“Glory Holing,” The Shocking New Campus Sex Game Putting Young Men at Risk

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
A new college "toilet" trend in raising concerns among parents.

A new college “toilet” trend in raising concerns among parents.

College trends come and go but some are so vile they leave scars that can last a lifetime. Recently, rumors began spreading on the Facebook pages of various Southern universities that a new thrill was rearing its fearsome head on campus. This was confirmed by mentions buried deep within police bulletins and secretive postings on Craigslist.org. An internet investigation into the dark underworld of youth culture revealed the broad outlines of this ghastly new obsession.

This report may be upsetting to some readers and, unfortunately, it will also be graphic. But the truth needs to be told so that parents can protect their children at a time in their lives when common sense and Christ are so easily cast aside for a quick joyride on the highway of lust.

This is all bad news but I’m going to start with the worst of it: “Glory holing” is a homosexual game. It involves two or more young men engaging in an erotic encounter. All those who participate may not be aware that the actions they are pursuing are gay in nature, but the result is unquestionably homosexual.

Glory holing takes place in campus bathrooms. Because of the peculiar types of young men escalating this fad, these actions occur exclusively in library lavatories deep within the bowels of a building. They’ll be located in places where normal students rarely tread, such as the floors dedicated to almanacs, anthropology or foreign literature.

Libraries attract a specific kind of student and that may be part of the problem. These boys tend to be less popular and less athletic. They’re not the ones involved in healthy social interactions with members of the opposite sex. They’re not working on positive heterosexual friendships with their dorm mates. Nor are they the important members of collegiate fraternal organizations.

Instead, these “library boys” are the types who sulk around with a chip on their shoulders. They’re the troubled teens and early twenty-somethings who never learned to grow up. They dye their hair or let it grow long. They love video games and art history and German philosophers. Maybe they join a campus protest every once in a while and put their names on a socialist party mailing list. Some are flamboyant and suck lollipops as a secret gay signal. Others are bearded and can be menacing with their verbal commands.

The homosexual will vandalize a bathroom to seek campus glory hole "action."

The homosexual will vandalize a bathroom to seek campus glory hole “action.”


• The Arena: In an obscure corner of the university library, there will be a men’s lavatory that reeks of human fluids. It will have two to eight stall toilets against the wall. Some of the overhead lights may have been disabled. It’s murky and ominous. A sink or urinal will be damaged so that there is a steady murmur of running water to muffle the gasps and moans.

• Opening Play: A young man will enter a stall. At groin level, there will be a hole chopped to the next space over. There will be lips gesturing from that eerie hollow, gesturing for the boy’s organ. The boy will be confused and weak, maybe even tormented by his insecurities towards the opposite sex. He is labeled the “new recruit.”

• A Catch: Those strange lips belong to a homosexual. If and when the student breaks down, he is unknowingly passing unto the other side. He may believe that since only his phallus traverses the hole, that the rest of his body remains steadfastly heterosexual, but this is mere semantics. For the gay, this is considered a “score.”

• The Pass: The brief encounter will give the student a sense of belonging that he has been incapable of finding elsewhere. Thus, he will return again and again, believing the activity legitimizes his flamboyant and sarcastic personality. Eventually, he will cross the moral barrier and will find himself gesturing his own lollipop-glossed lips for the next innocent patron of that murky library stall. At this point, he’s what is known as a “team player” for homosexuality.

• Extra Innings: The more advanced level of deviant will break open larger holes so that actual acts of sodomy may be performed between stalls. This may seem impossible to imagine, but it is shockingly true. The penetration that occurs often involves ethnic students due to their endowments and the result is deep and painful. Men at this level are given sports-themed titles such as “pitcher,” “batter” or “switch hitter.”

• The Playoffs: As this activity becomes more common, the glory hole environment takes on the air of a private sporting event, a homosexual version of “Fight Club” if you will. The drama and excitement is spread by word of mouth and more boys are lured into the action. Some come simply to spectate, others to try their hand at the game. Over time, it becomes even darker and more crowded, with its own style of thumping motivational music. Star players are treated like heroes while new recruits must work extra hard to have their skills recognized.

• Post-Season: In a worst case scenario, otherwise healthy and normal students can chance upon this world. It seems so strange and thrilling all at once that even a fraternity brother or star football player can mistakenly engage himself. He might not even grasp that it’s actually a male and not a female on the other side of that barrier. Once intrigued and then peer-pressured and finally addicted to male-on-male eroticism, many young men are permanently damaged from the glory holing game. And when the day comes for them to graduate from campus, they will bring their sinful habits with them into the real world.

