Do Poor People Really Deserve College?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Can America afford to continue subsidizing failure?

Is the middle class losing out in the name of Affirmative Action political correctness?

Great educational institutions are the bedrock of American society. They give intelligent young people advantages not know in other nations. That, in turn, has helped make the United States the true, democratic leader of the free world.

Yet while each and every person has the right to attend a university, does the government have an obligation to send them there? This question is vitally important in an age when our youths have become wasteful and reckless, and our Federal coffers have been ravaged to the breaking point. Sadly, it is our hardworking middle classes who are losing the battle for limited educational resources. This loss threatens ingenuity, entrepreneurship and the very idea of American freedom itself.

The culprit behind the looting of this country’s future? To put it bluntly, it’s the lower classes.

Why do children today think they deserve to go college in spite of their economic background? When did this idea take hold that the taxpayers are obligated to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars so that every leech and half-wit, juvenile delinquent and illegal alien can attend a four-year party about homosexuality and communism? That’s essentially the equation of higher education in the age of Obama. And it’s destroying our nation from within.

College, Welfare Under Another Name

We have a system propped up by tax breaks, government grants and a hopelessly bankrupt student loan program. It is destined to fail. To pay for this boondoggle, taxes will keep rising. And our inner city high school students can’t wait to grab what they can before the entire U.S. economy collapses. They see this system for what it is: welfare on an epic scale. This does not make America exceptional and it certainly does not help the souls of the poor.

For too long, this nation has coddled the lower classes. We shelter them in free public housing and give them enough public assistance to pay for premium cable channels. When they get sick from alcoholism or crack addiction, Medicaid is there to cover their billions in hospital bills. Obama’s free cellphones were just the latest cherry on top of America’s insane welfare cake.

The Socialist party has been actively promoting student loan "debt forgiveness" for the poor.

The Socialist Party has been actively promoting student loan “debt forgiveness” for the poor.

This is terrible public policy. It locks the lower classes in a cycle of dependence. There is no motivation to get off that couch and get a real job. Forcing minorities into a system of government reliance is not just cruel, it’s un-Christ-like. And the children living off these handouts rarely take any responsibility for the fact that they’re poor. (Much of the time, they were only born to inflate a mother’s monthly government check anyway.) They are not grateful for what the United States taxpayer gives them and they definitely make no effort to pay us back. Considering the incredible nation these kids are inheriting from us older Americans, the least these kids could do is to show a bit of gratitude and humility.

Higher Education, Lower Expectations

The quality of students coming out of our inner cities is mediocre at best. Initiatives like the Common Core push standardized obedience and not moral depth. Nuclear families are rare among the lower classes. Drugs and gang violence are epidemic. Many teachers in these public schools are absent most of the time, while tens of thousands of others have been implicated in some form of sexual abuse. Those students who manage to graduate from these environments are simply not prepared for the rigors of college life. The majority do not even want to attend a university, but are peer-pressured into it by a Federal Reserve Bank hungry for a new generation of debtors and a liberal media that profits by pumping out that sugary notion of a multicultural society.

Let’s face it: our education system is in shambles. Universities have been overtaken by liberal elites. They’re just so anxious to be alone with so many nubile bodies and empty minds. They start building up all those little egos with dangerous fantasies of social justice and sexual liberation. They don’t teach the Bible anymore. And what happens to these young people? They’re not grounded in the harsh realities of modern life. Instead, their heads are filled with starry, impractical fantasies of economic “equality” (i.e. communism) and minority activism (i.e. state-sanctioned anti-white racism). They praise organized labor and international peace organizations, little realizing these are simply stepping stones for statist control and eventually fascism.

Does anyone in this country honestly believe a day will come when the cost of education decreases? No, that will never happen. College is only going to get more and more expensive as the years pass. Affirmative Action and other programs aimed at elevating the impoverished are costing us outrageous sums. This far-left agenda is squeezing out the middle class in the name of “political correctness.” And that obligation to teach a “politically correct” student body has afflicted our university curricula with needless radical ideologies. Indeed, it should be argued that the minorities themselves have introduced the excesses of sexual indulgence and socialist revolution onto our college campuses. And that has pushed out middle class values of patriotism and faith.

Many colleges

When did college turn into a 4-year party of homosexuality and communism, subsidized by middle class taxpayers?

Meritocracy Without Merit

The poor seem to resent the richness of college life. As has been noted many times, they willfully segregate themselves everywhere on campus, from the dining hall to ethnic fraternities. Most telling of all is the bold fact that those from impoverished backgrounds are a terrible investment for our best universities. Among top philanthropic donors, the vast majority does not come from the lower classes. Few are willing to be leaders and serve on institutional boards of directors. They are not volunteers or boosters, football game regulars or alumni network organizers.

Our nation’s current university system does the lower class a terrible disservice. It does not train them in practical trade skills that could apply to their inner city homelands. Rather, it feeds them false hopes. Those hopes eventually translate into anguish when faced with the realities of modern life in America. This is why so many inner city students become community organizers and radical activists, as opposed to lawyers or bankers. They would prefer to start a violent revolution than to partake in the most rewarding aspects of our economic freedom. Their egos are inflated far beyond their appropriate stations in today’s society. And when these noxious dreams fail, despair inevitably follows. No wonder we have a crisis of domestic violence and drug addiction in our country today. This is the true cruelty of “progressive” ideals in action.

For the sake of higher education in America and for the sake of our middle-income families, we need to make a decision. Can we afford to subsidize the pointless experiment in education welfare for the poor when the data proves it has so little payoff? Are “affirmative actions” students truly worth the investment? Or are we putting the entire future of our nation at dire risk for a pipedream ripped from the pages of Mao’s “Little Red Book”?