Did the Clinton Crime Family Assassinate the Loch Ness Monster?

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Was this deep-sea dinosaur poisoned by seaborne chemtrails?

Proof of living dinosaurs would support the 6,000- year Biblical timeline and could disrupt the elite’s plan for globalist dehumanization.

In no time in human history has the science of deep-water exploration developed so rapidly. In the last five years alone, we have witnessed incredible innovations in sonar arrays, echolocation and parametric mapping. Now more than ever before we can explore the darkest sea caverns with stunning accuracy. While the advancements have mostly been funded by Big Oil and the United States Military, the general public has also benefited from these achievements.

Just as consumers began to adopt these new technologies, something else, something strangely intriguing occurred. Citizen journalists have recorded no credible sightings of the Loch Ness Monster since 2011, the very dawn of the era of superior undersea mapping, but they did notice the concentrated discharges of “aquatrails,” i.e. chemtrails of the sea.

Most disturbing of all, 2011 happens to be the exact point in time when Hillary Clinton cemented her authority over the Department of State, banishing her critics and forming extraordinary alliances at NSA and CIA. In addition, the Clinton Foundation gave her access to the clubby world of international capital markets and put her in the same room as Rockefellers and Rothschilds. With this unparalleled apparatus of power at her disposal, she became the Deep State’s very own apex predator in the dark jungle of global affairs.

The reason these events are so crucially important is that many well-respected cryptozoologists from Dr. Kent Hovind to Dr. Stephenson Billings believe that Scotland’s “Nessie” is actually a plesiosaur dinosaur and that her existence proves much of leftist Darwinian “theory” entirely wrong. In fact, the survival of this dinosaur would validate the Biblical timeline of a 6,000-year old earth and the Great Flood.

Yet global elites like Hillary Clinton will do everything to stop the reawakening of faith that a living Loch Ness plesiosaur would inspire.

Clinton's time at the State Department was characterized by escalating violence.

Clinton’s time at the State Department was characterized by secrecy and escalating international destabilization.

Secrecy, Sponsored Assassinations and the State Department
The State Department has long tapped the CIA to commit political assassinations. From the Congo to Panama to Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt, the United States has carried out the elimination of countless high value targets to secure national interests. The Pentagon even exports their most sophisticated tactics to Latin America, using the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia, as a training center for international killers.

Hillary Clinton herself has a significant history of violence. As a United States Senator, she voted for every proposed foreign military action and privately chomped at the bit for war with Iran. She was also a vocal supporter of Israel’s aggressions in Palestine. At State, she established a reputation as a hawkish tyrant who let nothing stand in the way of her globalist arrogance. Bombing Libya without Congressional approval and creating ISIS are but two examples of her psychopathologized foreign policy. On the homefront, there are over 50 individuals who are suspected of being assassinated by the Clinton Crime Family, not to mention the careers of all the people she was happy to destroy for simply being in her way. And she did all this while secretly accepting billions from the Wall Street sociopaths, international oligarchs and some of the most heinous dictator states around.

Our Responsibility to Hillary: Question Everything
Considering Hillary Clinton’s paranoid megalomaniacal personality and her record of savagery, is it really that much of a stretch to believe she assassinated the Loch Ness Monster? With the disturbing use of drone warfare already a fact of life of Democrat Party power, would it surprise anyone to see Hillary embrace even deadlier technologies like killer robots or chemtrails if they were at her disposal?

Hillary’s casual relationship with the truth all but guarantees she will deny these allegations, as she has denied anything else that vaguely hints at her culpability. Her obsession with secrecy insures that little information about her clandestine wars will make it into the public sphere. If details do leak, they will be heavily obfuscated by a lapdog media hungry for her table scraps of domestic “social justice.” Hasn’t this been the case in every instance of the Clinton Crime Family’s three decades of scandal?

Yet these facts do not lessen the responsibility we have as citizen to always demand the complete and precise truth from Hillary Clinton at all times, no matter what roadblocks she puts in our way. 

From Loch Ness to Damascus
aquatrails2In the end, the assassination of the Loch Ness Monster is but a minor prelude to the hawkish violence that Hillary’s presidency would unleash upon this world.

This is a woman who has been rattling her saber at Vladimir Putin for years now. From the Ukraine to the South China Seas, there’s ample room for a manufactured crisis with Russia. This is the very same playbook her husband followed when domestic concerns threatened to dent the administration’s standing in the polls. The corporate media’s steady drumbeat of Syria coverage also suggests she’s envisioning a Middle East invasion within the first few months of her presidency.

In a speech this week at the national convention of the American Legion in Cincinnati, Ohio, Clinton even embraced the nuclear option for foreign conflicts, noting, “We must be able to act decisively, alone if we need to.” Does that sound like a woman who would hesitate for a second before violating another nation’s sovereignty to viciously murder a local hero?

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