Free the Oregon Seven & Return National Parklands to the States to Prevent Obama’s FEMA Camps From Happening Again

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
They may have saved America from another FEMA camp.

Will President Trump pardon these patriots who saved America from another FEMA camp?

Ruby Ridge, Waco and now Malheur Refuge. These names are etched in the infamy of tyranny. Our Federal government has simply grown too big, too far beyond the original vision of the Founding Fathers. The Battle of Burns, Oregon was not just about rancher’s rights, it was about the Constitution and the very future of this nation as beacon of faith.

The big city liberals who control the media will never understand this, but real men live and die on their land. That land shapes them, makes them strong. If they cannot herd their cattle or coax an ear of corn from that soil, they hang their heads in shame. The weakest ones move away, to grimy urban areas where the air does not smell of freshness and freedom. This is American meritocracy in action.

The Federal Government controls far too much property in many Western states. These so-called parklands are off-limits to the farmers and the ranchers, yet we pay enormous taxes to support them. They’re closed to the hunters and off road ATV explorers. You can’t fish, you can’t cut timber. Our right to mine these lands or to drill for oil has been stolen from us. That’s just criminal.

National Parks seem like a fine idea if you’re a liberal “green” activist, but these are precisely the sorts of people who don’t live in our rural communities They’re rich leftists who jet in for a weekend to impose their United Nations-inspired worldview on the hardworking local folk just trying to get by. Don’t they have a clue where their hamburgers come from? Or their hardwood floors? It’s the men and women of the heartland who toil away creating the fancy goods of urban elites and they have never shown us one iota of respect!

We Stopped the FEMA Camps… For Now
Barack Obama has tried to destroy our Constitution with eight years of socialist conspiracy. He’s ruined our health care system and stolen our guns. He was on the verge of forcing Christians conservatives into his FEMA camps but the Tea Party intervened. Thank God we still have a shred of democracy left in this country. Thank God the Congress was able to hold Obama’s illegal activities somewhat in check.

Obama plotted a vast network of secret FEMA camps before the Tea Party intervened.

Obama plotted a vast network of secret FEMA camps before the Tea Party intervened.

The fact that Obama wanted to use the National Parks as a staging ground for a vast network of FEMA camps only gives more ammunition to men like the Bundys who demand the Feds step off local land. It sets a horrible precedent for the future to have these nature preserves. They’re like loaded rifles waiting to go off in the hands of a future socialist dictator.

But just imagine if we close down the National Park System now and pass along a tax break to our companies and our citizens? It might just be the spark that reignites the sinking economy! Why not open these great lands for development, isn’t that why God blessed our pilgrims with this nation in the first place? When did it become a crime to succeed in this country? In no time, we’d stop paying the Saudis for their oil and the Canadians for their timber. There is absolutely no reason we should be in bed with such dangerous regimes. But no, Obama and his cronies shot down the Keystone Oil Pipeline and sent a message to America’s greatest business pioneers that America is certainly not open for business.

Whenever I see these grubby parklands, I shake my head in disgust. They attract the worst sorts of people to our communities. If there’s a murder, the body is usually dumped in these places. Degenerate sex addicts cruise parks for “hookups.” Their edges filled with leering single men. The woods littered with damp, sticky condoms. Mexican drug dealers even plant their crops deep in these forests and guard the territory with armed soldiers. Campers and hikers take advantage of the lack of oversight to smoke marijuana brazenly or go openly nudist. These underworld elements make the National Parks a dangerous place, a disgusting place. Now more than ever we must demand that the Federal Government stop imposing these offensive liberal lifestyles on our rural communities. We must demand that the land be returned to the people and the companies who rightfully deserve it! We are Americans and we want our Prosperity now!