Goldman Sachs Betting on FEMA Coffins With New Derivatives Fund

Posted on by Henricus Institor

femacoffins3When rumors first surfaced in 2008 that FEMA was stockpiling coffins at different locations around the country, the mainstream media simply ignored it. In 2009, one intrepid explorer videotaped a site in Madison, Georgia and posted the evidence on YouTube. Quickly thereafter his account went ominously silent. The story popped up again in 2012 and gained even more momentum with continued sightings immediately after Barack Hussein Obama’s “reelection.”

Yet despite the irrefutable proof, an elite group of media insiders has been attempting to “debunk” the story with round after round of disinformation and falsified documents. They have shown us implausible contracts that look about as genuine as Obama’s birth certificate. They’ve thrown out theories that the coffins aren’t even coffins at all, but weatherproof underground storage devices that might just possibly be used to contain… coffins! They’ve even suggested that the containers are far too large to hold bodies, conveniently avoiding the fact that one of any military operation’s post-war protocols is to maximize burial space and protect ground water. In other words, these containers are the perfect storage situations for multiple bodies. By one estimation, each could hold up to 5 bodies for a decade and be moved easily by a straight mast forklift. With many locations holding 500,000 five-body FEMA stack coffins, the potential to intern 2.5 million souls is eerily prescient as most American population centers and their surrounding counties are home to about that same number of people. Considering the geographic locations already identified by citizen journalists on the internet, it appears likely that FEMA is looking to depopulate cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville and Myrtle Beach in the first round of global upheaval.

The lingering question that remains is why we’ve been allowed to become aware of this information. Was the first leak simply accidental? Are the coffins so numerous and so large that they just can’t be hidden well enough? Or is the release of this information meant to distract us from the bigger picture?

One fascinating clue that has been obscured in this saga is the background of the manufacturer of the Five-Body Fema Stack Coffins. It’s a business called Vantage Products of Covington, Georgia. As one delves deeper into the corporate tentacles surrounding this small town company, one starts to see the globalist reach and the unique foundational architecture of the New World Order. Despite layer upon layer of obscure financial documents, we have now learned that Vantage, created in an old Dupont factory that some have suggested was connected to the CIA, is itself owned by the much larger Diversified Technology Group. DTG is, in turn, controlled by Indel, Inc., a conglomerate of 65 defense and engineering companies, of Rancocas, New Jersey, which itself is wholly owned by Rowan Technologies. Rowan is the brainchild of Henry Rowan, the billionaire who once gave $100 million to have a college in New Jersey named after him.

One of the many FEMA stockpiles of "Five Body Stack Coffins" around the country.

One of the many FEMA stockpiles of “Five Body Stack Coffins” around the country.

As a whole, the massive, privately-controlled company manufactures industrial cremation ovens, banking software, optical scanning equipment for government identity programs, high voltage power systems, thermal grid infrastructure and “sports” shooting accessories. And yes, they’re also a major defense contractor, providing essential engineering to our nuclear submarine program, among other classified projects. Taken altogether, this is an interesting blueprint of how a New World Order organization seeks to quietly control every aspect of human existence. From the education of our children, to the monitoring of our banking systems, to the cozy relationshop with the highest echelons of power via the Defense Department, Vantage is one of the many vital linchpins that the global elite have put in place.

In addition, rumors have recently been circulating on the internet that Goldman Sachs, the piggy bank of the Illuminati, has begun talks to create a specialized derivatives fund to help finance Diversified Technology Group’s resin purchases, due to the fact that the price of that commodity has risen sharply under Obama’s prolonged economic crisis. Resin, of course, is an essential element in the manufacture of the Five-Body FEMA Stack Coffins! Yet don’t get your checkbook out just yet. The fund will likely be closed to all but the 1%!

The final question we must ask ourselves today is what does this mean for the immediate future? The shelf life of a Five-Body Fema Stack Coffin is about 25 years, while underground it is about 40. Does that mean the final operations to undermine American political stability will likely happen in that time frame? Is that what Goldman Sachs is banking on? Or do the bankers foresee a cyclical production output, whereby segments of the population are killed off every ten years to keep Americans struggling in some sort of Hunger Games hyper reality? Stay tuned as this is a developing story!

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