Displaced By Secret FEMA Camps, Mexicans Forced to Migrate to the U.S.

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson

femacamp2A curious thing happened in 2009. For the first time in five years, the number of illegal aliens entering the U.S. from Mexico began rising again. Previously, these numbers had leveled out and even declined in some subsets. This had been offset further by a strong trend of Mexicans leaving America to return to their homeland.

But in 2009, INS records indicate a dramatic shift. Illegal entry from Mexico, particularly from the region closest to the border, rose sharply. This data, buried deep in official reports, garnered little media attention at the time. Today, however, the problem has become so evident that even the New York Times is reporting on the issue.

One excuse offered by think tank analysts was that refugees sought to escape the violent atmosphere of northern Mexico. This problem was particularly acute in Ciudad Juárez, where drug gangs have replaced any vestige of governmental authority. Because of its instability, few journalists or independent researchers have been able to access the region. And of those reporters who managed to enter Juárez, many have been killed. As a result, northern Mexico remains shrouded in a curious secrecy. Rumors and myths are enough to keep travelers and investigators out of the region, yet we have little actual confirmation of the activities there.

Another explanation for this mystery is that the year 2009 was precisely when Barack Obama authorized the expansion of his detention camp program. With new powers and a greatly enlarged budget, both FEMA and the security apparatus of Homeland Security set out to build an ambitious string of facilities that could potentially house tens of millions of Americans.

For example, a single contract for 14 camps was given to Haliburton’s subsidiary KBR. A document leaked to the public noted the monies were to be spent on, “facilities in the event of an emergency influx or to support the rapid development of new programs. The contingency support contract provides for planning and, if required, initiation of specific engineering, construction and logistics support tasks to establish, operate and maintain one or more expansion facilities.”


FEMA checkpoints are springing up across America.

As public attention has focused on the FEMA camps on United States territory, placing new facilities in the “invisible” region of Mexico has proven quite effective for FEMA contractors. Within Ciudad Juárez itself, several large tracts of land have been appropriated under the guise of international security, displacing tens of thousands of local residents. Fort Bliss in nearby El Paso, Texas, serves as a support installation for this growing Mexican project. The main processing facility, curiously enough, straddles the US-Mexico border on Carretera Anapra San Jeronimo Highway. It is meant to process Americans being transferred to these extraterritorial camps. In addition, KBR has recently laid out a network of roads for new structures just west of the city

Another region that developers have been investing in lately is Ascension, Mexico. The location is remote and has large flat plains appropriate for an expansive camp system. News of the site leaked when a local newspaper, El Heraldo de Chihuahua, advertised the need for 6,000 short-term construction workers two years ago. Locals welcomed the prospect of employment at first, but many were left homeless and unable to support their families once their farmlands were appropriated wholesale by corporate entities. Today, storage and agricultural support systems have been completed and the area depopulated for security reasons. With nowhere to go, many Mexicans see emigration to the United States as a natural option. A similar situation is currently happening in lands immediately surrounding Nogales, Mexico, which is slated to be a FEMA camp destination by 2019, with nearby Fort Huachuca used for logistical support.

The great irony of Obama’s FEMA scheme is that it is causing an influx of illegal Mexicans into this country. Could this have been the president’s intention all along? His candidacy was certainly helped by the number of illegal Latino voters in the 2012 election. As these camp facilities gear up to house political dissidents and others that the administration deems “unfriendly to national interests,” the Tea Party will certainly take a hit. As more and more conservatives are detained, the strength of the democrat party grows. From an even broader perspective, the incarceration of those who believe in gun rights, the Bible and moral decency, opens up the door to greater sexual indulgence in America. With illegals and liberals running the show, it will not be long before the United States descends into a modern day Sodom where every form of licentiousness is practiced on our noble and beautiful youths. Sodomy, homosexuality, masturbation, public exhibitionism, intergenerational penetrations, narcotics abuse and marijuana may very well become the norm. Indeed, these acts are at the very heart of  the liberal ideology in America today.


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