Weir way before I’d trust them to you

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    Even if this is a joke, you should know that there are morons who will believe this drivel. If it isn’t a joke, do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier. You disgust me to the point of being physically ill.

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    Motivational Children’s Party Entertainer=Bozo the Clown

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    darknet indeed. This site is living proof in one easy lesson.

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    Um…. Well.. Stephenson Billings. You are the schizophrenic one trying to conjure up this absolutely ridiculous, human nature defying, putrid falsity. Men are made of souls, and psychedelics allow you to see a faze of the spiritual world. It’s a fucking fact in my book. If i could meet you in person I would backhand slap you with my nails grown out three inches, cut sharp and some Talcum powder on the backside of my hand mixed with some vile compost, elephant dung, and dogshit. You are fucking ridiculous and are a pathetic journalist trying to grab some attention. Or, simply, YOU ARE JUST PLAIN DELUSIONAL. are are adding to the repression of human rights. You are so disgusting………………………………

    • Psychotherapy: 5¢

      don’t confuse him with a journalist; he’s a whacko, the likes of which started when every AOL’er was allowed to access the Internets from their mommy’s dark basement…then they learned how to assemble and put down their psycho thoughts on blogs. oy.

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    Some of these commenters can’t recognize subtle, ironic humor, but not me. Brilliant work, Stephenson! Hilarious. Five stars.

  • Bryan W

    What a long, strange trip this article I was! How can a guy get an award as an investigative journalist when he can’t even get the name of one of America’s top touring acts right? It’s “Phish,” buddy, not “the Phish.” They’ve been around for 30 years, sell out Madison Square Garden for 4 nights every New Year’s and their name has nothing to do with Phil Lesh. But I think Dr. Billings is just having a good time here, though I have to say, any sort of humor that relies on paranoia and fear as its base isn’t very funny. The whole point of the music of the Dead, as well as the lifestyle of the band’s followers, IS freedom.

  • Skypilot194

    I wish the GD were that intelligent. That would be something.

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    some very good points here. the author however is showing signs of social Munchhausen’s disease. Sad

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    Oh, and I am a real lawyer. I’ve also really done all of the following things:

    – Been in non-public areas of the White House

    – Produced papers that were put into the hands of the President

    – Had my picture taken with the President

    – Attended a private briefing with the First Lady

    – Sat in the President’s box at the Kennedy Center

    – Sat in the office chair of a well-known Presidential candidate

    – Had a private lunch with at least one Senator

    – Had lunch in the private Senate dining room

    – Been to a private party with two (different) Senators, and two political talk-show hosts

    – Had drinks with a (different) Senator in his chambers

    – Been told an off-color joke by a (different, and of course Republican) Senator

    – Represented three Members of Congress in communications with the public

    – Been one of four people in a meeting with the Mayor of a top-3 American city

    – Had drinks (and been at a Dead show) with the Deputy Mayor of a (different) top-3 American city

    – Been sought out as a source by one of the top reporters on cable news

    And all of that was over a decade ago, before I turned 24.

    • ObidiahBobblenob

      Sounds like you peaked too soon. You must be bored shitless these days.

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    Bach was the most famous composer in the world, and so was Handel.
    Handel was half German, half Italian and half English. He was very
    large. Bach died from 1750 to the present. Beethoven wrote music even
    though he was deaf. He was so deaf he wrote loud music. He took long
    walks in the forest even when everyone was calling for him. Beethoven
    expired in 1827 and later died for this.

  • Donald Scobie

    This is so funny…it is satire…right????

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    Our communistic, socialistic agenda is nearly complete and soon the United States will be the LIBERAL capitol of the WORLD, just as our founding fathers intended!!! WOO-HOO!

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    The influence of the marijuana drug culture on the American public cannot be understated. Marijuana is a vampire, sinking it’s fangs into our economy, turning dollars into fake-money bitcoins while topless women in hand-dyed, ankle-length dirndl skirts hypnotize men of industry with their unwashed bodies and unshaven armpits. We are well on our way to a dystopian nightmare, if not a H-E-double-hockey-stick of our own making, by allowing these loping hobos to make music to influence our children.

    • James M. Ray

      Weed gave us Bitcoin?? Thank you, cannabis!!!

      Pot really IS an amazing drug. If you think about it, no other drug is capable of making non-users even MORE irrational than heavy users. Only cannabis has this amazing — almost magical — effect, as repeatedly seen in the media.

  • August West

    I thought Drums and Space meant it was time to hit the restroom, grab a drink and take a quick break before the last few songs.

    So you think JPB wants the Internet to free so people and harass and slander others. if you don’t approve then why write a harassing article full of slander.

  • patr

    tell if this is a joke, (the onion or something?) or if the guys a nut job, but he has some great
    lines! (I sort of like having been a “grimy Libertine”, makes me sound
    sophisticated! And here’s another favorite -“In the 90s, bass player Phil Lesh quietly
    launched “The Phish,” a rival rock band, to encourage the downfall of
    pop music.” But we ended up with Miley, Katy Perry and Twerking. so I guess it failed…!

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    These punks really drive me up the wall. Troy Anustaschio of the Fish have been responsible, consciously and directly, for too many nights of sweaty, fevered hallucinations, irreversible tinnitus, disrespect, and squandered innocence. I really hate to think how something like Google Glass will enable kids to tune out even further, with images so vivid + clear, yet like Rat Dog, Dead and the Fish, so mind-numbing. I think it is pretty clear what the power brokers in the entertainment industry are looking for- numbed minds, and drug-induced infertility! Not for me, thank you!

  • Jason Matzke

    What does liberty mean to you? You’re not a patriot, you’re a turd.

