Does Gay Marriage Open the Door to Extraterrestrial Sex Tourism?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
The Illuminati Rothschilds have been celebrating the bestial nature of alien sexuality for decades.

The Illuminati Rothschilds have been celebrating the bestial nature of alien sexuality for decades.

When I read that Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen– two men with secret ties to the Hollywood elite, the Pink Mafia and the Illuminati arm of the British Royal Family– had been chosen to be the Grand Wizards of New York’s Gay Pride March, my curiosity was piqued.

When the Supreme Court announced its mandate on homosexual marriage to coincide with the crowning of Jacboi and McKellen, I was further intrigued.

And then a third piece of this shocking puzzle surfaced: NASA’s declaration that contact with extraterrestrial life is imminent.

All the elements of this vast conspiracy are falling into place. The hidden message of American homosexuality is now, after decades of psyop disinformation, finally revealing itself.

They are coming. There is no denying it now. How else could a patriotic, Christian nation like America be pushed into something so shocking and alien as degenerate marriage if not by the grand machinations of powers thoroughly beyond our comprehension?

An Alien Agenda

Dr. Simon Conway Morris, Cambridge University’s Professor of Evolutionary Paleobiology, recently suggested that if alien beings ever visited planet Earth, it may not be with noble intentions. When a superior race encounters a weaker one, the eminent theorist noted, subjugation often follows. We have numerous examples of this in human history. Think of the process of colonization where virgin lands were exploited and lesser peoples enslaved. If a breed of creatures from outside our solar system sought us out, what would be their inclination? Would they come here for our water or our gold? Cheap labor? A ready supply of meat?

The real answer to this question is buried deep within the Gay Agenda’s surreptitious ties to the Soviet Union. In 1963 a leaked document was entered into the Congressional record outlining the Communist Party’s 45 stated goals for destroying America. Amongst these was the direct assault on Christian morality through homosexual degeneracy abetted by the liberal media and sympathetic university professors.

Video games like "GTA 5" have been promoting the idea of homosexual alien rape for years.

Video games like “GTA 5” have been promoting the idea of homosexual alien rape for years.

The Otherworldly Endgame of Gay Marriage

Contemporary analysts have postulated that the nationalization of homosexual marriage is a New World Order plot, but no one has truly been willing to follow this notion to its logical conclusion.

What does the Illuminati gain by making human beings vulnerable to polysexuality? Why the incredible focus on sodomy and other extreme forms of dark carnality? Why does the brutal, filthy, freakish nature of homosexual copulation in online videos often suggest bestiality? This would also explain the recent “fetish” for so-called “interracial gang bang” films featuring otherwise normal young white males being violated by illegal aliens.

Dr. David Icke, a noted theorist and public speaker from the Isle of Wight, has put together the internet’s most impressive dossier proving that extraterrestrials have already infiltrated the highest echelons of power on our planet. Icke believes that the Illuminati is populated by an interdimensional species of shapeshifters. When one looks at our system of debt slavery, our surveillance state and the endless wars, it does seem like a strange coincidence that freedom has deteriorated so rapidly as new technologies and multinationalism have flourished. And, of course, the secretive global elite celebrates every new humiliation of the human race. Just look at Goldman Sach’s stock price after news of Greece’s financial default.

Of Homosexual Bondage

Gay Illuminatus Derek Jacobi displays the rapid eye shift common among the reptilian elite.

Gay Illuminatus Derek Jacobi displays the rapid eye shift common among the reptilian elite.

This all brings us back to Jacobi and McKellen. An intensive analysis of their biographies and visible media suggests that both may, in fact, be Illuminati themselves. They unquestionably possess the “rapid eye shift” that Dr. Icke has identified as indicative of a reptilian nature.

This certainly explains their elevation to Grand Wizards of American Homosexuality at the very same moment the Supreme Court trashes Biblical law. But what, exactly, do these two New World Order kingpins have in store for the United States? Could they have been ordered here by the Pindar as some sort of Colonial Governors of domestic immorality?

The most viable answer is that these extraterrestrials want to prostitute our young American men. We know from countless accounts that most alien encounters end in rape. And when one considers the beauty of our finest specimens, their taut muscles and undeniable frisson of innocence, it’s not hard to imagine that making love to these boys would be like a drug to a foreign species. How else to explain our surreal system of debt slavery and surveillance? Why would mankind ever impose such bondage upon itself?

It’s only a matter of time before America becomes a tawdry pit stop for lusty extraterrestrials on the prowl. The coming financial collapse will surely march many right into Obama’s FEMA prostitution camps where the glow of the red light district will seem like the only hope for survival. The homosexual will likely welcome their new dominant polysexual overlords. The thought of being hit with multiple erectiles and being smothered in complex orifices titillates their nastiest desires. This is the very definition of polymorphous perversity!

How have we let this nation fall so low?