What Happens When a CIA Shill Account Goes Viral? The Curious Case of “Ken M”

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Shilling the CIA narrative of disruption, the real identify of "Ken M"

The war against freethinking Americans is being fought by internet trolls like “Ken M.”

90% of American media is owned by six companies that each have a unique history with the Central Intelligence Agency. In fact, since the 1940s propaganda has been the chief priority of several covert divisions of the United States government. Ever wonder why so many Hollywood producers have access to fighter jets and aircraft carriers for their major motion pictures? When you’re glorifying war and legitimizing the defense industry’s trillion-dollar expenditures, the Pentagon is always willing to lend a hand.

In the last decade of the internet, online psychological warfare has become one of the major obsessions of Washington. Wikileaks has revealed that at least a million dollars has been spent to “correct the record” on Reddit.com. Facebook is now crowded with fake identities created by the FBI to honeypot crisis actors into staged terrorism events. Paid accounts are manipulating the trends on Twitter, while New World Order fronts like the Clinton Foundation edit Google search results.

And then there’s the curious case of “Ken M.”

At the precise moment that Barack Hussein Obama began running for reëlection in 2011, an anonymous online account appeared in the comment sections of several major news sites. The avid poster’s name was “Ken M” and he had a variety of opinions on the important political issues of the day. Ken was supposedly a retired man from Texas, a patriotic citizen who cherished horses almost as much as old-fashioned family values.

Ken’s comments quickly raised red flags, however. The things he posted were misleadingly moronic. He slung logical fallacies and half-baked conspiracy theories with reckless abandon. Many began to suspect that “Ken M” was little more than a government shill. But what was the agenda here?

The Alt Right often gets derided as conspiracy theorists. Even Hillary Clinton — backed against the wall by leaks proving corruption and murder — has taken aim at this online force. But the steady flow of Wikileaks and other sources have proven that many of these so-called “crackpots” are actually revealing startling truths about the New World Order and the Democrat Party’s agenda of destroying freedom.

Illuminati Al Yankovic

Why are there so many similarities between “Ken M” and Illuminati Al Yankovic?

It’s easy to see, then, why Ken M would be the perfect shill for the Illuminati globalist endgame. He is the ne plus ultra “disruptor.” His comments often derail any serious discussion of international false flag events and slander conservative thinkers in the most subversive way. This is classic CIA psychological warfare.

A Hollywood Ending
What’s most shocking of all is that “Ken M” may actually be a pseudonym invented by Hollywood zillionaire Weird Al Yankovic. Employing the Schartz-Metterklume Method of linguistic analysis, it appears that phonetic markers, unique identifying typeset indicators, timestamp patterns and regional language varietals nearly perfectly align for the two media personalities.

Maybe this should come as no surprise as Yankovic has long attempted to hijack the anti-Illuminati narrative through sarcasm and propaganda. Ever notice the similarities in the media-ready abbreviated names, “Weird Al” and “Ken M”? (Neither moniker employs a period, either!) Another red flag is that Yankovic is Jewish and lately Ken has been claiming to live in Brooklyn, New York.

The name Ken, of course, evokes the all-American “Ken Doll” of the 60s and 70s (who just happened to be an accomplice of GI Joe in the military’s indoctrination of our youths during the Vietnam War). With typical Yankovician sarcasm, the M in Ken’s name secretly stands for “Military-Industrial Complex.” It’s the perfect way for the pop star to signify his allegiance to his Pentagon handlers.


Spock’s Hidden Hand
The entire “Ken M” scam was likely done at the behest of Yankovic’s close Hollywood friend, Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy has since gone on to use his formidable talents of manipulation to claim the title of Pindar, the Pinnacle of the Draco, and deflect any serious investigation into the assassination of Antonin Scalia using Ken M-style online harassment tactics. Indeed, Ken M’s role in the overthrow of the Supreme Court is a topic that certainly warrants further study.

kenciaYankovic has put Nimoy’s contacts to very good use in the years since he created “Ken M.” The false flag persona has become a highly sought-after international celebrity in his own right, and has used several Bilderberg Group properties to disseminate his slander of American patriotism. There are 200,000 zealots who worship him on the cult site Reddit.com, which just so happens to be controlled by billionaire Si Newhouse (who once shared an erotic lover with Monty Python and marijuana propagandist Bob Marley). Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook has thrown an additional 60,000 followers his way, while Instagram and Twitter are also on board with this Illuminati cover-up. They’ve even produced a slick YouTube video where Weird Al’s long hair is conveniently tucked up into a newsboy cap and his face is masked by darkness (but they cannot obscure the matching eyebrows and the sassy cadence in his voice!). How is any of this possible if “Ken M” was simply a lowly internet commenter? Clearly, the Ken M scandal reaches to the highest levels of our sociopathic Globalist Oligarchy. And likely beyond.