Are Medical Degree Requirements Keeping the Cost Of American Healthcare Artificially High?

Posted on by Derby Mack

To break the monopoly of the AMA, President Trump is set to embrace the “Doctors Without Licenses” movement.

Where in the Constitution does it say that one man shall have a monopoly over another man’s health? Where in the Bible?

Years ago I was suffering from congested bowels and my licensed medical doctor, sitting behind a mahogany desk in his crisp, white jacket, told me I must change my diet. Cheeseburgers, he cautioned, were not doing me any favors.

I stood my ground and showed this arrogant young fellow the 47 pages I had downloaded from the internet proving the connection between smart meters and colonic health. This patsy of Big Pharma would have none of it! He stuffed a sample-sized laxative in my hand and threw me out the door!

I was reminded of this the other day when Donald J. Trump’s personal physician took the stage and sang the praises of the President’s diet. Like our fearless leader, I too laughed off the corporate warnings of the elitist American Medical Association and triumphed.

Since then, I have been inspired by Alex Jones to take my supplements. I’ve spent hundreds of hours listening to mega vitamin master Michael Savage and reading Natural News and am now an expert on ultrasonic oil diffusers and orgonite and Nano silver! Ask me about chemtrails and Morgellons, if you’re not afraid!

Yet according to the globalist AMA, I’m not qualified to call myself a doctor! They demand I go get brainwashed at a liberal university for a decade and then chain myself up to the lifelong debt slavery of the Federal Reserve!

Alex Jones has drawn millions to the joys of self-diagnosis through internet searching.

This is why I’m so grateful that Donald J. Trump is deregulating the government. He’s already made clear that he’s going to cure our elitist medical system. The first step, of course, is getting rid of the ridiculous degree and licensing requirements that keep ordinary, right-thinking Americans from practicing their God-given right to heal! I’m so sick of reading about these leftwing atheists who ban prayer and faith healing!

It’s about time we put Jesus back in the doctor’s office!

The genius of outlawing medical degrees is that it will immediately lower the health care costs of everyday citizens. The increased competition from self-licensed doctors will mean the big HMOs have to cut their prices to survive! Any hospitals that can’t provide the easy answers that the sick can find on an internet search will be forced to shut their doors. Why spend time waiting for an hour in some strip mall clinic when you can just order your pills from!

Best of all, Trump’s free market will finally release all the cures we know the Deep State has been hiding for us, so if you suffer from Morgellon-related erectile dysfunction, self-aggrandizing victimology, spiritual dysmorphia, lesbianism, militant atheism, insomnia, weight gain, weight loss and critically self-organized criticality, the end to your suffering is near!!!

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