Homosexual-Only Zones Plague Many Foreign Cities

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Is "Gay Paris" really safe for families?

Is “Gay Parie” really safe for families?

With the Spring/Summer travel season just around the corner, many Americans may be tempted to venture farther afield in search of their next adventure. Some will find relaxation on the golden beaches of the Caribbean, while others might take in the historic sights of the grand, old cities of Europe. Travelers should be aware, however, that many foreign cultures can present significant difficulties for families.

In particular, entire neighborhoods of Paris, Madrid, Rome and Amsterdam have become homosexual-run “No Go Zones,” where law enforcement is scarce and perversion is flaunted at every turn. These are areas where children are always vulnerable and even married men can feel threatened. The problem is often compounded by the language barrier, with many Europeans claiming to not understand your English in an attempt to confuse and possibly rob you. After a long day of walking and unclean foods, exhaustion can make Americans all the more susceptible to scams of this kind.

Locals know enough to avoid these places, but for tourists, a simple wrong turn on the way to the Louvre can land you in a heap of trouble. In Paris, for instance, the Marais gay zone is an erratic mess of cobblestone alleys and ugly, decrepit buildings. Male prostitutes gather on the street corners, their big-lipped smiles are little more than a prelude to knock-out drops and a stolen kidney. Madrid’s Chica Barrio is infamous for its sexual bathhouses, where a late night shower can turn into a gang rape. Amsterdam’s “Red” district is in a constant state of crisis due to its gruesome marijuana epidemic. You will see zonked-out junkies gratifying themselves in just about every apartment window. In all of these ghettoes, erotic paraphernalia is openly displayed in storefronts, enticing passersby with brightly colored instruments of colonic violation. Drag queens walk the perimeters like some type of stiletto-booted storm troopers. Leather-clad men will follow you into the public toilets. And don’t even bother strolling in the parks! Every bush hides a nest of copulating ethnics, grunting and drooling for a taste of your white flesh.

European homosexuals patrol their gay zones with a delirious fanaticism.

Homosexuals wear their nudity like a uniform to patrol their gay zones.

The worst of it is surely the bars and discos. Barkers will literally grab young men off the streets and shanghai them into these carnivals of desire. You might be sipping on a fizzy cosmo one minute, and chained to the wall of a dungeon the next. The noise and the intoxication spills out into the night. The fallen patrol these crowds using the latest cellphone apps and will turn rash if you refuse their barbaric attempts at conversation. They are often found distributing pamphlets or forwarding websites that demand adherence to their insatiable obsession with sodomy. Roving cliques of homosexuals will leer at your clothes if you do not conform to the gay zone uniform of partial nudity and next season’s couture. If you show the slightest hint of weakness, these fashionistas will pounce with stunning alacrity.

This is the true face of Cultural Marxism. Homosexuals are dangerously intolerant of outsiders, and prone to quick acts of belligerence. Recruitment is a major element of these neighborhoods, for their fanatical movement needs to be fed fresh “meat” constantly to survive. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, the gays will lust after your heterosexuality with reckless abandon until you relent to their needs against some slick bathroom wall, whimpering like a beaten dog as every last shred of your faith is sprayed across those tacky turquoise tiles…

What is so shocking about this situation is that authorities have clearly lost control of their own territory. Most local police will be completely indifferent to the crimes of indecency happening right beneath their noses. The press prefers not to expose the lawlessness of the gay zones for fear of hurting the tourist trade. Some cities do distribute maps that delineate these areas, but this has had the adverse effect of luring the curious into these enclaves of vice. Considering that many of the nations of Europe once claimed to be Christian, this is all the more appalling.

If you’re considering a family vacation this season, why not take a gander at some homeland gems like Charleston, Nashville or Tampa? You’ll get all the excitement of Old Europe, with none of the botulism, jet lag and morally devastating sexual tension! Bon voyage! 

European homosexuals cherish

European homosexuals cherish the taste of wholesome American flesh and will do anything to lure the innocent into the foulest corners of their “Gay Zones.”