Hillary Is Coming for Our Mobility Scooters!

Posted on by Derby Mack
Hillary's plan calls for seizures to start shortly after the election.

Elders be warned: Hillary’s plan calls for seizures to start shortly after the election.

Buried deep within H.R. 3600, Hillary Clinton’s $1 trillion health care plan from 1993, was a shocking assault on American freedom. Dubbed “The Federal Scooter Seizure Act” by critics, the law proposed redistributing our nation’s reserves of mobility scooters in favor of the urban poor.

Nationalized scooter confiscation was one of the many reasons Congress resoundingly defeated the troubled Health Security Act, but with the prospect of a Clinton presidency now looming large, the controversial plan has made a surprising comeback.

For Hillary, the fact that many hardworking citizens enjoy the comfort of their privately-owned indoor vehicles is an outrage.

Her staff of Ivy League “intellectuals” has been working to undermine the white suburban middle class mobility for years and this is their way to hit us where it hurts.

According to healthcare experts, Clinton’s team despises the independent thinkers — the so-called “basket full of deplorables”– who refuse to accept her globalist worldview.

Secret Creation of New Domestic Paramilitary Force
Adding insult to outrage, the Clinton Administration wants to empower a specially created, “HillaryCare Security Force” after a “civil emergency event.”

These stormtroopers will be tasked with entering our private property and confiscating personal mobility vehicles shortly after her election. They are also planning on setting up roadblocks around restaurants with “early bird specials” popular with retirees, according to one leaked memo from Hillary confidante, Huma Abedin (who comes from Iran, where mobility scooter seizure is common). Malls and gun shows will be two other areas heavily patrolled by Clinton’s secret police.

Once the government creates this massive HillaryCare Security bureaucracy, there will be no stopping them. Just like with Homeland Security or the Federal Reserve, this new agency will try to take over every aspect of our lives.

It’s not hard to imagine them coming for our prescription medications next… Bedside commodes, hemorrhoid creams, television remotes, Vicks vapor rub, shoe insoles, cable news, everything that represents American freedom to the elderly is a potential target for the power mad Hillary!

Clinton’s insatiable lust to destroy the heartland knows no bounds! Remember this vital message next time you stockpile your bunkers, sheeple!

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