Media Silent Over Report That James Comey Was Killed in Bowling Green Massacre and Replaced By Crisis Actor Sean Hayes to Distract Trump From Canadian Invasion Plans

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson

High tech photostatic analysis has proved that “James Comey” (left) is actually actor Sean Hayes (right) after extensive rhinoplasty, collagen injections and make-up enhancements performed by Deep State agents of the Super Homosexual elite opposed to Trump’s winning vision.

Globalist socialist media outlets including the New York Times, AOL Search and The Chive have completely censored the shocking true story of “James Comey,” despite undeniable confirmation by citizen journalists at this week.

The news utterly destroys the “Putin Hacked the Election” hoax and undermines Comey’s upcoming testimony before Congress.

For President Trump, this revelation gives him the ammunition he needs to detain members of the Rebel Alliance in America’s network of FEMA camps.

The fact that the Illuminati media has worked so hard to keep this story from trending on Twitter only affirms the veracity of the fact that James Brien Comey Jr. was assassinated in the Bowling Green Massacre, which was orchestrated by far-left zealots working for Canadian Military Intelligence. It also explains why the horrific terrorist attack was blacked out of Google despite Kellyanne Conway’s best efforts.

Actor Sean Hayes, the nimble chameleon with sultry eyes who rose to fame as a “bossy bottom” on the NBC sitcom, Will & Grace, was tasked with being Comey’s body double in the aftermath of Bowling Green.

This discovery, affirmed by an exhaustive Bing Image search, has outraged Trump supporters. Several former FBI officials interviewed for this piece also confessed consternation at the news that Will & Grace was filmed in Toronto, Canada, despite Hollywood claims that the show took place in New York City, Donald J. Trump’s hometown.

Is socialist strongman Justin Trudeau trying to flex his muscles over American exceptionalism?

As FBI Director, Sean Hayes famously tapped Donald Trump’s cordless phone in Trump Tower and personally photoshopped his inauguration photos to make the President’s crowd look small and flaccid.

On May 9, 2017, Hayes was unceremoniously fired as Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation when President Trump learned his real identity from a meme on Twitter.

In a brilliant show of his “4-D chess” strategy, the President chose not to reveal what he knew about Sean Hayes at the time. It’s rumored that Trump wants the liberal farce to play out, exposing his Deep State enemies within the intelligence community so that he can purge them in one dramatic pogrom of secret police action.

As if there was any doubt about this story, leaks today prove that Barack Hussein Obama secretly met with socialist despot Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) on Tuesday to finalize invasion plans. The offensive includes the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Governor of the Occupied Canadian Territories Under Protection in the United States (OCTUPUS), as the new colony will be named.

Octupus is also known as “squid,” which not so coincidentally happens to be a slang term in the hardcore homosexual underground meaning, “a new recruit.” This important detail suggests Canadians are secretly plotting to enslave ordinary Americans in communistic medicine and sexual immorality, which is all too common north of our northern border.

Despite the establishment media censorship efforts, woke Trump supporters are using the hashtag #HisNameWasJackMcFarland to spread awareness of the “James Comey” false flag. Ally Vladimir Putin of Russia has even offered to station nuclear submarines off the coast of California as a muscular show of support for Trump’s winning presidency.

As always, conspiracy theorists on the fringes of the internet (secretly funded by Canada) are pushing doubts about this important news story. Cynics on websites like and Jezebel see no proof of the Comey-Hayes-Trudeau scandal. They point to the fact that NBC has rebooted Will & Grace for the fall and suspect that the entire Trump presidency was set up for the Comey appearance in Congress as a crude marketing ploy for the scandalous sex-drenched series.

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