Is the “Evolution Theory” Hoax to Blame For Our Nation’s Failing Schools?

Posted on by Doc Bacon
Charles Darwin stoops among Marx, Freud, Hitler and Obama as one of the leading inspirations of atheists today.

Charles Darwin stoops among Marx, Freud, Hitler and Obama as one of the leading inspirations of atheists today.

This may be a prognosis that you don’t want to hear, but the cold, hard facts don’t lie. The United States has been falling in world education rankings for over twenty years. In a 2012 study, America ranked 17th against countries planet-wide for the quality and efficacy of our school systems. We were behind socialist “utopias” such as France and Canada. Exotic Asiatic fiefdoms such as Singapore and Hong Kong bested our trillion-dollar efforts. Corrupt Soviet satellites Poland and Finland put us to shame. Even places where drugs and prostitution are legal — The Netherlands and Berlin, for instance — scored higher than a nation that has so long prided itself on decency and hope.

Statistical analysis reveals that the decline of educational standards began two decades ago. Coincidentally (or not), this also happens to be the era of the Clintons. Of course, radical atheists started this fight decades earlier. We had Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Noam Chomsky and even Fidel Castro secretly conspiring to undermine the faith of our children. Christians pushed back by introducing Intelligent Design and “Teach the Controversy” into our science programs. But all this started to fall apart in 1993 when the Clintons were elected to the Oval Office. Suddenly, a slew of activist judges set about disseminating controversial ideologies in the public sphere. They attacked any display of the 10 Commandments. They destroyed historic statues to our fallen veterans, they removed inspiring banners from school gyms. The Bible was forbidden as general subject matter and morning prayer was banned. Most importantly, basic science became extremely politicized. As one report recently noted, leftwing activists have even perverted the basic logic of math to support their agenda!

The "Piltdown Skeleton" is just one of the many fakes used by atheists to prove "evolution."

The “Piltdown Skeleton” is just one of the many fakes used by leftwing activists to support “evolution” in our schools.

Children Harmed

Many scholars consider “evolution” a crude hoax. It’s a theory with no intellectual basis and utterly no proof, except proof of rampant fraud. Even a child could see that this nonsensical fairy tale is wholly contradicted by the proven facts of the Bible. Historians have concluded that the theory’s author, Charles Darwin, was a cocaine-addicted fraud who sought to pay off his gambling debts by selling fantasy tales. Darwin was also a European elitist who often abandoned his family to spend time on exotic islands around the world where native women went topless and consumed intoxicating spirits. Yet despite the mountains of evidence, radical atheists have adopted this queer idea as their very own.

As a doctor, I’ve seen far too many children scarred by the unscrupulous application of “evolution theory” in our schools. This offensive concept has been used like a Trojan Horse to wheel socialism and Satanism into the lives of the young and the innocent. With the belief that they’re simply the offspring of “hairy apes,” today’s teens have nothing holding them back from rape, addiction and murder. They lack the foresight that only morality and the Bible can provide. Is it any wonder our children are so violent and ignorant?

Why Are Atheists Holding America Hostage?

So why “evolution” and why now? One explanation may be that it’s proven to be a highly successful fundraising tool for radical atheist groups that are, if anything, simply employers for otherwise unemployable socialist “thinkers.” There is also a theory that its sole purpose is to give jackbooted federal bureaucrats an excuse to interfere in local communities. Another possibility is its link to drug addiction. Since “evolution theory” posits that we have no morality, that we will not be judged for our sins, it opens the door to widespread corporeal indulgence. From sodomy to marijuana, children no longer fear the consequences of their actions. In such environments where children are beholden to sexual depravity or a reefer stick, they’re far more impressionable. It’s just too easy to stuff a lustful, weed-zonked teen with hardcore atheist theories and communist training. Basically, evolution is that first step into a lifetime of emotional slavery. Studies have shown that radical atheists lead shorter and unhappier lives. They are far more likely, for instance, to indulge in such disturbing practices as “anal scat play,” bestiality and even child murder.

"Evolution theory" has opened the door to many controversial and unproven subjects, such as "global warming" and homosexuality.

“Evolution theory” has opened the door to many controversial and unproven subjects, such as “global warming” and homosexuality.

In the final analysis, we need to consider the long term affects of “evolution” teaching on American science. For biologists, it robs them of seeing the big picture of life. There is no direction, no hope for the atheist biologist toiling away alone at night in his dark campus laboratory. Even more terrifying, it opens the door to genetic engineering, stem cell research and other sorts of experiments that threaten to unleash epidemic viruses or else abnormal human mutations upon our population. (Hence the popularity of “zombies” among kids today, which is essentially a form of Satanism.) Meteorology, zoology and ecology are utterly meaningless without the intelligence of God to define the chaos that scientists attempt to observe. And what does quantum physics even mean if there is no Higher Power defining these unimaginable worlds, these absurdist hypotheticals and these dangerous mathematical equations?

Sadly, all science suffers when there is no God in the minds of its atheist practitioners. And when science is Godless and suffering, America suffers. Is that really the freedom and justice our children deserve?


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Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.