From Race Hatred to Urban Drug Abuse, Earl Sweatshirt’s “Rap” Music is Created to Offend White America

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
Older white women prostituting themselves? Earl Sweatshirt thinks it's hilarious.

Older white women prostituting themselves? Earl Sweatshirt finds this a scenario to laugh about.

I watched a music video today by a young man who goes by the name of “Earl Sweatshirt” and now I want to cry. It was filthy and outrageous and celebrated all those things wrong with America. Worst of all, kids seem to love this garbage. There’s nothing sweet or good about this man’s songs, and they completely lack any semblance of rhythm and harmony. In a word, they’re disgusting.

The video in question is Mr. Sweatshirt’s Whoa which is a celebration of Barack Hussein Obama’s socialist welfare state (no surprise the “rapper” here openly admits his love of anti-American Muslim activist Malcolm X). It opens with an unemployed youth in a trailer park sleeping with a middle-aged white prostitute named Doris. It’s rather devastating to consider that because of Obama’s tragic economic policies, many white women have had to follow Doris’ path, selling themselves to every hoodlum that stumbles upon their street corner in the ghetto.

The first few lyrics of this shocking song run like this:

Grab mittens who have to spit blizzardous
Actually flick cigarette ash at b***h n****s
Harassment, eight nickels of hash, delay quick, and then dash
To Saint Nicholas pad to taste venison

Clearly, these words are talking about urban drugs like “hashish” and “venison” (?). “Nickel” is inner city slang for a large bag of marijuana. Saint Nicholas is, of course, Santa Claus but here it seems to refer to some gang kingpin (these people often give themselves fanciful names).

From there, the song lectures us on such unpleasant topics as shoplifting, street fights, “bong hits,” and assaulting the police. There’s also a graphic discussion of “spanking” (masturbation) to the images in a Sears Catalog (an obvious insult to white women, again). Naturally, the entire wretched performance also proclaims the joys of drunkenness.

Threatening Sexual Overtones for Young Female Listeners

A sexual libido that borders on the dangerous.

A sexual libido that borders on the dangerous.

As is often the case, it seems that Earl Sweatshirt is dangerously fascinated with the sexuality of white women. In his videos, he shows off his body and is quick to point to his testicular region. It’s as if he’s trying to promote the myth about black men and their sexual organs, the grandness of such packages and their supposedly legendary virility in bed. He threatens that in Whoa, threatens the women watching with his tremendous endowment and all-night passions, his pert muscles and the musk of a man fresh off the dark, harrowing streets…

Despite the hatred directed at our traditional culture, it’s the image of Doris that I can’t get out of my mind. Why did Mr. Sweatshirt insert her into this video? Who is she in real life? It genuinely saddens me that a white woman would have to prostitute herself in this way in the name of “art.” Or maybe that’s “Art” with a capital A once the perverts in Hollywood get a hold of him. I’m sure he’ll be a big hit with the demented liberals now running the music industry.

To view the video, click here but please be advised it contains violent racial content. 18+ only please!