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Recently, however, I was informed by my legal team that our application for 501(c)3 status has been denied by activist bureaucrats in the Obama administration due to our association with the Tea Party. Many of you have heard similar stories in the media as the liberals have targeted a wide range of conservative groups in an attempt to suppress our Constitutionally-protected Freedom of Speech. It is also a betrayal of the Freedom of the Press that we, as Americans and lovers of justice, have enjoyed for so very long. Clearly, Barack Hussein Obama is terrified when he contemplates the journalism provides you on a daily basis.

Please rest assured this fight is not over! Our lawyers are in the process of appealing this egregious and prejudicial ruling against freedom. We have some brilliant minds on our side and the news may be very good very soon. You can remain confident that we will NEVER back down against the socialists and the perverts who want to destroy our families and suppress the truth about what the government is really up to!

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