    • ObidiahBobblenob

      To me, it means free speech.

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    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read on the internet. Might want to do a bit of fact checking before you vomit useless information out unto the world. This is my favorite>> “In the 90s, bass player Phil Lesh quietly launched “The Phish,” a rival rock band, to encourage the downfall of pop music.” LOL!

  • Bobo

    Your freakin kidding me, right?!?! Is this an Onion article or are you people that stupid? Maybe I’m just having a really bad flash back.

  • ihatefacists

    “As a nation with an exceptional duty to enlighten the lesser peoples of this planet.” racist facist and promoting mind control. “Missionaries once brought Christianity to the Wild West, and now our heartland is a thriving community of decency and faith” are you going to start passing out small pox blankets like they did.

  • Mr Bojangles

    this is along the lines of this guy’s drivel: although we hunted him down for the sacrifice… deadheads rule and will rule. more entropy. more anarchy. Q.E.D.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Wow, what an amazing bit of reporting! I will definitely follow up on that info. Thanks for the tip!

  • Deadncubs

    If you all keep following this path of following fun and spititual freedom and smoking dooobies, you will find yourself living in a van down by the river! (Black muddy river?)
    How’s that Dr. Billings?

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Those are wise words, my friend. The sloth and sin of this society is affecting our children, tomorrow’s leaders. The internet is clearly the cause of much of this pain and I certainly blame the Greatful Deadheads.

  • J. Straw

    This is jes plain ‘ol funny. Love, Peace, and VW Grease my friends!!

  • Dave

    …… In the long run we’re ALL Dead.

  • All you Jesus freaks need to shut up and fuck off.The Grateful Dead rule.

  • Starnation

    I take country music in a heart beat compared to this nonsense. Saw a concert a long many decades ago and it was all wasted drug heads and total freaks and the music? I couldn’t understand a single thing, they were yelling and had no tune at all like they was playing the instruments for the first time. I hope they are not still recruting children into drugs but this is what you get when liberals scam there way to the WHITE House.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      The deadheads are most certainly out there recruiting new children today through several offshoot hard rock bands like the Phish and Wholesale Panic. They carry on the deadhead agenda and its only making America worse. Have you ever seen a news report about this trend of “phishing scams”? that’s part of it too.

      • God’s left nut

        Did you just blame the band named Phish and by extension the Dead for phishing scams which have been around for millenia? Son you just went full retard.

  • James M. Ray

    Wow. That was a lot of crazy packed into not that many words.


    As Woody Allen said in Annie Hall “Don’t you wish at times like this you could walk over and get (in his case Marshall McLuhan) to say something?” Jerry would get a big out of this, perhaps he still can since his death was a “false flag”, that is. The Dead weren’t political at all. Robert Hunter’s lyrics weren’t in the least bit political, nor were Barlow and Weir’s. Bob Weir linked to the “Illuminati”? Barlow attempted to “seduce Dick Cheney”? To do what? Have a conscience? It amazes me that you might actually get paid for writing drivel like this. You’re an Investigative journalist? More like self proclaimed guardian of the national morality. It is frightening that anyone would pay you to entertain children. By the way, “mosh pit” emerged from punk rock not the Grateful Dead. You must be doing some powerful substances to have such deranged thoughts.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I can smell the bong hits on your breath all the way across the internet, brother.

  • bobhuntsman

    Wow. . .this is some funny shit!!
    Thought I was reading The Onion at first.

    peace out,

  • wakeuptofindout

    Stephenson Billings, either you’re a great satirist, or a really sad victim of satans conditioning. Since when is peace, love, freedom, music and dancing a threat to anyone other than a facist? Last time I checked, the powers-that-be HATED the late 60’s, and have been trying like hell to stomp out the hippie movement, which is really an effort in futility, for we are God’s children, and if God is for you, then who can stand against you? check, and mate!

    “maybe the dark is from your eyes, you know you got such dark eyes!”

  • wakeuptofindout

    “Sorry that you feel that way, the only thing there is to say, every silver linings got a touch of grey!”

    “we will get by, we will get by, we will get by…… we will survive!”

  • WhyAreYouScaredOfFreedom?

    ‘Sacred duty to filter out…’ erm, this is called censorship, and your fevered brain scares the daylight out of me. Chill out, bro! 🙂

  • horse

    I know too many people who enjoyed their shows and eventually had that eye opening trip. Why is it that every one of them say the same thing: The Dead are Satanic or demonic.

    I remember the first time it happened. I was camping in the woods with a few dozen Deadheads and my ‘mentor’ and I were walking back to the camp fire at night. One guy who I didn’t know was freaking out and saying stuff about demons, the Dead and whatnot. He gave me his pack of cigarettes and told me he was done with the whole scene.

    I asked someone later about what happened to that guy and everyone told me it was just a bad trip, he was headed that way, he was weak etc… So I just nodded and forgot about it.

    A few years later, I had a similar experience. I was convinced by my friends that it was all just a bad trip so I agreed and picked up and moved on. The very next time I dosed, a friend from my childhood, whom I had not seen in years, shows up with a Bible.

    I’ve seen this happen countless times, and I’m sure anyone on this comment section has witnessed it as well. It’s not limited to just the Grateful Dead, it’s everywhere in Western culture.

  • Justin Scotti

    Question, can you back up anything at all with fact? And by fact I mean literally anything but speculation. The closest thing linking weir to the illuminati is his admittance of attending the bohemian grove. People like you give all “conspiracy theorists” a bad name.

  • Lisa

    I’ve been on the bus since 1971.
    Best thing that ever happened in my life.
    Turn it on, and leave it on!