President Trump Needs to Build a Wall With Europe and Make Those Socialist Scumbags Pay For It

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
Liberals want amnesty for illegals, even when they threaten American jobs.

Liberals want amnesty for European immigrants, even when they directly threaten the white middle class.

The most insidious threat to American greatness today may not be Mexico or even the liberal media, but that pompous cultural wasteland known as Europe.

We’ve heard a lot about illegals this election season. They’re flooding our borders and stealing good jobs from hardworking families. They target our children and harass the fundamental values that this nation was built upon. There’s been a good deal of focus on the Latinos, but did you know that Europeans are guilty of all these things? And much worse, too?

Right now there are 5 million immigrants from European countries inside the United States. Even with Obama’s disgraceful amnesty agenda, 600,000 of these people are still classified as illegal by Homeland Security. In New York City, there are over 30,000 illegal Irish alone!

It’s all too obvious these people have no respect for our rule of law.

The problem with the Europeans is that they’re white. They’ve also got Hollywood and the press on their side, not to mention the design, liquor and music industries. Because of the racial quotas used by colleges and corporations, they’re taking the place of white Americans in our homeland workforce. These are skilled middle and upper income jobs. We’re talking salaries in the $40,000 to $100,000 range!

What makes this all so insane is that many of these Europeans are atheists, alcoholics, anarchists and socialists. If the shocking rise of Bernie Sanders has taught us anything, it’s that European-style socialism is a clear and present danger to our way of life. Capitalism made this nation great, but you’d never hear a Greek admit that!

The Founding Fathers certainly didn’t have the fussy little anchor babies of these cultural terrorists in mind when they conceived of the idea of birthright citizenship!

Whether we’re talking about swarthy Mediterraneans or slick Scandinavians, they all come here with a sneering contempt for our society. They hate our religion and our gun rights. They’ve corrupted our cuisine with effeminate sauces and small portions. They’re trying to castrate our automobile culture with electric mini cars that collapse like an accordion when a real SUV bumps into them. They think their modern architecture is more sacred than Jesus. They never miss an opportunity to shove their fantasies of universal health care right up in your face.

Are Europeans spreading socialism and social unrest in the homeland?

European-style social unrest could spread to the homefront as illegals continue to flood our borders.

You got to wonder why these people come here in droves if they hate America so much. They’re all over the place. They’re even on television, talking as if they own this country. You got to admit, that’s a pretty disturbing thought.

Europeans simply don’t adapt. They have that accent and that obnoxious ethnic pride. It’s so arrogant, it just doesn’t fit with the humble, practical people that we are.

One thing about America they do love is our big cities and our nightclubs. Why are there always Europeans in our nightclubs? It’s because these are a sleazy, sex-obsessed people. The Germans are the worst. They pretty much invented bondage, a hardcore fornication maneuver with whips and chains. It’s actually a Nazi thing! The Spanish are promiscuous. They’ll spend hours chasing American girls (and boys) through the streets. They can perform half a dozen times in a single weekend! The men always wear those open shirts and fling their long hair around and some young people are vulnerable to that. Did you know that you can get HPV from sodomy? Plus, their women are loud! The Irish, on the other hand, get mean and bossy when they drink, while the British get very wordy. Many Frenchmen have dirty fingernails. They also shave their entire bodies — literally everywhere — which gives you an idea where they want you to put your lips during intercourse. The thing I’ll never understand about the Italians is why they use the bathroom with the door open and shout at you the whole time. I suppose they get off on that. And the Danish are just terrible parents.

Europeans have infected America's cultural integrity for too long.

In this age of disease and terror, can America afford to take in undesirables from Europe?

Europeans are literally targeting our children and killing off the white middle class. They’re disgraceful degenerates who threaten American values. Some carry disease. Others carry the more dangerous epidemic of radical socialism. Nations like England and Germany have even directly threatened Donald J. Trump. Our next president will need to address this crisis, and address it forcefully.

The good news is that we all know what needs to be done with these terrorists. If we stick together, we can delete the negative European influences from our culture. We’ll start with a wall and then sweep up our cities, focusing particularly on the Irish and the Spaniards, the pubs and the nightclubs. We’ll need to go through Hollywood with a fine-toothed comb, picking out the lice of European socialism no matter how deeply it has embedded itself. Some can be repatriated. The stateless and most dangerous of the lot could be held in detainment facilities like those used in World War II. Mixed marriages would need to be vetted with some sort of public health mechanism. We’ll need to discourage the practice of anchor babies and ultimately change Constitutional law.

All of this is well within the realm of possibility. What we need is leadership that can deal with our mess and begin to apply practical solutions to our problems. The amazing thing about Donald Trump is that his goal is not to design hundreds of pages of government regulation and red tape like others propose. He just wants to outline commonsense policies and then knock some heads together to make them work. The fact is America can be great again the moment it decides to be!