While we may never know why this fad has become so popular so quickly, it’s safe to say that it likely originated in northern schools with lax attitudes towards perversity. Unfortunately, today it’s spreading to many prestigious Southern and even Christian institutions. There is also evidence to suggest that Barack Hussein Obama’s open embrace of the gay agenda helped launch the whole “glory holing scene” on college campuses.

Like every youth trend that has come before, this one is both foolish and dangerous. Young men need to understand that it doesn’t make them one of the “in” kids. It genuinely harms their relationships to faith, family and community. Worse still, it may also chain a youngster to the homosexual lifestyle. And that’s a brutal prison sentence like no other.


  • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

    I would have expected better from our university students, especially at Christian colleges, but vice, like any disease, can infect an entire generation.

    The whole issue of peer pressure is really something we need to prepare our young people to face. I believe that a strong backbone, hard work and a fully formed sense of morality can make a child strong in the face of such bullying by their peers. There is absolutely no reason why a young man should engage in these bathroom sexual acts just to be cool. If a teen really needs that boost to his ego, there is probably some larger problem there to begin with. Most likely, it’s a poor upbringing and a lack of faith in himself and God.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      It really is pretty sad how little college kids respect themselves these days.

      • Randy Ralatuccio

        True and they also get addicted to pot all too often through these homosexual relationships. I think they should have a look at MMYV marijuanja makes you violent to help them understand not just the lustful but the ADDICTIVE risks of the all-too-typical college lifestyl!

  • SkyMark

    Disgusting. No other word for it. I hope my kids arent up to this bullshit.

  • James

    Sounds to me that you are pretty curios about this subject. like something you are getting off on secretly. How many glory holes have you visited?

  • Jon

    Just when I thought your articles couldnt get any dumber, I read this one. Gloryholes are frequented by gay and str8 men and have been since bathrooms have been invented. I challenge you to present ANY EVIDENCE that “the game” you described above is true ! ANYONE can make up a line of bullshit that sounds good to promote your ridiculous ideas. I will continue reading your “works” and share them with friends. We find you idiots to be VERY FUNNY ! If you ARE a “Dr.” I would love to see the school ! LOL

  • ObidiahBobblenob

    We bow to your superior, in-depth knowledge of glory holes, Jon.

  • Kinsey6

    Jon you are spot on exactly correct!

  • Glen Counts

    Gloryholes have been around universities and colleges for ever!
    Even some of these people talking this up have used them! Washington U in St Louis had Gloryholes that young men would wait in line to get off in! Cops are not left out of this either! Check the gloryholes listings on such as Xtube for hoovermouth! Police and military both hit him up in uniform for head! It will only get worst people ! Leave it be. They will either be straight or queer! Most of this starts when children reach puberty and overnight friends explore with sex with each other and they never forget or get over it!! Parents are the worst these days expecting to trust their kids with the internet on phones and ect. They hand the devil right to them! Guess how many young boys/men make videos of themselves masterbating to completion showing off the size of their penis! Locked away in their own bedrooms with parents oblivious or non careing! Their just boys they say! Yes, they are and they are forming a lifestyle all their own!!
    Just saying!


    If I went inside the men’s restroom and walk inside a stall and locked the door behind me
    and pull down my pants and then was sitting on the toilet seat, and then a gentleman
    walk inside the men’s restroom 15 minutes later and then walk to the urinal and if
    he noticed that there was a hole inside the stall, and if he put his penis inside the
    glory hole and if I noticed that the gentleman was well endowed
    I will make sure there will be a happy ending for the gentleman before he leaves the men’s restroom.


    The definition of male bonding between two consenting adults.


    Since a man regardless of his sexual orientation can’t get erectile dysfunction from
    receiving anonymous fellatio from another man using a glory hole inside the men’s restroom,
    a man regardless of his sexual orientation should not worry about receiving anonymous
    fellatio from another man using a glory hole inside the men’s restroom.


    If more heterosexual men use the glory hole to receive anonymous fellatio
    from another man regardless of their sexual orientation in the men’s restroom,
    64% of heterosexual men would not have to masturbate to receive
    sexual gratification in the first place.


    ” So long as we have enough people in this country willing to fight for their rights,
    we’ll be called a democracy.” ACLU Founder Roger Baldwin


    ” A orgasm is like a sneeze.” Dr. Ruth WestHeimer


    ” You don’t put ketchup on a hotdog.”
    Clinton Eastwood Jr. American film actor and director


    The glory hole is an icon of gay pride
    for gay men in the LGBT community.


      ” So long as we have enough people
      in this country willing to
      fight for their rights,
      we’ll be called a democracy.”

      ACLU Founder
      Roger Baldwin


      I’m the hornyest man
      in America.