Is Hillary Seeking Asylum in the Saudi Embassy?

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson

saudiasylumThe Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington D.C. has been a hive of activity in the last few days. Moving trucks have made several large deliveries of furniture. Photographs of file cabinets have even circulated on Twitter where the speculation has been rampant.

Could this Hillary Clinton’s exit plan?

With the recent announcement that FBI Director James Comey has reopened his investigation into Clinton and her family, Democratic Party officials have been visibly worried. Longtime advisor Donna Brazile was just fired from her post at CNN. Huma Abedin’s passport has been seized. Anthony Weiner’s revelations are only going to get worse.

Rumors are flying that Clinton’s arrest is imminent.

And the election is only days away.

If Hillary does seek asylum at the Saudi embassy, she will be following in Julian Assange’s footsteps. Unlike the Wikileaks founder, however, Mrs. Clinton has demanded luxurious accommodations. Included in her list of specifications, according to one source, is a private en suite bathroom with a claw foot tub, a top tier cable subscription, daily maid service, vouchers good at local restaurants and a bowl of M&M candies “with all the brown ones removed.”

Hillary could face a life sentence if convicted of her crimes.

Hillary could face a life sentence if convicted of her crimes.

Clinton’s asylum could be a crucial move and one unprecedented in American electoral history. Legal analysts are not in agreement if this would prevent her from holding on to the presidency, should she win this election.

Could Hillary rule effectively from an office building in Foggy Bottom that is officially Saudi Arabian territory? Trump supporters would certainly be outraged by this, but diplomatic protection would keep her at arm’s length from arrest and imprisonment.

Some political watchers warn that if Comey does not move to immediately detain Mrs. Clinton, she may keep the Saudi asylum option as a backup plan. “She could always threaten the American public with her untouchable status, knowing there’s a deluxe suite at the Saudi’s available to her 24/7/365,” noted libertarian activist Pierre Windberg, “and that would open the floodgates for a litany of new crimes, like war with Putin, taxing our CEOs into oblivion, seizing our guns and creating marijuana entitlements for the welfare class.”

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