Ganja Blazing Ghetto Black “Zombie Rap Music” is Freaking America Out!

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

zombiesIt’s the perfect storm of heinous life choices: marijuana addiction, housing project violence, ethnic music and worship of the Satanic occult. It’s “zombie rap,” the disturbing new fad raging recklessly in the nation’s inner cities. The tragic news for families today is that it’s leaking out of the ghetto and into our suburbs, putting children everywhere at risk.

Pedophile pop star Michael Jackson first introduced the black community to ideas of the devil-worshipping undead with his gyrating MTV video for “Thriller.” Zombies partied on the gravesite of the American dream in Jackson’s ridiculous minstrel and teens from coast to coast celebrated with irresponsible fashions and sexualized dance moves. More recently television shows about vampires gave a new breed of hip hop stars fuel for their angry, urban fires. Buffy the Vampire Slayerinspired Harlem musician Shawn Combs to change his name to Puffy, while white bands like Slayer also got into the game.

Now rapper singers are taking this embrace of damnation to an entirely new level. They cherish films like Twilight and The Walking Dead. They use any excuse to ride on someone else’s lucrative cultural trend to pay for a world ripe with weed, weapons and debaucherous white women. Many uneducated inner city youths are drawn to this idea because they yearn for that noxious mix of immorality and immortality that the liberal media offers up so well. They hate the decency of Jesus Christ. Church worship and heartfelt patriotism are completely foreign to them. Is it any wonder that our cities are plagued with constant ethnic crime waves?

The rap duo Flatbush Zombies is undoubtedly leading this revolution in the African-American music industry. Combining an obsession with the Buffy/Twilight underground scene and the gang bang lifestyle of the projects, their songs are filled with profanity and hardcore drugs. The two men involved openly flaunt their gold-plated teeth and “ghetto fabulous” lifestyles of harlot women and gaudy Cadillacs. Adults will find this so-called “music” lacking any rhythm, style of harmony. It’s simply angry black people yelling loudly at a cameraman while loitering on the streets (and where were the local police when all of this was happening?). It’s unfathomable that anyone could describe a videotaped crime wave such as this “art.”

Along with a skanky, “down low” crew called “A$AP Mob,” the Zombies even have a rap entitled, “Bath Salts”which glamorizes the nation’s newest, deadliest drug. In one famous case, bath salts made a user act out a zombie fantasy by eating the faces off several people in a small town in Florida. Indeed, this is the very story that the song “Bath Salts” celebrates in a shocking attempt to force the face-eating, drug addicted ethnic lifestyle on America’s teens!

The motto of this charlatan choir of thuggy menace is “D.R.U.G.S.” which supposedly means “Death and Reincarnation Under God’s Supervision” but where is Jesus Christ and the church when they scream lyrics such as:

I’m a demon triple beamin’
Painting pictures rapin’ Mona Lisa
Blush cheeks, creepin for the panties
With the collar danny’s
Killin bitches sniffin’ panties
Willy wonka candy semen
Three niggas, one bitch, one clip
One brain dead girl
Off your mind leave your brains on your moms
Razor blades dipped in bleach
Tear your skin to pieces
Dump the body in tennessee
Highway getaway OJ bronco
Captain baby drive em off the bridge
Look into my eyes, vivid tears
I see fear ya’ll some fuckin’ queers
Grow a fuckin’ beard, I’m supposed to be here
I’m supposed to be dead, overdosed on shrooms
Let’s cruise drive by on site, ride like a bike
For my zombie homies kill tonight

One of the most disturbing elements of Flatbush Zombies is their addiction to reefer madness. In their Youtube videos, the camera often zooms in on salad bowls full of the grungy, skanky weed. They openly display bong hits and LSD trips in their news interviews. They stumble from one intense session of blunts and “booty” to the next, reeking havoc everywhere they go. It’s simply gut wrenching to read how these boys are destroying themselves and their community. So many blacks have proven themselves bright and capable, yet it only takes two like these to undermine all that progress.

Marijuana has long played a central role in black culture. From the earliest days of its invention in Jamaica, to its current popularity amongst ethnic celebrities like Snoop Doggy, pot represents a cheap, easy way to rebel against authority. The drug itself harasses the brain and makes one incapable of speech (another reason why these users call themselves “zombies”). All evidence shows that reefer is highly addictive and can make one irrational and violent. The number of deaths caused by the drug– from cancers, heart attacks, car accidents, jumping off bridges, etc.– is incalculable.

In the past 50 years, the expansion of public bus routes and highway systems has given blacks the opportunity to expand their drug dealing networks into the suburbs. In the white population, these criminal gangs have found vulnerable customers with ready cash. Young people are often misled by the notion that they are fighting racism, that by blindly accepting elements of black culture they could appear “hip” and “cool.” This trend of emulating the most dangerous African-American antics has reached a critical stage under black president Barack Obama, who himself has admitted having a pot addiction in his younger days. It’s a commonly accepted fact that almost every college campus in America has a black drug dealer. Now, music itself has become an incredibly grave gateway to both marijuana addiction and the zombie occult.

In the end, we must realize that the black zombie trend poses a clear and imminent danger to our families. The idea that a group of ghetto gang thugs would force our children to experiment with highly addictive marijuana is outrageous. The fact that they’re following in pedophile Michael Jackson’s footsteps to subvert American culture is even worse. And finally, the very notion that they would attempt to introduce a new trend of drug high “face eating” amongst teens is uttery criminal. Is it any wonder patriotic citizens are outraged by Obama and the company he keeps?