“I Just Blogged In My Panties,” & Other Tales From The Internet Frontier

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

pulpcoversAs dangerous as the overall liberal agenda is, specific beliefs within this rainbow of radicalism can be even worse. Many times I have tried to highlight the perversity espoused by a particular group or person. By focusing on the minutiae, I hope to reveal the great danger that the subtle agents of cultural change pose to American values. Even so, my most carefully researched investigative pieces sometimes do not have the raw, emotional power of their slick propaganda.

Visual imagery can often convey the disgust and fear so important to those of us in the conservative movement in a far more immediate manner. For this reason, I have created a series of images based on the covers of 1950s pulp novels. They condense the dreams of our epoch’s most infamous internet and media personalities into pithy, sincere expressions. In a way, I’m simply saying what’s on the minds of the creative class. I am opening the door to their obsessions and predilections, their narcissism and their lust, the very things that they are too afraid to admit to themselves. If today’s so-called artists and thinkers had the energy and wherewithal to actually write something in long form worthy of paper as opposed to their nagging Twitter updates or their blog tirades, this is what they’d write. The intention is not sympathetic, but satirical. It is meant to enlighten so that we can all start the healing process so necessary for America’s return to primacy and righteousness.


The Liberal Arts College by Ross Douthat I Just Blogged in My Panties by Jessica Coen The Craigslist Hookup by Pers-Anon

I Hope They Serve PBR in Hell, Molly Facebook, After Hours The Busty Bushwick Hipster by Alex Balk

I Was an Unpaid Intern by John Hodgman Thieving Coke Whores Think You're Sorta Cute by Kayla and Ashlee Don't Spill Your Appletini on My Prada by Simon Doonan

Waiting for My Waitress by Dana Levy Sodomy is for Winners by Will Leitch Am I Ready for Chest Hair? By Bradford Shellhammer

Is My Husband Gay? By Adrianna The Bonus Season Banker by Andy Sorkin Ever Tried Blogging? By Joe Jervis

The Frisky Freelancer Trustafrians Bare Naked in the Burg by Mike Albo How I Got That Job at New York Magazine by David Amsden

A Young Man's Guide to France by Benjamin Kunkel The New Housemate Will I Be Rich When You Die, Daddy? By Brianna Von Randt

Mother Was a Republican by Frank Rich Fashion Design, Hurts So Good by Phillip Lim The Yale Grad

Reference notes for images above:

Row 1. A: Douthat & college, B: Coen, C: Craigslist & promiscuity

Row 2. A: hipsters, B: Popper & Facebook, C: Balk

Row 3. A: Hodgman & and more of him, B: dirty girls, C: Doonan

Row 4. A: Levy & restaurants, B: Leitch & sodomy, C: Shellhammer & body changes

Row 5. A: Huffington & marriage, B: Sorkin, C: Jervis

Row 6: A: unemployment, B: Albo & hipsters, C: Amsden & New York Magazine

Row 7. A: Kunkel, B: homosexuality, C: dirty girls

Row 8. A: Rich & the New York Times, B: Lim & crossdressing, C: Yale Admissions & Ivy drama