If Atheism Were Real

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

antichristDespite the savage lessons of Hitler and Stalin, many good people are simply indifferent to the rise of secularism in America today. Children are joining forces with leftist political groups to expel essential moral teachings from our schools. Vigilantes organize to boycott Christian food franchises for exercising their right to free speech. And all across the internet, teens gather on secretive websites to agitate and conspire for mythic Godless utopias, blind to the sickening, fleshy climax that awaits. Yet if the 20th century can teach us anything, it’s that when Militant Atheists are given free rein to prey on the dim and young, the end result can be truly calamitous for the entirety of human civilization.

While the brutal game plan of globalist atheism is not widely known, many experts agree that its final solution could be far worse than anything dreamt up in a Munich beer hall. Educators, thinkers and leaders need to teach our young people the truth about this surreal, belligerent cult. This begins with eradicating the common spiritual superstitions of the radical liberals. Today, let’s review the fifteen most absurdly illogical and unscientific “beliefs” of the Militant Atheists and prove why they are patently false.

1. Absolute Nothingness
The basic premise of atheism is that all matter came into existence during an event known as the “Big Bang.” Prior to that there was a complete blank slate of emptiness. How can something come from nothing? How would the void of nothingness even be stirred into action to compose something as elaborate as the universe? No amount of atheistic wishful thinking can create substance out of absence, let alone create an honest answer to these questions. QED: God.

2. Life Would Not Exist
The second most glaring failure of atheism is the idea that life “evolved” from inanimate objects. Despite centuries of scientific inquiry, we’ve never been able to replicate this or even prove beyond a reasonable doubt that such a fraudulent equation even makes sense.

3. Mother Nature’s Grand Design
The Bible repeatedly warns us against mixing species and types. Not only are we destroying purity by interbreeding, we’re endangering the health of our people as a whole. As stewards of life on this planet, humans have enforced this code and the result is the beautiful hierarchy of the animal kingdom and the practical logic of the food chain. If God never existed and such prohibitions were never heard, we would collapse into a mess of miscegenation where fantasies such as mermaids and turduckens become the reality.


4. Meteors Would Destroy All Life on Earth
The empty brutality of space is written on the pockmarked face of the moon. The universe’s unceasing cascade of hurling, flaming objects have rendered that orb’s surface harsh and devastated. How has our Earth avoided a similar fate? Have we been spared by Divine fiat? Astronomers have never been able to prove otherwise, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the liberal media to share this news. Indeed, there is simply no other reason why we flourish with such a range of beauty, from the gentle flowering of a jungle orchid to the amazing grace of Jesus.

5. Human Civilization Would Never Have Developed
All the great foundational principles of humanity originated in the very Words of God. The Rule of Law, the dignity of personhood and the notion of a collective human spirit are instructions handed down to us. Is it not absurd to think that a barbaric race of naked apes cavorting in caves could conceive such things? That’s what immoral atheists like journalist Al Stefanelli would have you believe. Without a higher power, the breadth of human civilization is simply impossible within a 5,000-year span of existence.

6. Modern Society Could Not Have Progressed
The collective human spirit is one of God’s most ingenuous inventions. It reveals that our civilization is not just an empowering concept, but also a changing one. Collectively, we embrace progress as we work to improve ourselves and our world. The model for our ceaseless experimentation and innovation is none other than those six days that God spent creating the Earth. Just as He happily crafted in his heavenly workshop, today’s engineers and scientists tinker away in their labs in an awkward attempt to mimic such inexplicable ingenuity.

7. Love Would Cease to Exist
Love is humanity’s simplistic effort to emulate the bond between God and his children, God and Jesus and even Jesus and the Virgin Mary. It is through our spiritual education that we outline this notion of love in our daily lives. We may not perfect it, but without God there to guide and inspire us, human existence would revert to unbridled sexual savagery. Our ideal of a “family” would be void and procreation would be nothing more than an accidental byproduct of rape in the bitter landscape of nihilism that atheists cherish so deeply.

8. America Would Never Have Been Founded
From the Constitution to the Bill of Rights, from our sacred patriotism to our modern system of Government, every significant element of the United States is drawn directly from Biblical wisdom. Our founding documents are a veritable cheat sheet of Christ’s teachings.

9. Science and Learning Would Simply Not Exist
Christianity’s emphasis on the human and the humane stands in stark contrast to the exotic pantheons of vengeful gods that one finds in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and the many other false religions. Indeed, the Christian emphasis on the living soul’s days here on Earth has always pushed man to learn and question his existence. Furthermore, it was the church’s very structure and its seminaries and academies that launched the glories of our scientific age. Even such geeky wits as Galileo, Newton and Einstein have affirmed the existence of a Christian God.

10. We Would All Become Super Beasts According to “Evolution Theory”
“Evolution” posits that species adapt and develop according to environmental circumstance, but human beings have been physically unchanged for the entirely of recorded history. If Darwin’s controversial anti-God concepts were actually true, one would expect humans to have sprouted wings and flippers, X-ray visions and the power to fry whole chickens with our telepathic brains! No wonder salivating youngsters are drawn to the comic book fantasy of atheism!


11. Cannibalism, Rape and Hatred Would Reign Supreme
Humans live in perpetual crisis between the forces of good and evil. Take away the love of righteousness and the fear of eternal punishment, and we may well devolve into utter chaos. Not only would society, science and law not exist under atheism, but the darkest natures of people would emerge as our most salient characteristics. Sadly, many of our most powerful Militant Atheists are aware of these facts, yet push the terror of existentialism irregardless.

12. Homosexual Gangs of Pot Addicted “Vampire” Teens
Children are blank canvases awaiting the brushstrokes of a parent’s faith. Take away the wisdom of our elders and what becomes of the next generation? One need only look at today’s worst teen trends to get a clue. Drugs, hardcore sexual perversion and the most disgusting of acts of cultural “creativity” await. Would it surprise you to learn that these are the very industries that most atheists are heavily invested in?

13. Alien Invasion!
Atheism is the number one fantasy fueling science fiction fanatics today. They love to believe that it’s a statistical probability that life exists somewhere out there in the billions upon billions of planets in the universe. They believe this, well because… math! But if such a nihilistic, cruelly calculated theory of a Godless existence were true, wouldn’t it also follow that little green aliens are real? What’s preventing them from invading our planet and harvesting our organs! Maybe our telepathic turduckens could fight them off?

14. Apocalypse?
Here’s an ontological conundrum for you theologians out there. If God did not exist, what would prevent Satan from inflicting an apocalypse upon the Earth?

15. If Atheism Were Real, Atheism Would Not Exist
The basic tenets of atheism are a bastardization of 19th century Christian humanist beliefs mixed with the wrongheaded liberalism of Vatican II. If the wealth of the church’s teachings had never existed in the first place, today’s obsession with existential humanism would never have come into being. Furthermore, if God never existed, the concept of denying him would never have been created. Thus the very existence of atheism– and all it’s decadent and disastrous attempts to destroy humanity– only underscore the great truth of God’s very being.