Halo, the Videogame That Trains Your Teens to Fight for the Nietzschean New World Order

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

We will not be discussing the criminal levels of violence so common in computer games today. We will not be discussing how the creators of Halo have taken this to a new level, preying on children’s insecurities to offer than an outlet through the scope of a futuristic rifle. We will save the news reports of mental neurosis, obesity, suicide and even murder associated with the gaming lifestyle for another time. These are simply matters of public record, issues that a moral society will either grapple with or not if we care in the least about projecting those uniquely American values of justice and human decency into the future.

No, today let us pull back the layers of secrecy to reveal what Halo, one of this nation’s most controversial video games, is teaching young people about God and socialist revolution. Never before have we encountered something so unquestionably dangerous as this noxious fantasy scene of simian jack bootery and salacious jezebels conspiring to deliriously manipulate our fragile, lost teens who, in their heart of hearts, may be simply yearning for a warm embrace and a reason to live. Indeed, the story that follows will not be a pretty one.

stephenson billings on halo

  • Plot: Egged on by a half-naked female handler named Cortana, a chemically-enhanced warrior fights against a theocratic alliance called “The Covenant” descended from the heavens. Master Chief joins gangs and employs an arsenal of implausible weapons to viciously wipe out all the ancestors of “the Ark” in an effort to cement the power of a global government called the UNSC.
  • Setting: Massive structures of fascist design dot dangerous Asiatic landscapes. The hyper-real graphics are drawn with jarring fluorescent colors. This future world is on the cusp of the ultimate judgment, reminiscent of Biblical End Times. There is no grey area here. You’re either lock step with Master Chief’s agenda of anarchy or you die.
  • Soundtrack: Heavy metal slasher rock at ear-piercing levels.
  • Influence: For over a decade, this has been the most popular game on the planet. It has spawned children’s books, comic series, costume festivals, television shows, fan videos, spin-off games and a type of animated pornography known as Machinera. Along the way, it has sold over 100 million copies and has made its creators billions of dollars.

stephenson billings on halo
One may ask why the story of Halo has never been told before. Could it be the enormous power that the entertainment industry wields over the public discourse? Could it be those billions of dollars that companies like Microsoft throw around Congress? Or could it be just one small cog in the grand scheme of things that international banking cartels use to sell us on the illusion of those frail dollars crumpled damply in our pockets?

A more immediate truth is that the game is extremely off-putting and complicated for adults. Its component “Xbox” shooting console is expensive. And even when one plays the game, it takes incredible effort to understand its larger meaning. Only those who become truly addicted to Halo discover its deepest, most hidden levels.

stephenson billings on aziz ansariTo get there, you traverse places with names like Blood Gulch, Valhalla, Tombstone and Warlock Wizards. You arm yourself with flamethrowers and plasma cannons, reticule booms and fusion cores. You join gangs of real-life players all across the world wide web and embark on quests to the screams of “Kill! Faster! Kill!” The scene is littered with the skulls of the dead, skulls that give you narcotic boosts of insane power as you tear the heads off your opponents and feast on their gory innards.

The woman Cortana hovers behind, whispering conspiracies in your ear. She uses her big-breasted flirtatiousness to trick you to take on suicidal missions. She may be little more than a cliché of the Cold War communist agent handling the “useful idiots” of the West, but she is extremely effective.

The more you play the game, the more dehumanized you become. You are simply a robot after all, a robot of bits and bytes manifested on a television screen. Compassion and love are cast aside. You have become a killing machine whose sole purpose in life is to crush religion into a bloody mound of puss and gristle for the sake of the End Times collective.

Is this truly the fate that awaits us? How can we so casually cast aside the wisdom of our Founding Fathers? They had a vision of freedom and faith that gave birth to the greatest nation this planet has ever known. Since the 1960s, we have seen our most sacred institutions destroyed in the name of “progress.” Radical sexuality, communism, drugs and inner city violence are the reprehensible results of liberalism’s assault on the primacy of patriotism and family values. Today let us consider how far these people will go to destroy those amongst us who cherish God’s plan for America and our inviolable responsibility to keep the world safe.

Halo is simply that first, furtive step on the long march to the American Armageddon. Yet if we educate ourselves and arm our homefronts with faith, there is always hope. You might even begin by giving your teen that warm, heartfelt hug he so desperately craves.

stephenson billings on halo


    • Covenant: Represents the Evangelical Christians of America, those who hold sacred the Biblical covenant to live in harmony with the Gospels. They are depicted as monstrous and fanatical and children are forced to kill them.
    • Forerunners: These are the Gods who created the videogame. Employing deism to describe our Almighty is a backhanded way to insult the One True God of Christianity.
    • Halo: God’s Kingdom of Grace on earth that players try desperately to escape. What is outside this circle of saintly light? The answer is the emptiness of atheism and nihilism.
    • The Ark: In the Bible, Noah’s Ark is the protector of all forms of life yet here it means a star wars space satellite with the capacity to launch extinction. Without any doubt, this contradiction of imagery exposes the radical hatred of true American values in Halo.
    • Ontological Imperialism: Halo nags you to ponder the ultimate meaning of the game and thereby the ultimate meaning of your existence. In doing so, it is hijacking the traditional role of Christianity in a young person’s education. Sadly, the answer that Halo offers to this question is that you must live out your life in the here and now, destroying every remnant of the Christian faith and fomenting a New World Order in which everyone is godlike.

“God is dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?” –Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science.

Part II: My Story: Exposing Halo’s Ultimate Endgame for America.