Does Mad Socialist Bernie Sanders Secretly Control the Weather?

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson
Bernie's climate of terror could dampen the Clinton presidency.

Bernie’s climate of terror could dampen the Clinton presidency.

“Chemistry is, well technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change.”

Something has always bothered me about July 12th.

That’s the day socialist Bernie Sanders abandoned his fiery presidential bid and endorsed struggling globalist Hillary Clinton.

On the 13th of July, heartland America began a record-breaking eight-week span of historic humidity.

Was this a mere coincidence? Could there be more to this story? What about the rumors that Sanders, the so-called “Walter White” of radical liberalism, hoarded cash from the leftwing global warming pseudo-science industry? 

For a man of Sanders’ age and demeanor, it’s no surprise that he’s obsessed with climate control. Older white men are particularly attuned to changes in heat and humidity. Clearly a man of the Senator’s influence knows full well the power of weaponizing the weather.

In January of 2015, on the seventh anniversary of the premiere of Breaking Bad, the wild-eyed Vermonter introduced the Rebuild America Act. Despite the support of our nation’s teeming liberal masses — those addicted to marijuana and communist entitlements — the ambitious plan to expand America’s infrastructure died in Congressional committee.

Hidden in the Podesta emails that Wikileaks recently published, there is evidence that many in the elite were outraged by numerous black budget line items in Senator Sanders’ bill. Some have suggested that the proposal represented a tenfold expansion of the HAARP geo-engineering efforts that Barack Hussein Obama introduced during his first days in office.

Immediately after elites tied to the Clinton Foundation defeated Sanders’ scheme, the diabolical demagogue retaliated by announcing his run for the presidency.

As we know now, Bernie’s campaign was characterized by levels of chemtrails unlike any other time in American electoral history. Many concluded that there had to be a link.

Chemtrail strength has risen dramatically since 2008, a year after Sanders captured a seat in the United States Senate. Experts attribute this efficacy to advances in chemistry modeled on the “blue sky” methamphetamine pioneered in the television drama, Breaking Bad. “Blue skies” also happens to be a phrase that Sanders has used repeatedly, and with intensity, in his speeches on climate change.

Most of this is too utterly insane to be mere happenstance.

Was Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid just a bold attempt to seize control of Obama’s weather control facilities? Did the Clintons finally give him that control in exchange for his endorsement of Hillary? What does this all mean for the future of America’s weather? And what does Breaking Bad prophesize about Bernie’s future?

Did the cable series, "Breaking Bad" prophesize Bernie Sanders' rise to power and what does it say about Gus Fring/Hillary Clinton? Can Sanders break from his destiny?

If the TV show, “Breaking Bad” prophesized Bernie Sanders’ struggle for power, we can learn from what it says about Hillary’s “Gus Fring Model” of government.

As we attempt to tune into the frequencies of truth in this tornado of disinformation, maybe we should reflect on the parallels between Sanders’ career and that of his doppelgänger, Walter White.

Both were precise and angry men who struggled in the shadows while others built empires. Each was forced to kiss the ring of his nemesis. For Bernie, it was Hillary. For Walter, Gus Fring. Fight after brutal fight, the quiet bitterness between them only hardened.

Clinton, much like Gus, has led a double life. They share the façade of public success and philanthropy, a slick cover for the dark ghetto of their vicious crimes.

But the secret power of both Sanders and White is that they control the heart of the operation. White was the scientist behind the chemically-pure meth, while Sanders is the socialist behind the weather and the politically-pure liberals.

Unsurprisingly, Breaking Bad fans overwhelmingly supported the Sanders campaign. Hillary, on the other hand, has had to tap shows like Scream Queens and Broad City for support.

Does this suggest that Sanders is waiting in the wings for a palace coup? Will he use Hillary’s own sociopathy to sabotage her? Does European Lydia from the final season represent the Rothschilds? Could Bernie use his secret control of Obama’s vast weather-industrial complex to upend social order, unleash hurricanes and seize the White House? Or will the aging atheist with an evil agenda end up as prophesied by Walter White, deranged and on the run, barricaded inside a HAARP facility as Illuminati gangs surround him for the big finale?


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