Does Hillary’s New York Health Scare Hint at a Marijuana Problem?

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
Not just high in the polls...

Not just high in the polls…

When Hillary Clinton had her public freakout in downtown Manhattan today, the corporate media jumped into high gear to immediately manufacture a family-friendly “heat & humidity” narrative for national consumption. But watching the video of the Democratic presidential candidate stumbling out of the event looking dazed and confused, some serious questions were raised.

Why was she so quick to leave her many friends in the press corps behind? Why didn’t she tell anyone where she was going? If she was indeed having a “severe medical emergency,” why didn’t she go to a hospital instead of hiding out at somebody’s apartment in her sunglasses with the shades drawn? Did she have a glass of water? Did she lie down? Who finally talked her down and got her outside again?

Hillary’s official vehicle has become a prominent element in this entire episode. Dubbed the “Scooby Doo Van” by secret service agents (apparently for its groovy interior and blackened windows), the “mystery machine” may hint at a marijuana issue. It where the candidate first went to hide after she started freaking out in the big crowd. As many know, Scooby Doo was a 1970s cartoon about a perpetually confused, pot addled hippie and his talking dog sidekick who drive around the country warning people about imaginary ghosts and goblins. (Sound familiar?)

In my hometown, there are rumors that a very bad batch of “sour diesel” has been circulating. It makes you weird and paranoid, just like Hilary’s been acting lately. She is also behaving very odd around Donald Trump, accusing him of all sorts of crazy things with zero proof. She really seems like she’s too caught up in her own head and just imagining everyone is scheming against her. That paranoia is a classic side effect of drug abuse.

I’m not a medical professional and don’t have access to Clinton’s health records, but doesn’t this seem rather obvious?

We’ve all seen the videos of Hillary’s bad, hacking cough, and they certainly remind us of weed smokers we’ve known. Then consider Hillary’s record at liberal elite colleges in the early 1970s, when pot was a “rite of passage” for many leftists. Could the Mrs. Clinton be returning to a “habit” of her youth? Did she ever abandon it in the first place?

We won’t have the answers to this important question until Mrs. Clinton submits to thorough drug testing by an independent, third party medical team with input from the Trump campaign. Maybe her close friends can do an intervention to get her to agree. Anyone with nothing to hide would agree to such a procedure without provocation. Will Hillary? If she wants to distance herself from a reputation of being a conniving paranoid pot-addicted hippie freak, she’ll put down that bong and do it today.