FBI Investigating Elizabeth Warren’s Covert Ties to Canada

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson

The Trump Administration has released this secret photo of Elizabeth Warren speaking at a socialist fundraiser.

FBI Director James Comey announced today that his department is formally opening an investigation into Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. The extreme leftist Congresswoman has emerged as one of the leading critics of President Trump’s patriotism and may have violated Federal law.

According to sources in the Justice Department, Senator Warren’s radical activism has gone far beyond freedom of speech. She has used her access to sensitive government data to influence public policy and promote a dangerous pro-Canadian agenda of modern day socialism. From anti-banking laws to consumer “protection,” Warren has committed herself to undermining our nation’s vital corporate profits.

Critics have long wondered if the Canadian Intelligence Services have had illicit contact with the Senator’s Washington staff. There have also been rumors of secret late night phone calls between herself and Justin Trudeau, the leftwing demagogue who recently seized power in Ottawa.

A report from VeteransToday, a leading American website, found that Warren had thousands in credit card debt with the Royal Bank of Canada. Director Comey himself has pointed out nearly half a dozen trips to Canada that have not been vetted by the FBI.

President Trump has made securing our borders his greatest national priority and Canada clearly poses a threat to our safety. This outrageous scandal certainly begs the question of how much influence our dangerous northern neighbor has over the Democratic Party.

Has Trudeau secretly funneled money into Warren’s coffers? Are they blackmailing the Senator with secret sex videos that might include lesbian orgies, bondage, furries, or Ryan Gosling? (Or all four?) Have the Democrats benefited from Canadian Intelligence’s hacking efforts? Was Bernie Sanders involved in the legalization of marijuana in the rogue nation and how many millions was he paid for his work?

The American people demand answers to these questions, Senator Warren!

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Moishe Mustafa McPhearson is the pseudonym of a former Iraqi Navy Seal who worked undercover for the Bush Administration and Irish Intelligence in the aftermath of 9/11. He has been awarded the CIA’s coveted Intelligence Star and was once a contender for a Grammy in Country Music, but had to bow out due to security concerns. Today, Moishe consults various presidential campaigns, EMP awareness groups and Fortune 500 companies while remaining an active voice for Freedom in the Middle East.