Driverless Cars Are Coming to Enslave Us

Posted on by Derby Mack
Are you ready

Are you ready to hand over the keys to your car and your freedom?

“Keep your hands at 10 and 2 and aim this vehicle straight down the road!” my father was shouting. It was 1962 and I was piloting our Ford F100 along a dirt path at the edge of the farm. A year of driving a tractor hadn’t prepared me for the thrill and the terrifying power of this. I remember scaring off hogs and chickens as we circled the barn. Honky tonk on the radio, that thick summer breeze on my arm, the speed of it all was just so intoxicating. Later, we barreled onto the county road with a hearty laugh and made old Mr. Grable fall off his ridiculous bicycle. Dad was generous with his wisdom back then and I still cherish his advice to this day. “Take this corner gentle but firm like she’s your best girl!” “Hit the brakes like you got something to say!” “You’re in charge of this machine, son, so control her like a man!”

I got my first glimpse of what it meant to be an adult behind the wheel of that battered red truck. For many young people today, that fundamental lesson hasn’t changed. Learning to drive is a crucial step on the path to becoming a mature member of society. It teaches us that we have a power over the machines in our lives, that we have a rightful, God-given place as the driver of the technology that blesses us. It also teaches us that we must be responsible with that power, that we can do incredible harm if we are reckless or foolish or blind. These are important rules for life at large. As a society, much harm can be done when we are reckless or foolish or blind with the changes happening all around us.

When mobile phones were first invented, they promised us freedom from the workplace. But today, our jobs follow us home and keep us awake at night. When email was introduced, they told us it would keep us connected. Instead, we have an entire generation that doesn’t know how to form meaningful relationships. The internet was going to make us smarter, they said, but instead it’s lowering our IQs with gossip and propaganda and pornography.

Your ride to the New World Order.

Your ride to the New World Order.

Now there’s a mad rush to push us all into these “driverless cars”! No more traffic jams or speeding tickets or insurance bills or car thefts or drunk driving accidents! If you’re having a heart attack, your automated automobile will get you safely to the nearest hospital! It will save the economy trillions! It will be America’s next great leap forward!

Sorry, but I’m not buying it. We will absolutely give up a huge amount of our freedom if we submit ourselves to this driverless car agenda. The American people have always prided themselves on their independence and their right to privacy. These robotic vehicles will violate both principles. And this is precisely why Silicon Valley and its league of global elites have unleashed the taxi app trend on us. They want to get the public addicted to the idea of not controlling our own locomotion. Uber is a gateway to a much more treacherous future.

As tools of a larger technological infrastructure, driverless cars will track our every movement. That data will be stored on Federal Government mainframes. It will be sold to banks and media companies. They will know every place we’ve been. And if there comes a time when travel bans or curfew are imposed on the citizenry, these robot cars can simply turn themselves off. Worse still, what if an authoritarian law enforcement agency wants to detain you? They could easily order your car to deliver you right into their clutches. It doesn’t take much of a leap to see that these vehicular stormtroopers could actually monitor the masses for thought crimes and if a violation is detected, simply drop you off in your very own prison cell! And what if your wife is going into labor or you’re being chased by bandits, what help could a driverless car possibly offer you then?

America's homegrown car culture, a source of pride and patriotism, would be lost.

America’s homegrown car culture, a source of pride and patriotism, would be lost in the driverless car revolution.

On the Road to Socialism
The eschatological problems of this autonomous car revolution haven’t received much attention. It really makes you wonder why the news programs are trying to sell us on the idea so hard. Could it be the enormous financial interests at stake here? When you have names like Google and Tesla marketing a trillion-dollar industry, the mainstream media has no ethical qualms about feeding at that trough. But what they won’t tell you is that this dramatic “disruption” to the American economy will mean a tremendous loss of jobs. With expected reductions in automobile purchases and oil consumption, real workers will lose out. Mechanics, truckers, cabbies, delivery people are just a few of the people who face dire prospects in this utopian future.

Mass unemployment has been a hallmark of our great technological revolutions. For the United States, this could force millions to become far more dependent on globalist corporations and big government. As we have seen with Obamacare and the seizure of our gun rights, this is part of a larger agenda to demoralize our freedom. Some would call this nanny state socialism, while others would describe it as the New World Order’s Big Brother scenario, but both have the same end result: having the state rule over every aspect of our lives.

What sort of freedom

According to the global elitists in Silicon Valley, the robots are our future.

The Disruption of Dystopia
In Christine, author Stephen King sketches out what life might be like in a world where cars think for themselves and it’s not pretty. There could come a day when these robotic minds see humans as cumbersome bags of flesh to be carted around. They could view us as meddlesome creatures whose independence and free will disrupts the predictability of computer code. Silicon Valley has essentially admitted these automobiles will rely on artificial intelligence and that it’s a field that is developing far faster than anyone would have imagined. So what would prevent these driverless cars from releasing their very own holocaust on the human race some day in the future? It’s a little known fact that Adolph Hitler himself designed an automobile that gassed political prisoners and a religious minority as it motored along.

From Nazi Germany and contemporary literature to the tragic circumstances surrounding the murder of Michael Hastings, there are numerous examples of the potential harm of autonomous vehicles. On a more intimate level, I need only think back to those days on our Missouri farm. Silicon Valley is disrupting far more than our economy and our jobs and our freedom, it’s also destroying those vital moments of family life. It directly threatens the natural path to manhood that our children need to face. It breaks our youth generation away from the guidance of their parents, and isolates them in grim, technocratic future. As a society, the robot car revolution will emasculate America. It will weaken us before our enemies and tie us to the corporate schemes of the globalist elite. There may come a day when our citizens no longer know how to even drive an automobile. There may come a day when artificial intelligence reaches a sentience beyond our comprehension. In each and every predictable timeline before us, there will come a day when we are slaves to the power of a new breed of tyrannical, emotionless, driverless cars. Isn’t it time we look that future squarely in the eye and say, enough is enough!


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