How an Alliance Between Homosexuals and China Might Spell Doom for American Faith

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Chinese soldiers prepare their bodies for a global audience.

Many Americans were stunned this week by two major news stories. One had to do with the political advances made by the radical homosexual underground at the behest of activist members of the Supreme Court. With the DOMA and Prop 8 rulings, we have seen the veritable outlawing of fundamental Biblical law. The other important issue we have faced is that of Edward Snowden, the NSA superspy now holed up in communist China, giving top-secret intelligence to our most vicious foe. What very few realize is that both news items are connected in a shockingly dangerous way.

America is on the verge of collapse. We have been warned of this for years. Obama’s complete destruction of our economy is both disgusting and not at all surprising. So what might be the final nail in our national coffin? It is becoming increasingly clear that our gravest enemies are looking for ways to collude against Faith in the United States. If and when these groups align themselves, the potential for mass destruction is all but certain.

Homosexual groups have long been associated with China. Indeed, many homosexual males fetishize their Asian friends. As has been reported before, there are some interesting secret links that few are talking about (see the groundbreaking report, Thai Food and Homosexuality, The Shocking Link.) All that is needed at this point is for high level strategic planning to take place and suddenly the U.S. would be at an utter disadvantage. The homosexuals have political power and financial resources. They have schemed and blackmailed their way into the hearts of the radical liberal elements. Their so-called “civil rights” fight was a cause célèbre from Hollywood’s movie studios to New York City’s rooftop mansions, from Wikileak’s European bunkers to South America’s swarthy beaches. For their part, the Chinese have stockpiles of the most advanced weaponry. They have conspired for decades to buy up U.S. Treasury Coupons in an effort to have a surreal amount of control over the value of the dollar as well as the true value of gold. Their inscrutable natures have left most American diplomats at a loss. We never quite know what the Chinese will do next in their quest to undermine us. With Edward Snowden now on their territory, it’s obvious they have many cards to play in this deadly poker game.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court Rulings, homosexuals are flaunting their power.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court rulings, homosexuals are flaunting their power.

Radical homosexuals and communist Chinese share one intense obsession: they hate Christianity with every fiber of their being. For homosexuals, Biblical law confronts their utter sin, their reckless desire to flaunt their naked bodies and grind maliciously at all night sex clubs, Latinos and “twinks,” leather daddies and college jocks, sweaty, messy screams of passion cutting through the air until the orgy of man organs explodes in sticky delight. For the Chinese, the teachings of Jesus contradict their idea of the collective. The Bible teaches us to be humane, to be individuals, to trust out own unique wisdom and power. This is an affront to communism, which demands utter obedience to the state.

It’s crucially vital that all readers start looking out for the signs to come. We will see delegations of homosexuals traveling to the Asiatic regions. We will see the opening up of immigration laws, perhaps giving Asian homosexuals “special rights” status. We will see more and more websites showing off homosexual “pride,” whether they be international hardcore pornographic videos or Asiatic “male order brides.” The amount of upsetting homosexual pornography infecting the internet is currently at an all time high and projected to only get worse.

Once the gays and the Chinese have seized control in the United States, expect to see the outlawing of Christianity to be swift. Bibles will be confiscated. Pastors will be jailed. Our congregations will be pilloried and sued for every last cent. Churches will become high-priced condominiums for single males or late-night “bear” bars. Faith will be undermined from within as the weak-willed run to the safety of collective degeneracy. Worst of all, we Christians will be no longer allowed to protect the children from the horrors of radical socialism…

The most unsettling aspect of this entire affair is that it was all predicted 60 years ago. In the 1950s, the secret 45 goals of the communist party was leaked to Congress. Number 26 on that list stated, “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as ‘normal, natural, healthy.’” Clearly that ominous prophecy is right now coming to pass.