Hillary’s Secret Wars in Yemen and Somalia Will Make Wall Street Great Again!

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson


As a trillion-dollar organization, the Rothschild’s central banking system quietly controls much of the global economy. Rarely does the public get a look inside their machinations of power. This week, however, a source leaked a proprietary newsletter from Rothschild & Co.’s Private Wealth Division. The contents below provide a shocking and frank look at Hillary Clinton, her appetite for secret wars and how the New World Order financial octopus is funding the entire operation.

London, 17th October, 2016: Worries about Donald J. Trump, the United States presidential candidate, clouded the financial outlook for much of the last 12 months. Wall Street asset managers sheltered in safe haven funds as a hedge against the anti-globalist, anti-corporate tendencies of the American electorate.

Two of the major central banks – the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and the Bank of Japan –signaled in August that they would stop purchasing U.S. bonds altogether if the international investment community did not expand its support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

This manoeuvre appears to have had its desired effect, as major media organisations have since successfully animated the polling numbers for Mrs. Clinton.

As such, we remain confidant that the next American president will continue the military operations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, thereby securing profits in defence, pharmaceuticals, robotics and blue chip industrials.

Two nation-states present particular investment opportunities for informed clients.

In Somalia, President Barack Obama has undertaken a limited military effort that, according to intelligence from strategists at Rothschild’s Africa desk, could be greatly expanded. This possibility is amplified by the discovery of rare earth minerals in that nation. These are essential to the manufacture of next generation computer processors and will, in turn, finance the appropriation of more weapons as fighting intensifies, according to the Pentagon’s latest projections.

The second high yield environment will be Yemen, where President Obama has engaged a proxy war via the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Continued instability in the area could be upscaled tenfold to provide new revenue streams in defence, private contracting and global security services.

These events will insure a qualitative concentration of assets within the top tier investor class as low end stakeholders continue to be deleted from market growth scenarios.

The power of our central banks remains one of the most crucial ways to reduce the potential capabilities of reluctant demographics. Select individuals continue to target concentrated nodes of power, with many using so-called “data leaks” to expose important systems. Yet this threat has been successfully mitigated through controlled opposition methods pioneered by the Rothschild organisation in the 1920s and updated to address the Internet ecosystem of today.


Weakness in oil and the potential housing bubble in China continue to cause concerns. They may presage a significant correction event in 2017, but that should not damage the crucial geo-political position of our central banks. Indeed, the volatility presents us with ample opportunities to stablise our profit streams as local political structures become indebted to global financial systems disciplined by the Rothschild portfolio.

China’s successful attempt to have its currency accepted as a component of the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket of reserve currencies reaffirms the country’s willingness to partake in the Rothschildian directives.

Russia, on the other hand, will continue to present difficulties as long as Vladimir Putin remains in office. However, backlash from the Clinton administration and continued pressure from OPEC may help loosen his grip on power, as will the momentum Mrs. Clinton garners for her coming war efforts. (Additional information regarding the Clinton White House military strategy vis-à-vis Putin will be available in a separate newsletter.)

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Moishe Mustafa McPhearson is the pseudonym of a former Iraqi Navy Seal who worked undercover for the Bush Administration and Irish Intelligence in the aftermath of 9/11. He has been awarded the CIA’s coveted Intelligence Star and was once a contender for a Grammy in Country Music, but had to bow out due to security concerns. Today, Moishe consults various presidential campaigns, EMP awareness groups and Fortune 500 companies while remaining an active voice for Freedom in the Middle East.