Super Elite Homosexuals Are Now Recruiting Extraterrestrials Into Their Ungodly Lifestyle

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

aliensexCan you feel it? That suffocating musk of “change” that pervades contemporary life? The future is literally breathing down our necks and some of the most dangerous people in human history are taking advantage of that brave new world.

Alien contact is no longer a question of if and when, but of how much. From eyewintess accounts to Illuminati confessions, the evidence of their presence is simply overwhelming.

On the forefront of this burgeoning intergalactic communion is an exclusive club of power players. They control vast swaths of our civilization, from entertainment and news media to high technology, investment banking, fashion and beauty care. Known simply as the “Super-Homosexuals,” these apex predators are driven by a criminal lust to control every aspect of normal people’s lives.

They count anonymous Arabian caliphs and European aristocrats among their members, as well as such recognizable names as Calvin Klein, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Karl Lagerfeld, Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper, John Travolta, Andre Leon Talley, Jann Wenner, Peter Thiel, Elton John, Stefani Germanotta, Tim Cook, David Geffen, RuPaul Charles and Ian McKellen.

And now their unspeakable moral corruption is poised to infect every corner of the physical universe.

A New Dawn, a Dark Peril
The day when our extraterrestrial visitors formally announce themselves is fast approaching. For now, we must take distress in the fact that we are being drowned in their abominable technologies. Yet this is exchange is by no means a one-way street.


The homosexual agenda is marching on to new worlds.

When that first contact was made, the aliens likely needed guidance. It was a confusing, tumultuous time in their lives. Our civilization can feel so chaotic, contradictory and cruel. Earth’s atmosphere may have even triggered unusual changes in their bodies and hormones. Emotions were raw. Strange, new urges arose. Under these circumstances, they wanted to rebel against our rules. At times, everything seemed just so unfair. And that’s when the gays swooped in.

Super-Homosexuals have always styled themselves as the global elite’s cultural ambassadors. They play up their role as the cool uncles of “progress,” a shadow government on the cutting edge of taste and trends. Rarely do they hold national office for that would entail public obligations and legal oversight. Instead, they party on the fringes. But whether it be in the ancient Roman baths or modern-day DuPont Circle, they’ve always gathered in the shadows of power, whispering their illicit fantasies in the ears of our elected officials.

As evidenced by tech innovations and the subliminal messages in the liberal media, sodomites have taken on the role as the counselors, teachers, advisors, mentors and coaches to our alien guests. Maybe they’ve bonded over athletic contests and find fraternity in the locker room. Or else they share books on a library couch late into the night. It’s all but inevitable that these fraudulent father figures will at some point demand time alone with these otherworldly travelers. Drugs and alcohol could be offered. A back massage, perhaps? And then the true meaning of the gay agenda will be revealed in all its flaming, tumescent glory.

Lured Into a Terrestrial Vice
At this point in our narrative, we must expose the second secret weapon of the Super-Homosexual no matter how graphic its nature. Over the last two decades, carnal degenerates have reinvented themselves as a new breed of sexual animal. This type of monster is not held back by any known bounds of decency. He will assault our churches, our legal system, the institution of marriage, American patriotism and even Jesus Christ Himself in order to get his lusty way.


Homosexuals are known to lure their victims to remote locations, such as highway rest stops and national parks after closing hours.

Many gays shave their heads bald to pay homage to our hairless extraterrestrial brothers. They have renounced gender norms in an attempt to spread the notion of interspecies copulation. Fisting, furries, cross-dressing, stem cells, socialism, water sports, bondage, frottage, all these acts of the sodomite underground are but tributes to the vice of interstellar orgies. “Diversity,” that buzzword of the radical left, is nothing more than code for the shocking possibilities of alien-human penetration.

Planting the Seed for an Intergalactic Crisis
How long will it take for our extraterrestrial boarders to realize they’ve been recruited? Like so many youngsters before them, one imagines it to be a pitiful scene that each will experience in the horrible solitude of his own mind. Maybe our antihero will wake up one morning on a moist futon at the back of some inner city loft, amidst used jockstraps and leather whips. The sharp stink of sodomy will cut through the air. Naked human bodies strewn about, the remnants of an after-hours, interspecies rape session. His stirrings will awaken a predator and his trusty serpentine appendage. Pushed face down into the crust of those rancid sheets, this blue-skinned inmate will feel the fresh pain of violation all over again. None of his numerable alien orifices will be spared as the gays encircle.

This is what it means to be indoctrinated into the hardcore homosexual lifestyle, this troubled creature tells himself, as the next super user takes control. The humiliation will be so great that he won’t even consider Earth’s compassionate community of Christian faith. No, the devastating pain of same-sex sin will drive him to seek out intoxicants and pornography to hide his shame. And when those escapes are not enough, he may even turn to spreading his affliction farther afield. It’s not hard to see the endgame of this scenario, the sodomite alien traveling from Earth to recruit other planets into the deadly calculus of this ungodly subculture. And somewhere, on some private Caribbean island, an Apex Super-Homosexual will laugh over his brunch of marijuana blunts and Brazilian go-go boys, knowing that his heinous phallic agenda is on its way to conquering a universe that has yet to be blessed by Biblical wisdom.