Does Your Child “Sissy Bounce”? The Dangerous Anal Dance Trend Sweeping America’s Colleges

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

sissy bounceIt’s raunchy, it’s ethnic and it’s probably happening on a university campus near you. It’s “Sissy Bounce” a form of erotic gyrating that has become the latest subculture “fad” among reckless kids looking for quick, cheap thrills. Any expert of family values will tell you that this trend is no laughing matter. It’s a foul, animalistic display that encourages children to act like monkeys, showing off their anal regions as if they were hunting for a partner in the jungle. If the “sissy bouncer” isn’t careful, he may very well end up with such a mate, a hardcore homosexual hellbent on violating to the very core of one’s body.

The sissy show began in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when President Bush ordered the rescue of thousands of African-Americans caught off guard by the Biblical storm. In the well-stocked camps that FEMA generously provided, many urban youths took advantage of their newfound luxury to play around with loud music and interracial dancing. The result was an unpredictable and shocking creation that immediately was condemned as immoral. A transvestite named “Big Freddy” soon left the camps and copyrighted the act, selling it to ghetto rap clubs across the country and reaping millions.

Despite the warnings, “Sissy Dancing” grew in popularity and, through the efforts of black affirmative action students, made the transition over to the white population on college campuses. The act involves a group of half-naked youths high on narcotic marijuana and alcohol. They jump up and down very fast in small, crowded discos, inviting their youngest members to join in. Once inside a circle of blacks, a young man or woman is forced to perform flamboyantly, to act like a whore and move in barbaric, sexual ways. The dancer will throw up his or her arms (called “voguing”) and prance back and forth as if on a catwalk. Inevitably, this person will show off the buttocks by bending far over and wiggling in the foulest way imaginable. They will wiggle the anus like this for many minutes as the drooling crowd lines up to spank the young dancer.

In black culture, the buttocks are a common element of arousal (oddly enough, they call it “the booty”). They find the filthy track of the colon a more convenient alleyway of intercourse due to their abnormally large penises. This also works when the woman is already pregnant, which is a very frequent situation in the African American urban environment. For this reason, the “Sissy Dance” sometimes involves a man pretending to be a female by presenting his anus for inspection by the group. He will shake it and wave it, grind it and bounce it. All his efforts are meant to convince either the homosexual or heterosexual black men to attempt sodomy on the man’s tight anus. Often this happens immediately after in the disco’s bathroom or in the parking lot.

In the bouncer music scene today, singers like Katey Red have X-rated songs with such names as “Tiddy Bop” and “Niggaz Out There” that use foul street language to impress ignorant young people. Sissy Nobby uses pimp-style street antics to force people to show off their buttocks in public. He raps in Jamaican, which ensures that most Americans will never understand a word. On the other hand, bouncing star Vockah Redu does exhibit some actual talent and could make a great gospel singer if he only tried to make real music. Yet there are also singers like DJ Jubilee and Willie Puckett who prove that the homosexual lifestyle is so sexual, so obsessed with the anus that it is truly abhorrent to moral men and women alike

sissy bounceThe white girl who experiments with “bounce” in college is usually simply excited to be invited inside “black culture.” Because of liberal guilt, she will feel this is a necessary part of her Ivy Tower education. Unbeknownst to most of these children, however, is the fact that the blacks are simply training them for anal sodomy. They could care less how nice these girls are or if they’re studying art history. Once the white woman crosses the line and becomes a participant, deep anal penetration follows. The white may not be such a naturally good dancer, but for the black audience it will not matter. They crave the innocence of the white woman’s body, that serene beauty of her skin, the whiff of wholesomeness in her sweat. The white woman’s anus entry has a delicate pink hue and this is something a black man has a strange addiction for. He will do almost anything to possess it.

As more and more people attempt to “sissy dance,” the consequences will be tragic. We may very well see a sharp upsurge in twenty-somethings trying college sodomy experiments. For white women, this can often lead to a lifetime within the insufferable walls of the big city sadomasochism, pleasuring ever larger black phalluses as they seek to feel something, anything in that overviolated back passages. These women will end up in the lowest depths, casting their white friends aside for the pungent musk, the hard bodies and the rapid pounding that are all hallmarks of the black intercourse experience.

For white males, the exposure to the homosexual lifestyle is simply tragic. They can look forward to a world of secret interracial orgies and a selling their bodies on waterfront piers just to feel that cheap thrill again, that 12-inch beer can girth crushing you against a wall and making you whimper like an injured puppy, screaming, crying for it to end when you really dream that it will never end. No, this is truly a nightmare no parent would ever want for their child.