Is Canada Hoarding America’s Natural Resources?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

From the dawn of this continent’s recorded history, the fortunes of the United States and Canada have been fortuitously intertwined. Both nations were populated by an enterprising and morally ambitious stock of Europeans in search of a blank template. They envisioned something pure and righteous, wondrous and bold. They carried with them the noblest ideals of Christianity. The Americas presented these pilgrims with God’s rich bounty of land and resources.

stephenson billings on canadaThe United States embraced the fortitude of political independence while Canada stayed close to its English mother. One country thrived and grew to become a beacon of sanctified primacy on the planet, leading the way for the lesser people on God’s Green Earth. Yes, the third worlders, the Orientals and even the denizens of communist nations have yearned for those things that the United States represents: freedom, faith and fruitfulness. We have succeeded as a people because of that manifest destiny laid out before us, a destiny which includes all of the Western hemisphere and its struggling populations.

Yet in this pursuit of national glory, our dear cousins to the north have been forsaken. That nation has languished, cold and inhospitable, barren and underpopulated. But there is something pure in Canada as well, something about its people who can still trace their ancestry back to the most flawless of European bloodlines. These clear-faced children retain the glimmer that propelled the early United States to its revolutionary ferment. They are decent, vital men and women who still yearn for freedom. And the United States truly encapsulates the very freedom they so desire.

stephenson billings on canadaFor Christians, news of Canadian suppression is heart wrenching. Censorship of Biblical morality is rearing its ugly head from Vancouver to Niagara Falls. The Bible is banned in the school system, preaching ethics on topics such as homosexuality can get you arrested. The thought police have clearly been embedded in this once respectable culture. In every way, this is a violation of basic human rights– the freedom to believe, the freedom to speak the truth and the freedom to love our Lord God. This is a place in desperate need of rescue and healing.

With the labor and green parties so dominant in Canada, another disturbing facet of danger has taken hold. The country hides a plethora of resources but little of them have been harvested. Oil, natural gas, timber, fish, game, gold, silver, nickel, copper, zinc, lead, coal and water are but a few of the advantages these plains offer. No, the ecological lobby is far too powerful to allow such precious gifts to be tapped. They have prevented a natural and necessary push for survival. These types would rather embrace death than disturb a single spruce tree. Yet China and other foreign countries are pressuring our vulnerable neighbor to submit to their will. This scenario could very well be the Canadian people’s demise. And ours as well.

stephenson billings on canada

In the United States, our most pressing problems are that of illegal Mexican aliens and a dependence on foreign supplies. The Canadian solution is a ready answer to these threats. Those thinly populated lands up north would be gracious temporary homelands for the Mexican peoples. It would relieve our midwestern states of the worrisome costs of educating, feeding and housing these migrants. Work in the businesses of tree cutting, oil exploration and mining would provide the industrious amongst them with jobs. It would also give the United States some much needed breathing room for its native-born teeming masses.

More importantly, assuming Canada into American hands would save the north itself from the dustbin of history. Canadians have failed to achieve a global standing. They are not known for having the vision or the faith to constructively contribute to the planet-wide fight for justice. Their provinces from coast to coast have been overshadowed by the more successful states to the south. They have squandered whatever inheritance came with independence from England. They have grown stale and listless in the postwar years. Now, the rise of intolerance threatens to further weaken this country and open its doors to hordes of Muslim immigrants who are already targeting Canada as a base for their questionable activities.

stephenson billings on canadaYet none of this really matters when compared to the moral righteousness of an American union with the lands of Canada. It has been our manifest destiny since the first days colonial pilgrims set foot on this fertile land. These territories were meant by the light of God to be joined in bounty. We are long lost relatives who need to be reunited. Our separation has been painful and far too long. There is so much hope that would spring forth from such a marriage. America needs the resources of the Canadian territory to propel itself into the future. We need to wean ourselves off of the oil of the Middle East. The cheap products of Mexico corrupt our labor force. Connecting to the gene pool of our ancestors will pump new blood into the righteous American man and his family.

Are our politicians brave enough to embrace such a vision? Maybe the adoption of Canada by the United States needs to come from a Christian consensus. We should see the moral imperative at play here and voice our love, our desire to rescue these forlorn people and their bountiful land. There will be some Canadians who rebel against such passion, but time will win them over to the newfound glory as a province of the world’s greatest nation, fueling our rugged strength and moral fiber as we rush forward into this bright, new millennium. Indeed, our ultimate destiny is far greater than the borders of this simple continent and we must, with the Lord’s blessing, be ready.

“O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Selah. Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee. Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us.” –Psalm 67:4-6.